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WoW Insider's Cataclysm Launch Giveaway: GeForce GTX 580 graphics card {WoW}

Dec 7th 2010 2:47PM Can i have this card please

BlizzCon 2009: Dance and soundalike contest videos {WoW}

Aug 23rd 2009 7:34PM This is not all of the sound-a-like contest. They stopped the contest halfway threw to do the dance contest for Direct TV. Then after they finished the Sound-a-like Contest. My Friend Andrew Howey did a Zergling sound-a-like and Won. He was contestant #46. He was in a 3 Wolf Moon Shirt.. I think it helped. I hope that somebody will eventually post videos of them announcing the winners and the rest of the sound-a-like because i don't think they showed in on Direct TV and I cant find it anywhere.

PTR Notes: Angry tailors vs. Blizzard {WoW}

May 1st 2007 6:00PM
There is a few Key elements you guys are missing here in your Ranting and Ravings. First off, Do you even know what a train wreck tailoring was before these sets came out. The best thing we could make was a Bag. Did you also notice that there is no friggen possible way to make money with enchanting as you level it up. NONE. These is also a GOD AWFUL dependence on Enchanting materials to Create the high level tailoring items, We need damn arcane dust just to make a BOLT of cloth. What if you had to use Arcane dust to make a Bar of Metal?

We cant go out and fly around to nodes or Herbs, we have to kill humanoids, and HOPE they drop some cloth. Do you realize it takes 108 Pieces of Cloth, 12 arcane dust, 2netherweb spidersilk (a low drop rate items from spiders in outlands) for ONE FRIGGEN SKILL UP. I don't think you realize the crazy amount of money/time it takes to make these items. Not to mention once you specialize you can make 2 pieces of cloth, every 4 days, that require Farming for Primal Fires, etc.. and the tailored Robes need 20 or so of these cloths. What other skill hasa 4 day timer to make Material? All of the "sets" are BoE, and you have to specialize in that set to wear or make it. But the best part of this is when we get to max level, these 4 day timer items are the only things we can make money from. But guess what, the only people that want to buy or can use this cloth, IS OTHER FRIGGEN TAILORS THAT CAN ALREADY MAKE IT. So the only reason it sells right now is because people are impatient. I cant do anything Special to make money.

I mean seriously think about it. Only some people can farm ore, only some people can Pick Herbs, only some people can skin animals, only some people can disenchant items, or enchant your items over and over again. EVERYBODY CAN FARM CLOTH, EVERY TAILOR CAN MAKE EVERY DIFFERENT KIND OF OUTLAND CLOTH, I can make spellcloth, and shadowweave, I just cant make 2 at once... WOOPITY DO! Unless I have a Rare Epic Pattern, I have no way to make money from any other Person apart from other Tailors. Same thing is going to happen to tailoring that happened before. Mooncloth used to sell for a shit load back in the day. Once all the tailors had mooncloth items... it started selling like crap. Also unlike Enchanting the only other tradeskill that doesn't have a gathering talent to go with it, I don't have something that will ALWAYS be in demand. People will always get new items, and always want enchants. Where is tailoring's "riding crop." Why the hell do I have recipes that need elements from enchanting, and herbalism but yet they don't need anything from tailoring for their recipes. OH wait I forgot! We can make spell threads!!!! That totally makes of for it, we can enchant peoples pants. with faction earned recipes that require PRIMALS and vendor items. So like I said, unless a tailor gets some UBER RARE tailoring Recipe, we have no chance to earn money with this skill for long. Once the market is flooded with Primal mooncloth.. etc.. we are doomed. And if I want to keep on wearing my 3 piece set, I have to stay a tailor.

So before you start bashing on tailors and how "Great" our sets are. Consider the fact I went to BC 300 tailor, and spent ridiculous Gold/time, to the point that I got 70 3 weeks behind my friends, and 2 of my friends maxed Jewelcrafting, before I had my 3 piece set done. I was first on my server with the Mooncloth belt, at level 68 I couldn't even wear it. It took me about another 3 or 4 weeks of buying cloth on AH, Farming, and getting all the cloth my friends picked up mailed to me to get 375 tailoring. I had the materials for my Primal mooncloth robe, BEFORE i had 375 skill because it requires so much damn time and money, and OTHER PROFESSIONS MATERIALS, to level up.

I also failed to mention that if a tailor has a rare pattern they can make money with... its REQUIRES PRIMAL NETHER, So if you cant do a heroic, you are boned. Oh and if a Blacksmith, Engineer, Enchanter isnt already going after it.

Dont even get me starting on Cloth drops. A friggen enchanter can Get Green/blue items from EVERY instance, from ANY mob... But if its not huminoid, I have a chance to get Jack, and shit.

Leatherworks kinda has it bad too, but i mean they can make some Mail items, some Leather items, they can always get skin from a killed beast, What sets it apart is the fact that only a Skinner can get these items. So it makes them rare, and they can make money from selling the skins duel to a small market, or fun their own leveling up. The fact that a damn minor can pickup some cloth while farming for Ore, sell the ore AND the cloth that some tailor will buy cuz they need it to level up is what pisses me off. Also a Leatherworker's best items can all be worn by different Professions/classes... A blacksmith can wear all the cool leatherworking stuff, But not a tailor.

And dont even get me started on enchanting. I admit that it like tailoring doesnt have a sister talent, but what sets the 2 FAR FAR apart is that Enchanting is used by EVERY CLASS and EVERY PROFFESSION. Also the fact this game is bassed around Getting new items, and constantly upgrading over and over again. I mean I make a Robe for somebody, thats it, they got the robe, they never need crap from me again. While as an enchanter, I can end up enchanting the same guys robe 4 or 5 times as he gets new ones threwout his playing. And that hold true for every single player in the game. Mulitpliyed by 10fold if you have a rare enchant.

You can moan about how uber our 3 piece sets are.... but you have to realize the Sacrafice that is made on a tailors part to level up/ Make Money and get these "amazing" items, that we have to be a Tailor/Specificly Speced to even equip or use.

Blacksmithing was going to share a similar fate until Gems Came around and the fact Ore can be prospected for Gems which like enchanting are constantly changed and upgraded over and over, making Mining Ore a profitable Skill ontop of supplying Miners with materials.

Key point I am trying to make is... STOP BITTCHING