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Ask WoW Insider: Great ding stories? {WoW}

Aug 17th 2007 4:50PM Back in the day, when Ony was the big deal, my sister planned out a great level 60 (then the cap) ding. Her name is Ferral on Elune, and she just loved the Ony lore, and epic nature of the attunement.

Anyway she went so far as to plan out by the XP awarded to time her ding, and did it on the part of the storyline where you march through stormwind with Windsor to confront the Lady Ony herself in Stormwind Keep. Back then it was pretty epic whenever anyone did it, and many of our guildies, and other onlookers gathered for the event.

Very cool moment, and a classy way to ding.

Breakfast Topic: How big is your guild? {WoW}

May 7th 2007 9:14AM Sylythn (#8) came by.... one of my members :) /wave

I'm the GM of Midnight Cartel. One of my founding members on the alliance side formed our sister guild Midnight Coven, and never looked back. Thing is, Mourngore (Syl's GM) and I look at the two guilds as one mega guild! Cartel/Coven share a website and forum, and Vent server. Whenever we have cross- faction needs we're always there for each other. It's also a blast to see Coven members out in the wild, find them on our vent server, and offer some assistance. (Taking down PvE bosses is a blast cross-faction)

Anyway... the Coven is pretty huge in terms of Elune horde guilds, and proportionally its the same really if you think about it. Together we have a major affect on the server social structure. Cartel is the largest Alliance guild on server, and we have a great rep. It seems as if every one knows us, and when ever our members 'pug' out (not that they need to much in a large guild) that the new friends all feel better knowing they are grouped with MC members.

Same seems to go for the Coven. All in all, it doesn't matter how large you are, but really how effective you are for your members. Guild rep has a lot to do with that as well, being able to have trusted trading and crafting partners, as well as easily formed alliances to fill up raids when needed.

The size for me, is a layer of comfort. Always being able to find people to play with, knowing you always have people to turn to for help, and further developing real ties in the grander social network of a server. Being large AND reputable makes this game that much easier and more fulfilling.