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Character Transfer Controversy Continues {WoW}

Jun 29th 2006 12:50PM I've had DBAs working for me for years (in California...where Blizz is located) who make in the neighborhood of $80-90K/year = $40/hour. So, Blizz is saying it takes roughly 30 man/minutes to make this change. That's not unreasonable with the table changes, test to production moves, and request communication involved. Those complaining clearly don't understand how companies work.

Breakfast Topic: I tank, you tank, she tanks {WoW}

Jun 9th 2006 12:34PM In a group of 5, with a priest, I've seen good tanks take anywhere from 50-70% of the damage. The second most important number is how much damage your priest has taken. If it's above 10-12%, then either the priest isn't managing aggro well, or the tank needs to watch the priest more closely.

Breakfast Topic: I tank, you tank, she tanks {WoW}

Jun 9th 2006 10:00AM Any shadow priest who's pulling aggro off of the tank doesn't know what he/she is doing. I've run ZG before where I've dealt the most damage and still managed to take the least. That's a combination of excellent tanking and good aggro management.

Breakfast Topic: The N-word {WoW}

May 26th 2006 11:05AM Forget "noob". If one more person uses "your" instead of "you're", I'm going postal.

Gold Buyers - "Despicable"? {WoW}

Mar 30th 2006 11:49AM I can think of a number of games where your financial position has a direct impact on your ability to play the game.

I'm not advocating purchasing gold. However, there are clearly precedents in the human experience that support "buying" skill.

Player Statistics and What They Mean {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2006 11:59AM If you run one of the mods that looks at overall mana impact of gear/attributes, you'll see that in battles in the 5-7 minute range:

1 Int is always worth only 15 mana (there are talents that modify this a bit)
1 Spirit can be worth up to 30 mana
1 mana/5 sec can be worth up to 60-70 mana

So, it's good to have a long battle set...and a short battle set. I only offer this as a priest. I don't know the intricacies of other casters.

Breakfast Topic: Do you RP? {WoW}

Feb 23rd 2006 9:26AM Well, I'm on Argent Dawn, so in guild channel and whispers to guild members, almost always. If it's to people not in the guild, then sometimes. I try to, but if they aren't into it, then I don't push it.

The irritating thing is that so few people in AD do's a RP server. If you don't want to RP...LEAVE! There are a lot of other servers that want you 1337 doodz.