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This week in hotfixes {WoW}

May 24th 2007 6:52PM I never thought the post count war would come to the blog.. tsk tsk. Someone's trying to get that #1 slot.


Come on, quick, put up another two piccies!

Are the official forums a good or bad thing? {WoW}

May 14th 2007 2:28PM Shaman here. And I echo the sentiment of my "brother in class" above. We have issues with the class, legitimate ones that should be looked at. No way they will all be fixed to one's expectations, but all the double talk really wears on everyone.

That said, the immaturity and lack of respect out there has gone to insane proportions and I agree that some heavy handed banstickings should occur and get things in line. Free speech on a private forum always cracks me up. It's corp owned chummer... (channeling Shadowrun, forgive me)

It's sad it's gotten to the level where a CM is starting to snap and snip back. That's a loss in my eyes, even if we do agree. If I gave that kind of response to a customer I'd be in for a hell of a time. I think he should just lay it out and pursue policy as warranted. Ban em if they warrant it. Move on and slash the handful of people ruining the place.

Need one more at meeting stone {WoW}

May 11th 2007 3:38PM Why not hand hold them through the game? I like that it takes more than one person to gather the party. People are too lazy as it is.

But I need that for my alt! {WoW}

May 11th 2007 3:30PM Yeah, both shouldn't have rolled Need at all. I believe you should only roll Need with the Active character that participated and of course if it's an upgrade That's a NEED situation. Everything else gets muddled by semantics. "I NEED money, I NEED it for my alt, I NEED enchanting material..." Sorry, but those are Greed situations. Your alts didn't participate in the run, and everyone can use money/enchanting materials (for barter to get enchants if not an enchanter).

As for talking it out, tone and manners is all. If the rest of the group consents to it, and the person contributed to the group fairly, many times I won't MIND if they needed it. But I hate to get taken for granted. If the person just smashes up Need when it isn't apparent then I get miffed. Not swear-laden tirade miffed, but miffed nonetheless.

Confessions of a casual gamer {WoW}

May 9th 2007 7:25PM I'm a fairly casual player, though I hold nothing against the raiders. I only get ticked at short minded idiots on both sides of the fence denouncing one another with rather ridiculous arguments.

That said something stuck out to me after reading all, yes all, of the comments: "Unless you choose to venture with huge groups of people at scheduled times for 3+ hours at a stretch you will never experience the real lore of this game. Illidan, Vasj, Kael, and Mt. Hyjal are the pinnacle of lore and no one but the very best of the raiders will ever see them."

I agree with the view point that a loose casual rag-tag group of adventurers should NOT be able to take down these insanely powerful creatures. It cheapens the experience. There's a reason they're such powerful figures in the game world and you expect the equivalent of a small squad of veteran tier 2/3 infantry to take out a heroic/infamous figurehead?

Seems kind of twisted.

There's something for everyone, and the expansion gave Solo content in DROVES. I'm extremely happy with the game, and it's nice to know the OPTION is always open to try my hand at getting into raids.

The 2.1 patch coming out adding more solo content quest lines ALONG with yet another instance is testament that they're really taking a measured approach to things. One I really appreciate. Well except the Shaman stuff, but I guess I can't win them all right?

So to summarize: Raiders aren't being hurt by people that Solo. Soloers aren't being hurt by Raiders. The only thing you have is people slinging meaningless words and arguments at each other. Have fun the way you want to.

If WoW isn't fun to you, then don't play. That's what I love about games. It isn't like work and taxes. You can actually ignore it and put it aside for as long as you want. :)

Reader UI: Sewell {WoW}

May 9th 2007 5:50PM I run mine at a rather large widescreen res, but I have to say I do like the layout to a degree. I've been tweaking my UI since last night using this as a new base and so far so good I suppose.

The nice thing is if you don't like it, change it. Think the Top Bar's noise? Get rid of it. That's what I did.

The only real problem I'm having is that I like to use a HUD so I can focus my attention on hp/mp without missing what's going on in front of me. (Widescreen remember?) But when I put down the HUD addon it overwrites the very nice frames with the default ones. Very bothersome.

Also wasn't fond of the scrolling combat text - I mean if one's bugged by noise some of that can get pretty distracting. That said, it wasn't anything that a few tweaks to the settings couldn't fix.

Didn't like the Bag system, Baggins, so I simply swapped back to vBagnon. I just prefer it more because I've been using it longer and much quicker to set up. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to clip the tailoring and enchanting professions from the Trade Goods window that I didn't have (and assume it was set up that way due to author's settings)

My real challenge is getting my bars all in one spot and sorting them out for ease of use. Damn Shaman and all the totems that go with it...

Oh, do have a question. How do you resize the XArt window? It's a bit high vertically on my resolution and could use a redux slightly.

PTR notes: Not-so-Clearcasting for Shamans {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 12:37PM That's just it though.. it's all well and good for you elite level 70 bleeding edge gear people - but what about the rest?

If they just dialed it back to an overall chance based proc we wouldn't be in this cluster.

Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 12:19PM "Maybe shamans should do a little less QQ'ing, at least they have 3 viable trees"

They do - NOW. Remove the downranking Windfury (next patch) and bork clearcasting (next patch) - we'll see how "balanced" it will be. I also know some 70 shamans that are getting as much run as enhancement as they can before the patch hits who are fully intent on respeccing once the hammer hits.

I'm also a bit dubious over the sample size. Sure it's 6,000 but how much in each class? That also might help to know in that matrix.