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Are the official forums a good or bad thing? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 12:52PM It's quite true about the surface being dominated by people who are constantly correcting people for mis-using the English language, (not thinking for a second about the number of people from other countries who don't have perfect English... seriously, who cares if someone mispells a word or something) calling people ridiculous (sometimes offensive) names for putting points into the 'wrong' talents or having the 'wrong' gear (whatever the poster happens to think those are) and people starting low level accounts solely for causing problems for various guilds or individuals.

One thing I've noticed recently is the different 'personalities' the class forums can have. I started out reading the Pally forum, but after I started regularly reading the Priest forums I realised how dominant the whingy topics are in the Pally forum comparitively.
The Paladin forum has all but lost any sense of humour it seemed to have when I started reading it a few months ago. At least among all of the 'Priest self loathing' threads there are a few threads that poke fun at the class, or other classes, or just at general silly beahviour in-game.

It's so right about how skewed someone's perception would get if they read the forums before even starting the game.

No 2.1 this week either {WoW}

May 1st 2007 7:51AM I have a 70 holy/prot pally. I am hoping that prior to the patch, the illumination nerf will hit 75% rather than the 60% it sits at on the ptr currently.
Either way, I've started saving up mana/5 gear to take the place of some of the spell crit gear I have... though that gear is only superior... I will certainly be crossing my fingers for the epic pally gear stats to adjust accordingly once the illumination nerf hits.

Forum Post of the Day: I have never looted an epic {WoW}

Apr 26th 2007 1:32AM My first seen drop was an epic sword/dagger at Uldaman mid-late last year.

The next was an epic gun that dropped from a scarlet at a Strat Live I was two manning, post BC.

In recent times I've started Kara so epics are becoming a little more commonplace.

Oh, someone I was grouped with got a Choker of Repentance a couple of weeks ago from a mob at Netherstorm.

I'm yet to win an epic item. The only epics I own or have owned are from rep, or pvp.

Forum post of the day: Worst ninja excuse {WoW}

Apr 25th 2007 1:30AM The worst ninja I recall was on a SM run quite a long while ago. The person was a warrior who was doing a pretty dodgy job as it was, and wasn't listening to instructions.

We had 5 drops in a row that he won, green BOE items. At the time I thought he might have had a game hack, and said that I thought it was odd that he'd won so many in a row in party chat. But that's not what the ninja was.

One more green boe item drops and finally someone else won it.

Then a lockbox drops and the guy rolls need. I ask him what he thinks he's doing and he says he needs money, that he doesn't have any. I'm like, what about everyone else, we all worked for our money, why can't he do the same thing. He just keeps saying he needs it.

For some reason the leader let him stay in the group, and I didn't leave because I needed to get a quest done. He only left after one of the group members gave him (in a polite way) advice on how to play his class, which was sorely needed imo.

Forum post of the day: Statements that make you leave a group {WoW}

Apr 24th 2007 12:43AM Last night I was a part of one of the worst runs I've ever experienced.

It was a full guild run at SV. Warrior, priest, hunter, rogue and myself main healing/off tanking at times(holy pally) we're all level 70. All but the warrior have experience with BC instances. I'd only grouped with the warrior one other time for a Shadowmoon quest but it seemed to go fine. The other 3 party members I'd grouped with numerous times and I know I could trust them to do a decent job.

We start off the run with me as leader, which I haven't done for months, but the others wanted a break from the leadership role I think.

We get through the first couple of pulls ok. We try to explain everything as well as possible since the warrior hasn't been to SV before. We get to the bit where there's a ramp to the right, and you need to LOS (line of sight) pull the mobs (on the way to the first boss) back onto the ramp to avoid the sirens fear causing a wipe.

We tell the warrior we need to LOS pull the mobs back onto the ramp. The rogue goes to sap (sap is marked) and the warrior pulls before the rogue gets there, pulls them back only slightly instead of around the corner, and manages to get a group of elementals (patrol) to join, causing a wipe.

We say again, we need to LOS pull, and WAIT for the sap this time. The warrior ignores it and manages to pull both the elementals group again and the marked group of naga. He still doesn't pull the mobs fully around the corner.

Frustrated, we ask the warrior if he knows what LOS pulling is. 5 minutes later we still haven't gotten through to them properly, so we clear the group of elementals first for safetys sake, the hunter says he's pulling (thank goodness) and that pull goes fine.

So, we finally make it to the first boss with the 2 frost/nature damage elemental adds.

It's decided that I'm off tanking one of the adds (all dps on that one) and the warrior is tanking the boss and the other add until the first add is down, then I grab it, dps again, then boss. We wipe because the warrior, in spite of explicit instructions about running out of the aoe cloud, stands there making it impossible for them to be healed in time. The priest was also having some trouble with casting for some reason, and needed to re-log before the next attempt. But it was fairly apparent that the warrior hadn't followed instructions regarding the cloud, so it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

Now is when the fun *cough* happens. The warrior starts to kick up and say what he thinks should be happening.
First he says that he will sunder the adds while simultaneously tanking the boss to make DPS faster.
Then he says that I should be healing myself while I'm tanking the adds because he needs all healing on him.
Then he says that I should be tanking all 3 mobs at the same time... or was it he should be tanking all 3, I couldn't make sense of that one.
Then he says he should be DPSing... or maybe it was that he should have all of the dps on his mob.

After all of that, we decide we'll have another go at the boss, and since I'm the leader I get to decide what the strategy will be. We cleared the 2 adds the last time, and since the priest had re-logged, aswell as the (possibly naive) hope that the warrior would run out of the aoe cloud due to us explaining the massive damage that occurs, I thought trying the same thing might work again.

Well... it didn't. We got closer, but the warrior stayed in the cloud.

After that it was enough.