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PTR Notes: Angry tailors vs. Blizzard {WoW}

May 2nd 2007 7:14AM Hello all,
It seems a lot of people think that the tailoring sets are overpowered, I for 1 would like to know how so? Do I have the wrong way of thinking? Or do others don't see it? I mean I play a mage and have the spellstrike and spellfire set. Sure the spellfire set has quite some damage for arcane and fire but this also means that my ice will be like 110 - 120 less powerfull then other mage's. It's all about sacrifice. the spellfire set sacrifices Ice power, Stamina and Intelect for power to the arcane and fire tree only. I have like 6060 HP where as other mages have around 8000 HP, and i managed to pass 6000 becuase I am a jewelcrafter and have the Figurine - Living Ruby Serpent, otherwise my HP would be 5700. My mana pool is 9000 where other mages have 10000+. So how is the spellfire set overpowered? It's like people are not seeing what u have to sacrifice for this set. Sure tier 4 and 5 will have a little bit less power for the fire and arcane tree, but the overall power and stats are much bigger, your ice power won't be a total wimp and you will have much more stamina and intelect. So i'm sorry but i don't see why the spellfire set is being considered as overpowered, to even have to get nerfed. It's a sacrifice we pay, to have more power, but to suck at another tree and to be able to get 1 shoted to death.