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The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels {WoW}

Feb 5th 2008 7:47AM Beggars were pretty common in the medieval world World of Warcraft takes inspiration from. But they were hardly the arrogant jerks I see on my RPPVP server all the times.

Insistence and arrogance, back then, would have been awarded with a quick sword slash.

The Legendary Sisterhood shakes up Sentinels {WoW}

Feb 4th 2008 10:55PM If only a rp pvp server could beat a pvp server. I have known many people who rp. I fail to see them out in public at bars, night clubs, and the work force.

I fail to see any connection between roleplaying and "playing more" (actually, I fail to see any connection between your post and intelligence.). I'd say PvP regulars are the ones you wouldn't see at bars, night clubs and the workforce. After all, most of them are 13 years old, aren't allowed in most bars and clubs and they don't work either.

The Sterotyping Crusade has started, who's next.

Skinning Tauren for leather {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 5:43AM And Blood Elves are so light they could easily ride a Draenei, using their face tentacles as reins.

Skinning Tauren for leather {WoW}

Dec 14th 2007 4:46AM Looking for consistency within WoW ruleset isn't going to work. All races are basically the same with some flavour racial skills. If you complain that a Tauren could in theory be skinned for leather, then Zeldaguard (post 22) would be right and a Tauren should be able to stomp a Gnome without much hassle.

Next thing is people will start to complain about why can't they run over a gnome (or any other race) with their Kodo or Elekk. Why can't their Dire Wolf or Raptor claw and bite at opponents. Why undead are susceptible to poison and disease at all, etc.

The more things change... {WoW}

Nov 16th 2007 4:51PM Coh/CoV have the best character customisation system. Guess what, going around you see other players and 8 characters out of 10 are UGLY AS HELL, as your average player isn't a comic artist or character designer.

Customisation is cool but, frankly, people have overally very bad taste.

Just look at Uglybub... :-P

The Naaru's new fashion statement {WoW}

Oct 16th 2007 5:53AM Nati (15), and what about all those armours that make you like a goddamn Saint Seya? They look shit on Orcs and Tauren, yet we have to wear them... So I guess it's a bit of a trade here.

You got your RP in my PvP! You got your PvP in my RP! {WoW}

Sep 25th 2007 1:58AM Is it proper roleplay for a Tauren (1) to be ganked by an Alliance paladin (2) while busy killing Scourge mobs (3) on a RP-PVP realm (4)?

Is "ugly" the new beautiful, and "evil" the new good? [Updated] {WoW}

Sep 17th 2007 1:23AM First of all I will never agree with anyone whose choices are based on look and beauty. I'm not denying that the visual factor is important (it is, in fact I love how the Horde looks), but it never comes first to me. I always consider atmosphere, history, style and attitude as primary when I have to choose a character I will impersonate (Il also exclusively play in RP/RPPVP realms). I like Night Elves' look, for example, but their attitude just makes me cringe, so I never played one for more than 12 levels.

In regard to evil and good, I will never be able to perceive Horde races as "evil". Truly the Orcs committed heinous acts, but they were under the influence of demonic entities, as were the Forsaken when they were still part of the Scourge. If I'm not wrong, Humans and other Alliance races managed to screw up things most by themselves, without much outer influence. As a little example, Arthas was corrupted by Frostmourne, but he was a little arrogant bastard himself, and when he laid his hand on the cursed sword he was already well beyond redemption, seeing how many of his men he sacrificed to further his vengeful agenda. If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, we can safely assume that Arthas' personal road to Hell was paved with questionable ones.

The Horde people are surely a savage and no-nonsense lot (with the exception of the much-nonsense Blood Elves maybe), but they all share a tragic history and more than anyone else, they are trying to make up for their dark and bloody past. Thrall is an epitome of fierce nobility which I think is unmatched on Alliance side, with the exception of the noble Jaina (the fact that the two got along quite well in the past, is just another confirmation of this), Cairn and his people just want peace and Vol'jin remained allied with the Horde even if this turned almost every Troll tribe against the Darkspeark.

The Undead are another matter, but they probably share the most tragic of all destinies. As if dying and being reborn is such a shadow of life, seeing all your loved ones die and having your homeland turned into a morbid wasteland wasn't enough, they have to deal with their suddenly zealous former brethren. Even without mentioning those blind fools called Scarlet Crusade, the Alliance still refuse to aknowledge that the Forsaken are sentient beings and treat them as nothing more than just walking corpses, associating them with the one thing every Forsaken hate with passion: the Scourge. Forgive me if I don't expect them to smile to everyone, even to the rest of the Horde, since most of them consider Sylvanas' children as nothing more than a slightly less urgent problem to dispatch.
Ah, the old "but they're creating another scourge to kill all life on Azeroth" mantra doesn't work anymore, by the way, since it has been revealed that Sylvanas plans (and always did) to release it on the remaining Scourge, destroying it completely.

I won't discuss the Blood Elves because I think Blizzard made a terrible job at characterizing them. In order to please those who would have played Horde "if they were a bit more pretty" they gave them this rather annoying and arrogant attitude in order to have them fit the Horde, which to me sounds as false as a Defias offering help to carry your luggage.

All this said, I agree with the above poster (sorry, can't be bothered to check the number) who says that he prefers to play the underdog. As for me, having always belonged to a few minorities myself (and taking the shit for this), the choice to side with minorities is natural (providing I don't perceive them as "wrong" in some way of course).
The Horde encompasses so many minorities that have a reflection in real life that I just can't symphatize with Alliance. One big example is the struggle between the Light and pagan cults. What is it if not a representation of the struggle of the Christian Church to eradicate all pagan religions during history (something at which it was always pretty successful)?

I also like the idea, for once, to be able to explore another perspective. We always played the "good guys" (quotations marks are not by chance) in almost all games. In all the movies we hear the story as told by the "good" side, while in real life, well, as there is no such thing as clear good and clear evil, we just have to aknoledge that we know history as told by the winning side of every war. What if, for once, we could see things from the other side of the story? Wouldn't be that interesting enough to warrant the choice?

In the end, I also prefer the tribal and gothic look of the Horde to the massive and imposing Alliance look. Granted, Ironforge is very nice, but every time I ride in Zangarmash I take delight in watching Zabra'jin, in contrast to that oversized mushroom over which Telredor is built. :-)

I was also going to answer Nyx about his theory that all Horde players are lore-ignorant but I thought better and I'll have some grapefruit juice instead. :-)

Hail and well met, Supaghank! {WoW}

Sep 3rd 2007 2:33PM Being on a RP (albeit RPPVP) realm I HATE to see stupid names, even if one or two made me laugh. But that's TWO names in like two years, so it's not a good rate enough to make me forgive the rest.

The only "funny" name I gave to a character is Stillborn, my gnome banker. He's bald and his face is as grim as his usual mood. He might be clothed in an impeccable tuxedo suit, but he'll spit some harsh word at you nonetheless if you happen to be in his way.

Then there were Häagen and Dazs, two Forsaken rogues (I played one and a friend of mine played another), but they lasted as long as the joke was funny, like 10-12 levels. :-)

AFKers ask Blizz to "save the Peace Cave" {WoW}

Aug 11th 2007 5:37PM I find this funny as it should, but if he really was a conscientious objector, he wouldn't even be able to get into the Battleground, as to be a real one you must refrain from any form of war/violence and I don't get how he could have leveled to 51 (the minimum requirement to enter AV) without slaughtering half of Azeroth. :-)