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When would you become a ninja? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2009 2:58PM Near ninja miss for me last week.

Ran a pug/alt Naxx25. 50% guildies of which 80% of those were well played alts. The other 50% was pugs.

Get to KT and wipe a few times and have to replace a healer. Invite some 14 year old kid who has the WORST reputation on the server for being blindly awful, and guild chat lights up with insults about this kid (guild, not raid, so he can't see it).

Boss dies fourth attempt overall, first this failure was in for. He died to the first void zone in P2 and did less healing then the shadow priest, and ret paladin.

He wins the teir 7.5 helm over me. Needless to say i was a bit ticked. Several long time officers and other people in the guild told me just to take it, as he clearly didn't earn the item, being summoned to the last boss, and dying right at the start, where as i was there the whole time and was #3 on dps.

In the end i passed the helm, as i care more about my and our guild's reputation on the server and would like to run a Pug Naxx25 again....just not with the fail kid.

Ninja looting an item may be the last item you are likely to get on that warned.

Rogue, cat, arms warrior DPS to be buffed {WoW}

Feb 3rd 2009 2:47PM They have to be joking. I have a heap of WWS showing our feral druid doing 4500+ dps on single targets, and our rogue cruising over 5k without any issue. The rogue is CONSTANTLY top 5 dps, and the feral does extremely well when he's spec'ed full Cat dps as well.

Is Wrath too easy? {WoW}

Nov 20th 2008 10:36AM It really IS too easy. I mean, there's easy, then there's this.

We were grinding out heroics and other 5 mans last night and noticed we finally had 10 level 80s on, and instead of trying to balance 2 heroic groups we decided to hit up some 10 mans.

End result? Obsidian Sanctum 1 shot, 2 bosses dead in Naxx in under 2 hours. No experience from anyone in there with the fights at all. Gear was a mix of Sunwell and heroic blues, with most of our blues unenchanted. No raiding specs, no consumables, no hardcore enchants...nothing. The tanks weren't even defense capped for crying out loud.

I fully expect that as soon as we can get 20ish lvl 80 people together, we will steam rolled Naxx 25, OS and Mal in under a week.

Countdown to Wrath Giveaway: Day 7 - BlizzCon Polar Bear Mounts {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 2:45PM Time for some Bare fun?

Know Your Lore: The Ashbringer {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 2:07PM I fully intend to dual wield Ashbringer and Frostmourne as a Fury warrior....GO!

He Said/She Said: It's a man's WoW {WoW}

Jul 8th 2008 1:33PM Why do woman get the reputation of sucking at world of warcraft? It's an easy math issue.

Point 1: Most people who play this game are male, i'd say upwards of 90% (got nothing other then first hand experience with this point)

Point 2: 90% of the people who play this game are terrible players in general...and that's being generous, it's probably closer to 95%. This is true for everyone, men and women

So the odds of finding a woman (about 1 in 10) who is ALSO not terrible (about 1 in 20) is EXTREMELY rare. So rare in fact, that i doubt many player have even met one. If 1 in 20 players isn't a waste of space, then only 1 in 200 players are both women AND not a waste of space.

You will come across excellent players once in every fourth or fifth pug on average, but excellent women players? It might be one in 50 pugs.

Most people can name 1 or 2 excellent female players they've played over the years...which is average for knowing 200-400 gamers.

Building a better DamageMeter {WoW}

Jul 12th 2007 1:27PM Robodex hit the nail on the head. As a DPS class you should be TRYING to top the meter, because if you aren't, why are you in the raid? To stand around and collect phat loots off of the backs of people who ARE working hard?

Like he said, it's an excellent tool for measuring who sucks and who doesn't. Eg, last night on The Lurker below we had 3 warlocks in the top 5 for damage, and one at 12th....guess who has issues? Without the meters there would be no way to tell he wasn't pulling his weight, and would continue to play in a sub-par manner until we got to a point where his personal performance would affect the whole raid.

In summary...if you aren't trying your best, then you aren't needed, and SWStats is a way to measure effort and skill.

An open letter against a dysphemism {WoW}

Jun 26th 2007 1:54PM In my opinion this is just another evolution of the English language, or more realistically, the internet sub-language.

The "N" word was offensive not too far back but is widely used now.

Hell, 100 years ago the word 'mad' meant insane or mentally imbalanced.

The context that the word rape is being used in is dominate/control, and is significantly easier to type and spell for the average lazy computer gamer. If the word is offensive to you, leave your content filter on, and ignore the people. You choose to put your self in a place where you will be offended, it's not like these people are coming to your house and shouting it at you.

As an adult, you have to learn the difference between what people say, and what they MEAN. Just because a word can carry multiple meanings doesn't mean it carries all of them at once.

When some kid says "We raped that boss", I seriously doubt he means rape in the sense that you think. The images and thoughts that word brings up are YOUR problem, not his, and to ask him to change the way he thinks, acts and speaks is completely unreasonable and boring on limiting of free speech or thoughts.

World of Warcraft is a game, not an arena to spout your morals and language lessons at young people. They play to have fun, not to be censored by over sensitive people.

Topics like this are annoying to me, people need to stop trying to change the world so that they aren't offended trivial nothings, and learn to live in a way that they either aren't exposed to it or learn to live with this kind of language.

WoW Moviewatch: 300 Gnomes {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 12:21PM The music is from the Bleach Anime sound track. It's good stuff.

Video on the other hand, isn't too impressive.

Ask WoW Insider: When is it fair to upgrade an epic? {WoW}

Jun 15th 2007 4:18PM This is a broad topic and depends on many factors.

1. Are you guys serious about raiding? Like pushing 25 man content and what not.

2. Who is present, and with what spec. What gear they currently have. How big of an upgrade for each person. Will it be used to benefit the raid?

Basically it comes down to this for me. Attendance > all. If the items is given to someone that doesn't show up, then you might as well have disenchanted it for all the good it does your raid.

Attendance being equal, look at who it will benefit the most. Big upgrades help you next the next boss, for more big upgrades.

Last option is subjective. Who's good enough skill wise to get a lot of DPS out of it. Will they enchant it right away?

Personally, I won't take an item unless it's a major upgrade over my current stuff, or a "Best in slot" item over someone who has a significantly worse item in that slot.

@The original post; "Chris" is having issues with the casual vs hardcore debate IMO. We have similar issues. When i showed up to my first KZ run, i had something like 6 lvl 70 epics and the rest were "Best in slot" blues. We also had people show up in unenchanted greens....who deserves loot verus who will it benefit from it the most is almost ALWAYS contrary.