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WoW Moviewatch: Shadow Priest Public Service Announcement {WoW}

May 1st 2007 9:41AM WoW Silly pally. I have a pally, hunter and yes a SHADOW PRIEST. in Kara a shadow priest is a needed class. AS in previous posts, your comments are weak and un supported.

The only real problem you have is people not knowing how to play. The class is there and the talent trees are there. So pallys are priest's in a can LOLOL.
Shadow priests can run with any class, provided the PEOPLE communicate, know thier class, know each others classes and knows the instnace. I have run with my guild, shadow priest, holy priest, hunter, mage and pally (holy). i ended up tanking:-) Ya know your class and what not, you wont wipe as bad if u communicate.

Shadow class has alot to bring to the table as far as crowd control. esp when there is undead involved and some humanoids. for example, I can shackle one, silence pull a humaniod then mind control it, use the buffs, the heals and or attacks from that mind control.

C'mon what does a pally have for CC, stun?
Oh yeah dont forget i can fear bomb (Psyhic Scream).

So how much CC did i just say a priest can do? Yeah i thought so you silly pally can. A pally is a support class. Yes cabable of tanking, yes be a healer, yes be dps. BUt a tank is a tank (mine is Prot spec for a pally), ret is good for pvp against Casters(very well i might add) holyaden great at healing. and yes you have buffs and auras.

SO with that being said "know your classes" they bring alot to the table...
A shadow Priest can be your best friend:-))