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Mists of Pandaria: Glyphmas 2012 for scribes is right around the corner {WoW}

Apr 2nd 2012 1:17PM For scribes that are having awful RNG, just persevere. And buy some of the books. Or farm lv80 heroics once a week, the loot is terrible, but the chances are higher of getting books of glyph mastery via halls of stone loot, etc. some of the glyphs will be locked to BoGM, and others, well, will take months. It is not designed to be a fair profession, just tedious, especially the unlock RNG

And then you get the fun of trying to sell the damn things.

Breakfast Topic: Is "For the Horde" obsolete? {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 1:10PM FOR PONY!

The Daily Grind: Could you make your own MMO for $30 million? {Massively}

Feb 3rd 2012 10:31PM @Deadalon

it is a good idea, it's just in need of MMO padding.

i had a similar kernel of an idea like this, but the emphasis was on a slower RTS build, rather than the space game.

essentially Gal Civ 2 + EVE Online + recettear + whatever would make people come back to play it.

like Ogame, and ikariam, and AoE, etc. pretty much my idea was a slow build RTS, with EVE's build/economics and corp funding / independents, alongside factions that contribute missions/goals for gear rewards, open ranks, in return for security and taxes on transportation/sales.

basically a mercenary v frontier model that's been used on a lot of other games, but with a trickle up economy and resource model for an MMO audience, with tedious resource collection and farming to prevent early players having staggering advantages over new players, and to prevent alliances from decimating competition if people multibox for advantages, unlike Ogame or travian, ikariam or others.

the Anno 2070 model is pretty, but the problem with isometric RTS gameplay is the idea of Tiles, comes substitution, which you have to accept as a design format. and in an MMO with 50k or 100k subs, the average OCD person could tile an entire planet's resources i.e. 4 million virtual km, in perhaps a day. or a week.

and then proceed to hack the game's mechanics mercilessly as robber baron, now cashed up and ready to exploit the mechanics against new fish in a small pond. like every country/empire building game there is, people, nee soldiers become a farmable resource, and then used as collateral for production.

so you have to ration resource generation and energy consumption/metals/silicates, so it becomes the rts + crafting minigame along with a empire builder like Civ 5 and EVE, rather than farming the largest army the game engine will allow and sending it to decimate , then crust your fresh 2 day old players to fund that army.

and then you need to make the empire, feel powerful, and add conflict, in either large or small doses. but, do you want the player who's saved 500 million credits in the 3rd month of being a new subscriber, to be player killed within 20 minutes of buying their ship ? or do you want random stuff to happen to invisible ships, like the gal civ model.

i had 3 problems with the idea.
1. ultimately, without combat, it's boring. with combat, it's boring.
2. profit seems unlikely, and so does competition
3. what makes you return to play if there's nobody to screw over/with.
4. rewards seems useless, could be useless
5. i personally would get tired of this game without a hook to return for some intrinsic reason beyond creation. much like real life gardening.

because, there's two things that any $30 million investor wants to know,

will it expand and become popular,
will those people stay around for more than a year
and will they spend money on the game with actual currency
and will they tell other people to play as well

EVE online has the sort of right idea with player driven empires for content creation and economic striation, players will buy or sell items of use, but the items still have to be created, or copied from somewhere, etc. and the money usually extends to independent operators having to craft items alongside corps with access to BPC's.

but it has terrible retention and a woeful new player experience to draw in paying customers

The Daily Grind: Do you banksit? {Massively}

Nov 14th 2011 1:36PM it took me a while to realise, this wasn't about the bank, but the lobby area, that spot where you see 100+ people.

either it's the mailbox outside the AH in ironforge or stormwind,

wrath was all about Dalaran, Dalaran's, quest hubs, dailies, low FPS and ridiculous arrangement didn't stop it from being a hub for players to see each other and spend years running around in circles on mammoths that wouldnt fit in doorways, etc.

second only to the roof in orgrimmar, both have been jealously destroyed by cata's "city as lobby area"

the roof in org, was "The Place"
if you need to find a guild
to find a person buying stacks of ore, who would then mail it to an alt to sell on the AH
to find enchanters spamming tradechat
run a ponzi scheme / trivia game
ask for guild signatures,
actually find people to get stuff enchanted,
to /dance and /flex
to show off the new mount to people who were AFK
to stand while queued for PvP
to ask for more players for sunwell 25
to ask players for spare gold
to jump down onto the mailbox or park a mammoth on top of it.

WoW Moviewatch: How to Not be Bored in WoW {WoW}

Nov 9th 2011 12:23PM Yep, wowcrendor pretty much describes everything i've done in WoW 3 months after cataclysm.

That, tank heroics. PUG firelands. and ... crafting mats for the AH to make 90k in gold.

has it only been 11 months since cataclysm came out ?

feels longer.

Hyperspace Beacon: Social gaming {Massively}

Nov 2nd 2011 3:53AM the most depressing thing is that the article is nearly 100% correct

Coruscant/Dromund Kaas is where you should go to pick up your first professions on Republic/Empire side, it's faster, closer and you can see more people in the area. it's also got GTM's closer to vendors and the mail portals., arguably speaking.

it will only be a place, like ord mantell/tython or hutta/korriban, that you will visit once or twice and they are nice places to visit when not hammered into questing areas or being led by a class quest, etc.

Carrick Station, is perhaps the most deserted, lifeless place you will ever see, just due to the scope of it, even more than tattooine.

The problem is, it will easily take 9 minutes to walk around the vendor loop around the main area of the station, imagine an airport lounge that never ends, and is a mile long. the vendors are all present, but it's vast and cries out for personal mounts as soon as you get off the elevators. and there's about ~12 elevators, all in separate areas of the station, located apart from each other, and poorly marked.

it's a lot like Undercity.

But, it's Undercity without the useless NPCs and wandering characters, or the guards, or the river, or the outer and inner loop, just one outer loop, and where the undercity bank would be, is a bar and a VIP room on top of a central tower in the center of the station, with it's own elevator that is locked off unless you have VIP access.

Where the mage/warlock portals are, would be ~15 Auction GTM's.
Where the Royal Apothecary Society is, would be the class vendors, (sic). You cannot see people, or meet them, or find people, line of sight is just like an airport lounge as well.

Viken spaceport is nearly identical, except for holographic trees and a similar layout., a walking surface area that can support 3-4 dalarans and easily 500 people, but instead has ~10 and they are all waiting near the elevators. While there are more mail access points, PvP token vendors, etc. on Carrick/Viken, the only reason to go there is as a transport and instance/FP hub to new areas.

I wholeheartedly believe it may change, it should change, and it deservedly needs to change.

At end game, i hope Nar Shadda and neutral areas will be far more of a endgame hub, where you can see the opposing side and judge player activity, which is what dalaran, and shattrath were, an opportunity to see other players, without talking or declaring vendetta or ganking them as they entered and left the zone, etc.

Southshore was an accident, but mainly due to the fact that players need to see other players. even if it's in combat, even if the area is nearly impassable and a jungle like stranglethorn vale, proximity is important for social spaces.

Carrick/Viken does not have that.

The Daily Grind: Do you support your favorite MMO by staying subbed, even if you don't play anymore? {Massively}

Oct 28th 2011 10:29AM yes. for another 11 months 24 days, i will be helping blizzard sell the idea of Pokemon to their 109 million users. er, 11 million customers, er, 4 million US/AU/EU players.

i have already helped Star Trek Online with a lifetime Sub so they can make new and disturbingly cliche and derivative Tribbles instead of game content,

so it's only a natural evolution to turn the $78 i pay every 6 months to WoW. into coffees for the game animators creating Pokemon in an MMO RPG

Blood Pact: A warlock history {WoW}

Oct 25th 2011 2:52AM I miss SL/SL and how that worked in PvE levelling, you could fear 3 or 4 mobs in a pack, and drain them all at the same time. and just keep pulling in new mobs to keep your health and mana going. it was like an energizer battery of death once you had some good gear.

i clearly remember being ganked by a rogue 25 levels lower than me, and wondering how the hell a lv 37 rogue could kill a lv 63 warlock at full health, with a pet. that was a low point in burning crusade. i could understand being ganked by a lv70 druid/rogue combo dropping out of the sky in nagrand, the place was built for it.

but, the day SLSL came through, made the class fun. it was literally a game changer being able to survive in battlegrounds, apart from being mauled by hunter pets, 3 shot by rogues, and generally being killed so fast by other players i didn't even see who killed me before the resurrection button came up.

fear, was unpredictable when they added DR. i remember being in badlands, near kargath fearing a mob (ogre i think) to get some melee distance to heal up, which it then fear-pulled the wandering elite and his cronies that you never ever get to see due to the EverQuest styled "lunch breaks" the guy took on his patrols, 3-5 hour circuits, etc.

(doing this for loremaster, years later also sucked)

as i'm bandaging and life tapping for mana, i hear something and turn to see 5 mobs coming my way, and the elite i was waiting for, i could only fear 3 or 4 before that first ogre 'woke up' and killed me, i ran back, hoping to find the elite again, and he'd just disappeared. i spent hours trying to find him again too ...

5 reasons you should love Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Oct 25th 2011 12:29AM The problem i have with ewoks in ROTJ is that it turns empire strikes back's all evil, powerful empire into the bumbling idiots that macauley culkin can defeat at age 8 with stick traps and rock slides. the cute factor, i can ignore. it's the Mary Sue factor that seems abusive.

calling pandaar's / pandae / pandaranians, ewoks is surface rejection of kids toys in a movie that needs to show the empire as being evil in space, but idiots on the ground. plus, george lucas has some of the worst film and script instincts, i've read one of the supposed early drafts of A New Hope, it makes battlefield earth look good. ergh.

i.e. would not be out of the realm of possibility.

if you remove the ewoks, you basically get a hidden army installation that 4 people and 2 droids can hijack. if you leave them in, it's a trained army that can be defeated by ~20 children armed with guerilla tactics and traps. either way, it's stupid. i can get over the fanboy pandering (hurr), but the ewoks basically destroy the whole threat of the empire just by having "warrior" ewoks/teddy ruxpins in drag, be on par with trained army forces with laser weapons, "tanks", etc

kung fu pandas, as a respite to the constant threat of evil and damnation, etc. is a good change. NC pets being able to do damage, the job of animating 300 pets doing "shoryuken" styled "Hyper" or DBZ/street fighter magic energy balls, etc. is arguably easy compared to a dance studio, remodelling the base player models and the 10 base race combinations for animation cycles for all of their combat and emotes, and the 90 or so tweaked models. i want to see if the animators go crazy or safe, i.e. if it's skitty on wailord nightmare fuel, oozeling using "blink", elekk 'backstab', turtles shadowbolting, enchanted lantern as lightning totem, etc. the shortlist of 'attach effect to X' may just be awesome.

monk class, no drama there.

pandas using magic, being 'blessed' by demigods as druids, shaman, paladins, or using arcane for mages, but not fel magic for warlocks, is a slippery slope, because it can break the speciality of the game, and also the flavour of the game. as someone mentioned, the idea of breaking the silhouette, so you know a shaman by their season gear, etc in addition to 'monk' class options makes the game as interesting as having tauren rogues, undead paladins, etc.

there's still an imagined line that holds race & classes back i.e. night elf, but not blood elf druids, etc. there are/were lore reasons, and also logical reasons to differentiate the classes, but it's all fluid now.

if 'blessed' or 'light side' classes become suddenly open to players, i.e. druids, shaman, paladins, or even undead paladins, hunters, etc. then the lore could always be more or less ignored if need be, and has been in the past.

it's like having a murloc replace your usual raid boss, after all the effort to clear all the wings, to find a 150 million HP murloc that has no aggro table, melee dmg immunity etc. it's absurd, but it's ultimately Lore-Ready TM, as it's all been done before.

relying on Lore as a backbone used to be directly comfortable, but now the lore can explain anything away, literally, so it's not a reliable source thematically, or logically. the sha as a concept/race is great, i don't doubt that it will be a challenge. but arthas replaced with a murloc, could be just as mechanically apt given the great latitude taken.

if wow suddenly inserted inception/matrix as the emerald dream, planet hopping through the maelstrom or the twisted nether via a titan's reluctant or forced assistance, , something that's been on the cards since vanilla, the story has dovetailed those elements for a while. the emerald dream has 4 portals over azeroth, that do relatively nothing. exposing a 5th or 6th to a 'possible continent' is a good way to expand

from 90 to 100, a titan upgrade path may be better, i.e. having the titans return to break the maelstrom/twisting nether or stop sargeras using it as a highway for troops, supplies, etc. with maelstrom/twisting nether entities, i.e. wisps, ethereal, sha spirit entities, golem/host mechanics, replicating the twins/ikaruga twins in trial of the champions with light energy/dark energy heal/damage, even immunity or mirror phases, so that healers do the damage to change phases, range DPS heals players as the raid turns hostile, etc. Raids can be harder, weirder, and involve more pop culture. that i have no issues with.

why not juggle 5 active balancing mechanics in a 10 man raid, that opens up a DPS window for 20 seconds every 40 seconds, requiring 500k DPS and 7 windows to execture, etc and call it hardcore, etc.

just rig the raid mechanics to become arcade games or puzzle mechanics, insert 4 levels of chess as vehicle mechanics, etc. and i guess players will also get used to 10 man and 25 man bejewelled challenges, setting up player housing and farms, buying fences and ribbons for your player housing with valor points, grazing your NC pets on the farm with valor point purchased feed, or using honor points to level up fishing, cooking, bandaging, etc.

the problem is, once you make integral world changes, the absurd becomes a real possibility, and can threaten everything that makes sense of the imagined experience of the world.