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Win one of three free FigurePrints Busts {WoW}

Jun 9th 2010 2:16PM what are the chances?

The Queue: Your pathetic puppies betraaaaaaaay you! {WoW}

Mar 24th 2010 5:38PM the only thing Blizzard can do is disable the capability for AddOns to auto accept the LFG finder thing. And then point me in the direction of whoever developed it so I can violently dismember them.

Oh, sorry, I meant vigorously discourage.....

Insider Trader: Building the better bank alt {WoW}

Jan 22nd 2010 8:01PM Tlaknab!

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day one - Steelseries gear {WoW}

Jan 3rd 2010 3:03PM if you pick me to win, i wont roll on Deathbringer's Will when it drops... promise!

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day two {WoW}

Jan 1st 2010 10:51PM ok, so, yeah, pick me please, or something :D

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day five {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 2:50PM I can haz Grunty?

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day ten {WoW}

Dec 25th 2009 12:40AM comment!

The Twelve Days of Winter Veil: Day twelve {WoW}

Dec 22nd 2009 7:34PM Panda!

A discussion in defense of new race/class combinations, pt. 4 {WoW}

Aug 19th 2009 3:15AM the way I see it, the only way that some of the more unbelievable combinations (Night Elf Mage), could ever possibly happen. Is because of some form of cataslyst...