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Breakfast Topic: Your worst PuG {WoW}

Feb 22nd 2006 4:52PM The worst PUG I have had thus far was one with a confused hunter. He loved leading the charge (himself, not his pet) into multiple mobs and then tanking toe to toe. At this point I (a holy priest) am shielding and healing him to just try and keep him alive but to my surprise he feigns death because he has now decided he wants to use his ranged attack. Now I have the mob focused on me and the group wipes. This happened a few times with a group with more than enough artillery to make it through the instance successfully. To top things off, he had no concern for his pet. If the pet died, he could wait a few fights before rezing it. Then he left and things actually got easier with a group of 4.

Hunters, if you are in a group only feign death as a last resort. Let the healers do their job, and in most cases, you are not a tank.