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Build Shop: Warrior 17/41/3 {WoW}

Apr 24th 2007 8:59PM I am a bit puzzled by your logic. I got only half way through reading your post and immediately knew you have never end game raided.

Though the build is okay for Fury DPS, the only thing in the Arms tree that you are going to benefit from is Impale, and since you have to go 17 points deep in it, it really doesn’t matter where you put the points. Because in terms of DPS, there isn’t a single thing there that will benefit you.

I would recommend taking points out of Iron Will and placing them in Imp Thunder Clap. Why? Because you will never use Iron Will in PvE and heck, being able to keep thunder clap down for the tank used to be your roll as a DPS warrior, but now it is just a courtesy. It’s utility, plain and simple.

Why the points in Imp Charge? Seriously, 9/10 you will be put in combat after the pull anyways, and you have to let the tank get aggro before you go balls outs. I don’t even bother. I just approach the mob in zerker stance after the tank has secured aggro and pop bloodrage and begin to DPS. Walla, theres your extra rage!

Like you I will save fury for last. Why the imp TM? Seriously, I am netting close to 15-20 rage per swing. Why in the world will I ever need to stance dance out of zerker stance? To over power? Come on, you don’t even have Imp Over Power. Worthless. Not that I am suggesting putting points in it, but rather never dance out of zerker stance when DPS. That simple. Again, Imp TM is not required at all. You rage generation is far too good already to even think about dancing.

On to Fury. I love how you talk yourself out of the other talents on the same tier as Commanding Presence. Seriously, if you don’t get this as a fury dps warrior then you should delete your toon. There is no other option. Blood Craze has always been a lack luster talent that I think no build should ever have. Piercing howl is a wonderful talent, and one I am always trying to fit in my builds. Again, this is utility and a damn fine snare. For 1 point, I would be willing to sacrifice a point in precision. On the same tier I don’t understand why you don’t get Imp Cleave. The bonus dmg puts it on par if not better than Heroic Strike. You mentioned that On-Next-Attack abilities were shun from because they do not produce rage. Well, how the heck do you rage dump when you are at 100 rage, BT and WW are on cool down and your hamstring spamming? Heroic Strike? No! Too much threat gets generated by HS and as a warrior we have no aggro dropping abilities. This leaves Cleave, and a very powerful rage dump ability at that. Get it, use it wisely and never look back.

The last thing that I will mention that drove me up the wall is when you mentioned that "Imp Execute is only okay.". Are you mad? This is one of the best talents in the whole tree. Being able to spam execute every time it is up yields insane dps. I just can’t emphasize how wonderful of a talent this is and how much more dmg you will be generating with this. The one thing you have to understand about fury warriors is that we absolutely cannot wait for the boss to get to 20%. Popping reck, deathwish, and what ever else we have to maximize our dmg to spam execute gives us tingles all over. Bottom line, you NEED imp execute for serious raiding.

Other optional talents that I am very fond of are Imp Blood Rage and Imp Zerker Rage. Both very nice for when you have rage dry spells.

Personally, I run with a 0/47/14 build. I am usually always the off tank and always in the top 2 for dps. Let me tell you what you are getting for 17 points in Arms, Impale. Let me tell you what you could do with those 17 points. Get more DPS, and utility/survivability. Here is the build.

Fury PvE DPS/Off Tank Build

If you use this build to its fullest potential, it will yeild higher numbers.