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Why does everyone want to DPS? {WoW}

May 7th 2007 5:35AM Just wanna clear something up here.
There is a huge difference in being a tank and in being a healer.
Warriors who tank in raids,they have a very important role,not to mention the warrior who is the MT.In most of the guilds i know,most main tanks are getting warrior tier armor first.Atleast 1-2 first parts that drop,just to make it easyer to tank (and so making it easyer to defeat bosses,thus making it easyer to get more tier armor).Yes,i understand it's very similar with healers too,but the main difference is in what we get by that Raid gear.Warriors,even with their tanking sets,they still have a option to go pvp-ing and to grind without any serious problems.Yes they are Prot specced,but hey,u still do dmg,dont you?Try to look on a healers perspective:U do one of the most important jobs in raid,u are the one who needs to be fully concentrated at all time,and in 50% of wipes,your the one who gets flamed -.- And in the end,u get your Tier 4,but for your healing specc,and thus making it impossible to have fun pvping or to go out and grind a bit.Basically,u are stuck with w8ing for another raid.
In the end,from my experience,guilds find Tanks 10 times faster then they find healers,thats why i focused on their difference here.