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The Light and How to Swing It: Seals, Blessings and Auras part II {WoW}

May 4th 2008 2:53PM @Matthew:

I think he's talking about the Moonkin mana regeneration mechanics. Basically, they have a chance to regen mana equal to their Feral Attack Power (~30%) whenever they melee an opponent with their weapon. (That's why Moonkin carry around a FAP weapon, just for this purpose.)

I still don't see how he would get more mana regen from BoM compared to BoW, even if he is Balance-specced.

Season 4 items unveiled {WoW}

May 1st 2008 5:29PM @Urthona:

The Felshroud Arena sets for Warlocks have Spell Critical strike rating, while the Dreadgear lacks it. Therefore, the Felshroud set is mainly for Destro locks while the Dreadgear is made for SL/SL and UA Affliction locks. (I'm not too sure what set is preferable for Demo-spec though.) And of course, some warlocks choose to take 3 pieces of one set and 2 pieces of the other to double up on the resilience bonus. (Although the 4-piece set bonus for those sets are still better in comparison.)

Move in the flame wreath, and other fun bits of advice {WoW}

Apr 6th 2008 4:03PM I also forgot to mention that the reason why DI is so worth the 1 hour cooldown and its 20 silver reagant. It's because DI makes your target INVINCIBLE! No really, I'm serious. Put DI on your main tank, and you don't have to have 7-8 healers spamming HAELs on him! And the MT doesn't even have to resort to using his "ZOMG HAEL ME NAO OR WE WAIPE!" macro!

It's quite sad that you can't DI a flag carrier in BGs to make them ZOMG INVINCIBLE! Heck, DI is also too awesome for Arenas that they had to ban it from there too!

Move in the flame wreath, and other fun bits of advice {WoW}

Apr 6th 2008 3:55PM As a paladin, remember to use Divine Intervention everytime the cooldown is up! There's a reason why they gave it a 1 hour cooldown. It's that good!

Actually, I tend to use DI in BGs when a loss in inevitable, such as a 500 - 1900 score in AB/EotS. Come to think about it, I should use it on people who use "HAEL ME" macros and the /healme emote.

Does my human female look psycho to you? {WoW}

Mar 28th 2008 4:35PM Finally the goggles do something! They can cover up the beefed-up eyes that I didn't even notice yet!

Sure, the Engineering goggles aren't a part of this issue, but I haven't noticed the eye changes because I have those goggles on my character until I read this story.

And yes, the eye changes do look like their eyes are gonna fall out.

Undocumented changes so far in patch 2.4 {WoW}

Mar 26th 2008 7:54PM Here's another rather small, but noticable change that I noticed:

The quest giver for the Aether Ray wrangling quest (Skyguard Khatie) is now mounted on a nether ray. Rather pointless, but at least it makes the quest make more sense.

Your least favorite races {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 6:27PM For me, Silithids and Rock Flayers would top my list for having annoying aggro sounds. (I'm a bit surprised that no one mentioned about the rock flayers.)

And perhaps Troggs and Scorpid would go in the same category too since they also have annoying aggro sounds, but I kind of feel sorry for the Troggs, and I don't really care about Scorpids.

Return of the weasel: Guild selection, Part 1 {WoW}

Mar 9th 2008 11:22PM Here's one guild type you should have mentioned:

The "I'm tired of guilds begging to invite me so I made my own guild" guild.

Why you want to be in an "I'm tired of guilds begging to invite me so I made my own guild" guild: Because you're fed up with people whispering, setting letters, saying in your face, and even yelling "You want guild? And also maybe because you don't/can't use a guild-declining addon such as AutoDecline. Plus you get to customize the guild tabard without guildies getting on your butt because they think it's ugly.

Why you don't want to be in an "I'm tired of guilds begging to invite me so I made my own guild" guild: If you already have AutoDecline already, then a guild like that is unnecessary. (Having a guild like that will still reduce the amount of guild beggings you'll get, as some people will try to invite you over and over with AutoDecline on, and then they'll whine at you for doing that.)

How this guild will break up: When you decide you want a real guild.

Do you want to be there when it happens?: Yes, because you don't even have a choice.

(Yes this sounds quite silly, but I have heard about people who actually do this.)

Wherefore art thou faction PvP gear? {WoW}

Mar 9th 2008 9:28PM @Aracross

I seem to be in the same boat as you. I still have my 2 pieces of the Lv. 70 GM pally shockadin set. (Shoulders and gloves, I still regret not getting the helmet, as it's still one of the cooler looking helms in the game.)

I've heard a suggestion about reskinning the current set purchasable for honor. (In this case, reskinning S1 with the old PvP looks.) And perhaps they could also make it a seperate set, as how they did with the new entry level PvP sets in 2.4 and the old Lv. 70 GM sets. Although this maybe problematic with allowing people to double dip on +35 resil rating, and that it may make it harder for people to get the 4-piece sets, I still hope that Blizz can somehow put the old PvP graphics back in sets.

Can a shaman tank Karazhan? {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 1:47PM For some reason, I would picture a shaman tanking faction bosses, but I'm not sure how difficult that is compared to tanking Kara. (Assuming that the other faction doesn't try to crash your party.) Either way, kudos to you for making it through.

Either way, at this rate, I'd assume other classes like Shockadins would be able to tank Kara at this rate with decent enough gear and awake healers. (I'd assume the amount of threat shockadins can generate would be quite massive with 800-900+ spell damage with Sanctity Aura and Righteous Fury, but would that be able to outthreat similarly geared Prot-specced pallies?) The thought about me being able to tank Kara seems to be quite exciting at most. (That is, once I get better PvP gear.)