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Guildwatch: Get me the board! {WoW}

Jun 6th 2007 7:26AM gahh... what a shambles that Ravencrest server is in

How embarassing for Ancient Legion to be outed for *NOT* having cleared Gruul's lair but saying they did ... Juicy

Officers' Quarters: Incubating your new guild {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 6:56AM @6 - Me again - just re-reading that forum post
He claims to be spending $700 a year on his guild.

I get away with something closer to $150 (without the second WOW account for a guildbank) you can definately find all you need in a free hosted website - but I would reccomend buying your own domain name at about $10 - 20 a year because that makes a *big* difference in what people's perceptions of your guild are.

Also when advertising ... don't mention your Gr8 Tabbard so many other good reasons to choose a guild outside of the tabard :D

Officers' Quarters: Incubating your new guild {WoW}

Jun 5th 2007 6:50AM @2 - I agree fully ... it's not meant to be a criticism or a horrible thing to say ... but ENDGAME guilds are not the same as social & leveling guilds.

There is a great post stickied on one of the official WOW forums that gets into great detail ... think it's called "so you think you want to be a guildmaster"

You will eventually outgrow your "leveling guild" or the members who are in it will eventually outgrow you ... make good friends and learn the ropes but prepare them for the day that you've got to disband and make a go of being an endgame guild.

Best answer by far: Stay in the leveling guild until 70 then go and try a few different 'raiding guilds' to see how others do it (pick up a list of do's and don'ts) ... then reform and found your own endgame guild with all your mates from your social guild days.

NOTE - found the post!

Official WoW contest: Robin Hood Screenshots {WoW}

May 29th 2007 7:12AM Some important notes left out in the Original Article:
- the show is the worst *EVER*
- no not just worst ever Robin Hood ... worst ever SHOW
- no seriously, if you have a choice between "the View" and this, get a cup of tea and sit and watch the ladies chatter away
- Alan Alda and Rosie O'Donnell making soft-core Pornography would be preferable to another episode of this show
- imagine what Xena Warrior Princess or Hercules the Legendary Journies would be like if it were really really crappy and lacked the tremendous star power of Lucy Lawless & Kevin Sorbo (respectively)

Guildwatch: Back in the swing of things {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 4:34AM I'm outraged!

Rumor, conjecture and Lies spread *GLOBALLY* about a bunch of anonymous nerdy kids' heroic exploits?!

BB & B should be suing for libel *AND* slander...

they will "WTF zOMG PWN!!!!111!! J00 in COURT!!!!!11! "

Judge Judy Style

LOL ... just kidding!
once again loving guild drama this week!
keep up the good work!

Rumor: Blizzard announces Starcraft 2 in May {WoW}

Apr 28th 2007 9:06AM can't remember where I read it ... but I vaguely recall an interview with a Blizz "Higher up" saying they were planning on working towards NEW IP (intellectual property)

meaning (by my guess) a completely new mythology

Hello! Are you a farmbot? {WoW}

Apr 26th 2007 8:57AM this is one I saw a little while ago that was the most poinient picture of "a day in the life of a gold farmer"

watch the whole thing - it will give you a different understanding of the life they really live ... and the reasons that you might find yourself willing to show them a bit of compassion.

Hello! Are you a farmbot? {WoW}

Apr 26th 2007 8:52AM The truth of who these farmers are is actually very different...

there are a few Different videos on youtube about them and their lives.

is one

A few of them tell stories of how they are young entreprenneurs living off the game in a place where the £5 or $10 USD you spend on 1000gold buys them enough food and shelter to last a week (or more)

Some others tell stories of single houses filled with a few dozen 16 year old teenage runaways working 12 - 18 hour shifts playing WOW ... sleeping on a dirty shared mattressess layed wall to wall in a single room.

Don't meet quota? Dont Eat... Don't want to "Play Anymore" ... where are you going to go?

Gold farming companies run the spectrum from small groups of 5 guys living together and earning their own wages through 45 person companies and then again down to the sweatshop / exploitation / slave labor market

*VERY* tough to know where your gold comes from ... in reality - the group of 5 guys who play for fun and are able to sell potions / mining to pay for their rent or in the case of mainland china - their mortgage on a 5 bedroom house.

I honestly *love* that idea :)

the problem is ... I think that more often than not, the farmers are these poor exploited runaway teenages ... lured off the streets with grand promises of playing video games for money - then shocked into the reality of being slave labor in a sweatshop.

Guildwatch: A long struggle with raid cancer {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 11:52AM oh and BTW we had over at Learn to Play got a *freakin fantastic!* application thanks to this weeks guildwatch


Guildwatch: A long struggle with raid cancer {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 9:18AM best guild drama in weeks