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Armory data: Popular and unpopular specs {WoW}

May 3rd 2007 5:55PM Two things - One, the Dark Pact thing must be screwed up, no why would you ever not take Dark Pact if you are moving to Unstable Affliction, unless you didn't get the memo that they buffed it when the new talent trees came out in Nov/Dec last year. It used to completely suck until they allowed it to benefit from your plus damage, then it became the cornerstone for the "infinite mana" spec.

Second, I think I can explain the Fury Warriors being low. If you PvP seriously, Mortal Strike is a great build. The burst damage coupled with the healing debuff that MS applies is too valuable. Plus you are immune to disarm, can get your crit % jacked up, etc.

Additionally, you can easily OT raids as an MS/Prot Hybrid and still do BGs/Arenas. I don't think Fury/Prot works as well in PvP. I would imagine you'd find many more Fury Warriors below level 70.