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Level restrictions on the Dark Portal {WoW}

Apr 19th 2007 3:15PM Got a port to Shat at lvl 55, mounted.. got to hellfire zone, died, rezzed, took fp (which was about 20 second run away) and flew to thrallmar.(Thsi took all of about 10 minutes..) Happily grinding on lvl 58's and 59's with ease, getting 1100 to 1200 exp each. The heck with epl/wpl... the exp/quest rewards are just too tempting to not want to grind to 58 from lvl 55. Already got a blue 2h sword drop (lvl 60 item) that's the equivalent of a t1/t2 epic on "oldland" Life is good in the outlands. FYI, I'm a lvl 55 affliction lock, continuous grinding at full health and not a drink of mana yet :) Peace...