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Build Shop: Mage 40/0/21 {WoW}

Apr 17th 2007 6:15PM I am a 70 Mage on Destromath.

I have a very similar build with a few exceptions and changes.

My pirority is Heavy PvE with a little World PvP
So i've tweaked my build to reflect this

Like the above build I am also 40 / 0 / 21 but would still consider myself a frost mage, due to the fact taht in raids all I throw is frostbolts and Fireblast


Arcane Tree
2/2 Subtlety

3/5 Arcane Focus

2/5 Magic Absorbtion (this isn't really needed and at 2 you get back about 200 mana for a full resist)

5/5 Arcane Concentration (needed period)

3/3 Arcane Impact (this is nice for AoE in kara and such, helps you rule the charts)

2/2 Imp CS (needed Period)

3/3 Arcane Meditation (this is mana regen, and is great for those long battles, i'm usually at 55% mana when my similar foolish fire mages are Evocating)

The rest of my Arcane is the same as above build

Ice Tree

5/5 imp frostbolt

3/3 elemental precision (great for raiding, right now with 91 +hit and this build i stand at 94% to hit a 73 mob, i barely barley resist)

5/5 Ice Shards (cause who doesn't like 4400 frostbolt crits)

Now this is where my build changes drastically

Frostbite and shatter are great for farming, espically for those fire elementals in BeM, but i choose a more raid friendly setup

3/3 piercing ice 6% damage is 6% damage enough said

1/1 cold snap (obviously)

3/3 frost channeling (this is great for two reasons, a. 15% less mana adds up to alot more frostbolts, and the reduced threat allows me to go balls to the wall longer than other builds

and finally the greatest mage talent ever created!

1/1 ice block (me hate 2.1, f u hypotherma)

that is all

ohhh and wow head link