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Girls That Play Games {WoW}

Feb 28th 2006 12:22PM My character name isnt really is "girly name" and i did that for a couple reasons, one im a smart girl and i like names that dont make me look like a a moron or someone who cant spell.. (there are many of you out there) and second i dont care who thinks im a girl or not.. if someone qustions it then they have too much on their mind or not nearly enough going on in their life that they have to worry what sex i am. I once saw a character with the name "hotgirl-something" and was asking for gold at lvl 1 .. that had to be a guy or just a very stupid girl =) oh and because she was a "hotgirl" someone offered to give her gold.. so guys nice work =p

Breakfast Topic: Girls get free stuff {WoW}

Feb 21st 2006 10:28AM I am a female who plays only female characters, on my night elf druid at lvl 12 i was totally lost and not sure what boat to get on in darkshore auberdine and i asked a lvl 60 male character where the boat would take me and i let him know i was new and still getting used to the game, the guy said "oh then i have a gift for you to help you along" and gave my 10gold. Very nice i might add i told him he didnt have to but wouldnt take it back. I still get gifts from male characters in the mail and such. As a female character i offer as much help to anyone who is unsure of what to do if i know how to help them or i ask one of the people who help me in the game so i can help in anyway. It'd be nice if everyone helped out.. But some guys/girls are in the game to meet someone and i dont know perhaps fall in love? or as someone put it "get some" =p