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Scouting around with the Crashin' Thrashin' Racer {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 4:29AM lvl 60 but with smaller radius thing...

...many people don't know, but a hunters pet will have an aggro radius equal to the level of the hunter rather than the level of the pet, so a level 1 pet is as safe as a level 80 one in an instance, just less effective. I assume the racer uses the same mechanics

Preparing for Wrath Day 8: Your bank {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 7:22AM I'm not so sure about inscription, I may well be wrong, but follow my thinking...

For major glyphs, people wont be buying much of the time, mostly when they level to open a new slot, some when they respec. There are currently no exclusive patterns or rare drop ones; they are accessible to all scribes and so there are a lot on the market, the mats are not expensive to make or take long to farm and so major glyphs will be (and most already are) cheap on AH.

Minor glyphs are going for more because less people know them, but as more people learn them, the price gradually comes down to stay competitive, the key point here is there is currently a finite limit, 6 for each class, a total of 60, if you do minor inscription research for 60 days straight (and your level 1 bank alt can do this) you will know all of them, and so will most of your fellow players (and their bank alts) and so, again, not selling for much on AH.

Now, every time new glyphs become available the prices will boom again and then, as more people get them settle down to a market wide agreeable price, usually harder on the seller than the buyer as unlike inscription alchemy will keep the herb prices up even at low levels as people like to power level to their alchemist stones and lvl 80 equivilents.

I could be quite wrong, and if so, will happily acknowledge this. My suspicions are that the high level scrolls will be the money makers for raids that can find a gap in their buff slots. No mage in the raid? try scroll of intelligence only 10g each. Dunno, could work *shrug*

Preparing for Wrath Day 8: Your bank {WoW}

Nov 6th 2008 7:00AM alternatively, if you are patient, wait 6 months then sell it for significantly more, when they are very hard to come by due to no one running anywhere they drop, but there are many recipe collectors with excess gold to spend on their hobby's hobby

Breakfast Topic: Idiosyncrasies {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 10:17AM I'm about the same, the first ten levels are where i decide. After a few levels on my instinctive selection of class race etc i went to a different server and made 8 (now 10) chars covering one of each class, gender and race, then did the same on a different server for horde. all the horde exist though some have been recreated early on for facial features or similar but of the alliance i now have no female dwarves or male gnomes, i cant quite put my finger on why though, however the alliance are far further levelled than the horde having a combined level total of 698 to the horde 345.

As for quirks, my night elf hunter only uses bows, guns are too noisy, my druid will never attack another druid but will defend herself, my warlocks will never go into a capital with a demon out (except certain lock type parts where it could be acceptable) all characters will salute thrall or kneel before the prince/king when they pass them and most will have gear they only wear in cities, usually only removing the helm but in some cases completely different outfit such as the festival dress or for my pala, a brown robe he found in northshire but with plate shoulders and gloves makes him look like a very dangerous monk. the downside is i get a lot of immature whispers from people who look at the armoury and assume that's what i wear to raids. Also for quests I made sure my pala did the whole tirion fordring line, my druid did the angry owlkin one in wintersping and that i tend to stick to the continent/starting areas for each race

didnt realise i had as many quirks as i seem to

Ask a Lore Nerd: Which came first, the Lich King or the Egg? {WoW}

Oct 27th 2008 5:04AM remember that that quest only says the king makes the decision because the populace is not to know the king (at the time the quest is set although things have changed now) was not on the throne but 'away on business'. Ony was making all the decisions in the king's name.

Whether blizz go back to update this quest line will be interesting to see as the quests following the storyline go right through deadmines, stockades, pick up at lvl 30 for the new ones in dustwallow and then link into the now abandoned ony attunement chain

Scattered Shots: What we didn't get {WoW}

Oct 10th 2008 6:03AM Over all I'm quite pleased with the changes made, but one thing confuses me. I have both a marksman hunter and a survival one, I'm afraid i never found bm much fun. I don't raid on them, I don't arena, but they are the ones i go to when I am bored or have something that needs grinding. It's never taken much effort for my mm to drag aggro from his pet, I admit i do send my pet in, leave aimed shot till it will land at the same time of the second growl, feign when needed etc etc but when I'm just grinding if its just 5% to go I'll sod it and just raptor strike them, however, should i really need to keep distance, scatter shot was used for everything. In heroics it meant i didnt need to take a few hits in a cramped area while i retrapped due to not having the lesser cooldown on them. My sv had the advantage of not only having more cc available but more reliable and more often, and if all else failed, readiness and start again. So why swap them? I have never been a huge fan of readiness, but it feels more of a survival talent than a marksmen one, in fact, I cant imagine using it on my marksman where as I often rely on scatter shot. But then again, I have never specced my sv for scatter shot as I have never ever needed it when i probably would have wyvern stinged early or had a trap waiting at my feet. I have searched but not found anything, have been distracted till now with the changes to my prot warrior, the reason i cant raid on hunters :( but what is the official reason for switching?

PTR maintenance concludes, Hallow's End up for testing {WoW}

Jul 11th 2008 5:19AM any company offering pre order sales of an item are required to provide a launch date before they can offer the option to preorder, when there is no official date they have taken to making them up and most times publicly stating that these are at best a guess (remember the gamestop quote for tbc, this date has been made up by guys in the back after consulting entrails etc etc, too long ago, i forget exactly) anyway, this has become so commonplace especially in this industry that the rider is rarely bothered with now.

summary: gamestop do not tell blizz when to release wrath

Forum post of the day: Cliques aren't just for high school anymore {WoW}

Jul 1st 2008 1:56PM Good post Vlatch, bookmarked for future plagiarism.... err I mean reference.

I noticed earlier in the postings a well written reply that talked about giving and not getting help, but it included the phrase 'I'm not the sort to log on and say hi' or similar.

This is really part of the problem, in social environments first impressions count, whether its the first time you meet someone or when someone you know well walks into the room, how you deal with that person in the long and the short term are, to a degree, based on that impression.

>BigDave logs in
*is this person worth my time and effort?*
*am thinking not but prepared to give benefit of doubt*
/g hey
*apparently I was right the first time*

>BigDave logs in
Guild: BigDave says: Hi
/g hey

I have not put any demands on BigDave, not prevented him from doing what ever he had intended to do, but i do know he is on, and even if the only other thing he says that day is 'night all' i dont think of him as unwilling to be sociable. Remember, this is low level decision making, we are not actively 'cliquing'

that first impression, was one of him being quiet and unwilling to initiate communication, not wanting to be part of the group of people, and after prompting suggested he didnt want to be interrupted by us, but even if he had responded favourably, or at all it would have been marred by the initial impression. One off occaisions can be ignored, but if this continues we will start to think of BigDave as not socialising with us well, and when we come to form parties and raids do we think he will be a fun group member? and so we find we are forming a clique, specifically, everyone except him.

There is also the problem that people who dont regularly talk in guild chat tend to whisper individuals and that also has a low level effect. Remember, whispering in company is rude I know this to be true because my mum said so and probably your's did too, people like openness, they dont like to be kept out so..

BigDave whispers: You want to UB?
You whisper: noty, busy

He's sepcifically targeted you, why? has he already got a group and someone let him down so he expects you to immediately drop what you're doing so he can do what he wants? we don't know, but we will tend to assume so. Based on our limited interaction within gchat, if you are a tank or healer then this is without a doubt your first instinct

where as had BigDave added to his Hi statement 'I'm looking to up my rep with expedition, so if there are any runs in those instances, count me in :)'

He's pretty much said 'look, I'm busy doing this thing, but if there's anything mutually beneficial, I'm keen and eager' and we dont really mind that there is the subtext of 'and if it isnt exp rep I'm not really up for it' because he's stated his intent. The difference is he may get replies varying from the non committal 'we'll see what happens' to the 'BigBertha was on earlier saying she wanted a quest in UB, she's out walking the dog right now but said she'd be back later'

But people are more likely to stop and think, do i have any reason or do i know anyone who wants to do that? lets say BigDave is in a group and loses a healer, him asking me in gchat rather than whisper is more likely to get a response even if not from me, but from someone with an alt healer (or even if he's lucky, a main)

I guess it takes two people to make a clique, one to be on the inside and one to be on the oustide. You can be left out because there's a circle of friends you can't break into, but equally because you distance yourself from everyone else. Follow the above points, especially 1 and 3 and you reduce your chances of being on the outside.

In our example above BigDave was being unintentionally but actively excluded. I know, it means you have to work at not being excluded, but that's kinda the whole idea of socialising. And seeing as the work can be as little as /g hi it's doable. It's not much, but it may just change your gaming experience a little.

As for the original post, "I cannot even run an instance with my own husband without being accused of being a clique." Who by? and is it regularly? with the other comments made my personal opinion is that this guild may be being overly anti-clique and reading things that arent there based on previous bad experiences and when one person says the magic word panic sets in.

However, my opinion is not based on any knowledge required to substantiate such an opinion, in which case i could suggest alternatives that are; one person could have found themselves in BigDave's position and is desperately looking for a change, or ("I haven't had a 5-man or 10-man with a fellow officer in over 3 months.") there is something fundamentally wrong with the setup that needs to be addressed but may not be evident.

What ever the cause i do hope all effected parties find a solution that suits them.

Mania on the Growl change {WoW}

Apr 29th 2008 4:48AM i think whats trying to be said is that boars were godly for all other specs. so if i wanted to get a pet for a marksman hunter for some grinding, what are my choices, boar, boar, boar or boar

despite the fact that i might not actually like boars, this is the kind of situation blizz has gone to lengths to avoid with pet normalization and so on

they are trying to get rid of the fact that BM have a choice of pets for grinding solo with, everyone else has to have a boar worryingly low AP or really like kiting

Undocumented changes in 2.4.2 {WoW}

Apr 24th 2008 4:05AM think of the 40-69 bracket, exactly how many carrots on a stick can one toon currently get? and how many mounts are they expected to get in that time? (answers one, and two)