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Breakfast Topic: Define this {WoW}

Oct 24th 2007 9:32AM Huntard: The class least expected to play well, often proving this point.

Hunter: The Huntard with actual skill who has been highly overpowered by Blue to offset the huntard population

Overpowered: A word used to describe hunters in respect to other classes in game

Warlock: the mushroom in the rock paper scissors of the WoW universe

Rogue: 1.the sneaky buggers that endager the huntard community. 2. The hunters favorite prey

Druid: 1. That guy/girl who couldn't pick a single class at the character select screen, so he chose the all in one. 2. the class that hates hunters, for fear of the skills of fear beast, snake trap, frost trap, kite, stun, concussive shot, and overall druid killing tactics given to hunters.

Paladin: 1. Mythical fighters given the power to fight with the gods holy powers. 2. turned into pansies by blue, who are basic healers with the ability to wear plate and a shield.

Shaman: A mythical being. nuff said

Warrior: 1.that guy who was dumb enough to charge into battle hoping he would come out alive, while the smarter of beings choose to hide sneak behind their opponent, or kill them from a distance. often seen with a shield in hand, and larger force behind him.
2. Meat Shield

Priest: 1. Wannabeawarlock
2. wannabeapaladin

Mage: 1. The middle grey area between hunter and huntard, not smart enough to be a hutner, but smart enough to avoid being a huntard.

Breakfast Topic: Best way out of a bad group {WoW}

Sep 15th 2007 11:52AM Oo being a hunter myself, am a little PO'd bout peoples dislike for them, yet, i share the dislike for bad hunters, they make me look bad stereotypically. I have been told many times I was the best hunter someone has seen, even beat an epic geared rogue, with only blues and greens.

however it has not happened, since usually I can PUG anything and make a group work (or just happened to get lucky with my pickings) but if it were, and someone tried to blame it on me...probably

1. Misdirect on healer
2. run forward making arcane shot pulls to 2-3 different mob groups sending multiple pulls at the same time to the group
3. pet-passive, feign death, hearth

Breakfast Topic: Your least favorite instance {WoW}

Sep 11th 2007 12:53PM least favorite:
1. Mara (any part)
2. BRD (TOO LONG, and TOO Boring) (mind you the drunken tavern is a blast)
3. Shadows Labs (boooo!)

1. Black Morass (had a blast there on vent,fast paced)
2. RFD - this only on my prot pally, mass aoe tank
3. ZF - I think we can take all the mobs on the bottom.

Breakfast Topic: Toys {WoW}

Sep 8th 2007 1:57PM I would love to pitch the idea I had to Blizzard, when the level cap changes to 80 with WotLK, when we got 70, arenas became a part of the game, which will probably be changed to lvl 80 only when the new expansion comes out, but I digress.

My idea for 80 PvP, 16v16, but different, testing individual skill, a giant chess board arena, each player is designated a position on the board (pawn, knight, bishop, castle, queen, king), and has to follow the movement pattern of that class per turn, the King, is the team captain, who decides which player on his team he wants to move (objective to kill the opposing king as with normal chess), however instead of just landing on the opposition and killing them, when someone lands on an opposing players square, the 2 duel 1 on 1, winner keeps the square.

Thus teams using voice com, can work together to decide who needs to move, and who would be in each position to best boost the team (your best 1v1 player probably being knight (to jump pawns) or queen (infinite directional movement), awards could be handed out based on placing (killing knights could be worth 32 points (divided amongst your remaining teammates) and the king worth 3 points for each member (whether alive or not)

Hail and well met, Supaghank! {WoW}

Sep 4th 2007 11:03AM @17 (I doubt you will read this)

I have a guild on Wildhammer called Final Fantasy

(when they came out with the expansion me and some old friends decided that the BE's looked like the characters and road chocobos so why not pay tribute to one of the best RPG's of all time)

anyways so far we have (and are active)
Cl√łud - 44 prot/ret (reckoning+vengeance) Pally
Vincent - 25 BM hunter (pet wolf named Redx)
Sephiroth - 30ish prot/ret (compliments cloud) Pally
Kadaj - 36 Lock (uses 1h sword n off hand)
Aeris - (dont remember lvl) holy priest

we are looking for ppl interested in making cid (polearm pally), Tifa (combat fist weapon rogue) or anyone else that you can think of :) - the guild will not be running through end game raids, but has the composition that we could run heroics, and be a 5v5 team...soooo :)

Forum Post of the Day: Gnome hunting season {WoW}

Aug 1st 2007 2:03PM "Short people got, No reason
short peopls got, No reason
short people got NO REASON TO LIVE"

happy gnome hunting to all!

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 26th 2007 8:23AM WOOT count me in,
mind you out of all the posts I doubt this wil be read, however I believe this contest is just a test to see how many people read/comment on wow insider, for space advertising purposes and such.

but who the hell cares

Breakfast Topic: How new would a new class have to be? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 8:19AM monk class is stances(warrior), duel fist and small self heals (rogue), short range spells....well this is new in itself...medative stance would be all its own new stuff..

Breakfast Topic: How new would a new class have to be? {WoW}

Jul 19th 2007 8:17AM GIVE US MONKS...

dual fist weapon users (they would obviously have to bring in more fist weapons to the game which would be a plus in my books too)

can wear cloth, or maybe cloth/leather

he would be similar to a rogue with self heals, however no stealth, they would work on either mana / energy depending on which stance they were in, and stances would change available abilties.

Example. medative stance would be a mana generation stance, limited short range strikes, buffs, and crowd control,could not physically attack but high mana generation. a form of combat stance, using energy, 2 fist weapons, and a lot of high speed hitting, this stance would increae attack speed by X%, uses energy, and has self heals, and the basic stance, and the normal stance that does nothing special itself but can use the energy skills in a form of mana cost, and use all skills available.

Breakfast Topic: Patch 2.U {WoW}

Jul 14th 2007 4:24PM 1.Druid epic flight form graphic has been replaced from bird to dragon, tauren will have horned dragons, night elves have long flop eared dragons