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World Wide WoW: The New York Times, gold farming, and righteous anger {WoW}

Jun 21st 2007 4:09PM The anger against gold farmers comes from the people who put relatively low value on their time. They want that that low value to give them an edge against the player that has a higher value and therefore does not play as much. Blizzard wants you to play a lot as that is their revenue source.

WOW is a time sink. Do the same thing over and over again to achieve a cetain rep, farm 10 primals, etc. Why can't every fire elemental drop a mote? Because that would make farming too easy? Wrong, farming is NOT hard, it is time consuming. If you can kill 1 elemental, you can kill 100.

The gold buyer is able to compete in some areas without putting in the same time as a farming player. Is this cheating? Blizzard says yes. Many players say yes. I say it is not cheating, it is skipping the brain numbing, time wasting portion of an otherwise great game.

Breakfast topic: Best and worst rep grinds {WoW}

May 28th 2007 1:44PM The Netherwing grind has not been bad at all.

I started on patch day and as of today, just hit revered. I have also earned 700g from turn-ins and about 250g in greens DE'd to dust. I also received the trinket +45 stam and combat pet.

I have done most daily quests but definitely not all every day. Exalted should be about a week away.

PTR Notes: Angry tailors vs. Blizzard {WoW}

May 1st 2007 4:13PM @14

Then as a mage, I want to be able to trade my 3oo alchemy for 300 tailoring. I made the decision to go alchemy based on all information available at the time. The introduction of "mandatory" BOE tailoring items, as good as Tier 5, was a mistake and recognizing and fixing mistakes is what a smart company does.

Never before has there been such an imbalance among professions. I don't get a spot in the guild Kara run because I don't have spellfire, other mages do.

Blizzard has always reviewed and changed items on the fly. Give your head a shake if you think this is something new.

PTR Notes: Angry tailors vs. Blizzard {WoW}

May 1st 2007 3:53PM The nerf should stand.

It is downright stupid to create a crafted item set that now "requires" a warlock or mage to take up tailoring to be competitive with every other lock or mage.

Blizz needs some balance to all non-gathering professions, blacksmithing and tailoring have become mandatory for certain classes.

For christ sake, at least make them BoE so we don't all have to do the lemming imitation. Even Spellstrike has a friggin' tailor bonus on it.

Twink changes in 2.1.0 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2007 12:04PM Why do people struggle with the most simple concept, a concept that WOW currently lacks.

I just want to fight other people with the same gear; skill wins not some unemployed basement dwelling perma-raider with better gear. Why not introduce arena battles where we all wear the same gear?

Twinking allows you to get the best possible gear with a reasonable time commitment. Now with BG matching, we can see some battles where skill wins, no better gear. Yes, I know that a twink has a gear advantage over non-twinks, but the point is when you do lose, you know it was not because of gear.