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Totem Talk: A week with patch 3.0.8 {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2009 1:15PM Tips for a raiding shaman post 3.0.8

1. Shamanism doesn't affect Chain Lightning, therefore single-target DPS no longer includes CL in the rotation (not as high a damage coefficient as LBs).
2. Required Glyphs:
--Major 1 - Glyph of Lava
--Major 2 - Glyph of Flame Shock
--Major 3 - Glyph of Lightning Bolt
--Minor 1 - Glyph of Thunderstorm
--Minor 2 - Glyph of Water Shield
--Minor 3 - (doesn't matter... maybe Glyph of Water Walking)
3. Single-target casting rotation:
Flame Shock, Lava, LB, LB, LB, LB, Lava, LB, LB, LB, LB - rinse/repeat
4. AOE casting rotation (mobs of 4 or more):
--Magma Totem
--Chain lightning
--Flame Shock
--Lava Burst
--Chain Lightning
--Tab target to different enemy
--Flame shock
--Chain Lightning
--Lava Burst
--Refresh Magma Totem
Basically ensure you have FS on multiple targets (lasts 18 seconds, can have it on 3 mobs at a time) while also ensuring that you are popping out Lava on FS'd targets whenever the Lava CD is up... popping CLs whenever possible... maintaining Magma Totem... augmenting all of this with the ocassional LB. Your AOE DPS will be near the top of the charts. Thunderstorm is only a good opener for AOE trash if you're tank is extremely good at generating a bunch of aggro right off the start... you may need to wait on using Thunderstorm if your Tank can't pop out a bunch of threat in the first few seconds.

Totem Talk: 3.0.8, The Rise of Shamanism {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 4:17PM As a raiding Elemental Shaman in a guild that has nearly cleared all current 25 man content (DAMN YOU MALYGOS!!) I have to say I have certainly seen the detriment of our class/spec previously having no scaling from talents. Our first venture into Naxx 10man saw me at the top of the charts on every boss (falling to 3rd on trash as I had no really decent AOE). A few weeks later, with it on farm mode, I was struggling to stay in the top three. Stepping into Naxx 25 I was lucky to be in the top 5 and lately, even though I've been getting nice gear along with the rest of my guild (2 pieces of tier 7.5 and almost fully epic - except for that elusive helm) I am rarely in the top 5 on boss fights (usually between 7th and 9th) and I somtimes don't show up in the top 12 on trash. We really did need some PvE lovin' and these changes look very promising!

Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 4:45PM He's "completely uninterested" in something that he's never even tried. My point is that this is an ignorant statement. Some of you may disagree, some of you have brought up valid points, but I still have trouble digesting the importance of an article dedicated to talking about how "meh" PvP is, from the perspective of someone who doesn't (and won't) participate in it. Seems like a bankrupt exercise, to me.

@John - "Waaah he took my ball"? Really? You have to lower yourself to this in order to feel like you've won some sort of internet argument? The attempt to equate me to a child is really impressive... really shows your own maturity. You don't feel like debating me on the points, or arguing your own perspective, instead you have to attempt to reduce my arguments to those of an infant in order to... what... feel better about yourself? You lead a sad, small life, my friend. Go get help.

Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:29PM Yeah, it kinda does invalidate your point, considering the new talents, two new arenas, new classes to compete against, new spells, new gear. It makes perfect sense, to me, to say "I'm just not interested in PvP." That's fine, but to say that Blizzard has made you uninterested, after having made no attempt to try anything Blizzard has added/changed... then that just makes your comments relatively obtuse.

There's no point arguing this further. You won't change your opinion, I won't change mine. I disagree with blaming a developer for causing you to lose interest in something that you, yourself, refuse to even try. It's ignorant.

Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:16PM He called out Blizzard with a humorous jibe about their 'campaign to make him uninterested in PvP' and that's what I took exception to. The fact that he feels as though Blizz hasn't done enough to make PvP interesting, yet in the same article he admits to having tried none of the 80 PvP content... which is just plain bizarre.

Do you care about PvP anymore? {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 1:07PM Completely uninterested, Blizz is at fault somehow (their "program" to make him uninterested) and yet he's never tried Wintergrasp or SotA. AWESOME reporting there.

Wintergrasp is probably the best thing Blizz has ever done for world PvP and SotA is one of the better BGs (guaranteed 10mins BG each time, clear objectives, vehicles, tons of fun!).

Claiming to not like it is one thing... I can understand that. But to never even try it? Doesn't this guy get paid to have knowledge about the game?

Hell... HIRE ME. I actually try things in WoW before forming opinions about them, which makes me more qualified to write these articles!

Poaching for skins {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 6:35PM FAIL, MIKE... FAIL!

You don't hover over someone killing a mob so you can poach the skin. SO uncool!

Help them kill the mob. If they get mad at you, you explain; "Sorry, wanted the skin, thought I'd help, I won't interfere again." 90% of the time they thank you directly or via emote (opposing faction).

Not only do you thus provide a civic service but you're also getting access to your skins even faster!

The worst is seeing a druid run up behind me as I'm killing a mob, to wait and see if I'm going to skin, while he just watches me fight without joining in or healing me or doing anything other than hovering.

Arena season 4 over, season 5 to begin December 17th {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 3:36PM I've re-read the article a few times and I think, if I understand correctly, what this article is trying to say is;

Arena S4 was actually ongoing for awhile after XPac but ONLY assuming you remained at level70. If you dinged 71 your teams were wiped (but not your points). No charters were available to you but you COULD enter skirmishes in two brackets (71-75 & 76-80). Oh by the way; the start date for Arena S5 is December 17th.

Assuming I understand correctly, what I've written above is a much more succinct and - frankly (sorry Adam) - understandable way of conveying this story... which doesn't really seem like a story. We've known for a while now that the new Arena season would be December 17th... so was this a "slow news day" sort of thing or what?

Arena season 4 over, season 5 to begin December 17th {WoW}

Dec 4th 2008 3:24PM All my arena teams were deleted at some point between installing the expansion and hitting level 80 (I didn't delete them, they were wiped by the game) - no charters are available now to set up a new team - Arena is strictly "skirmishes" right now, nothing more... so how is season 4 "just ending"? How would anyone still get rewards as of maintenance next week? Is that only for lvl 70 players or something?

This article makes no sense.

Mystery continent spotted {WoW}

Nov 7th 2008 6:30PM South is really the only way to go (for new landmasses) in a future expansion. If we assume that Northrend is almost polar at it's northermost point (which conditions seem to support) and the southern tips of both Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms are equatorial (jungles - STV/Ungoro - and desert - Tanaris)... then that leaves plenty of room (arguably the same amount of global area as is currently being used) for expansion possibilities.

If they go with Emerald Dream, or another world entirely (Argus or somesuch) or explore some world-changing event (land-mass springing out of the Maelstrom or something) then none of this theorizing really matters.