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A night on the town, Karazhan style {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 1:32PM Worst article I've seen in a while.

Legendary ranged weapon confirmed {WoW}

Feb 6th 2008 9:38AM "bows would benefit night elves (due to their racial bonuses)"

Bows would benefit -TROLLS-

Never confuse a night elf with a troll, thats an insult :)

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 3:10AM Horde please! :)

Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 1:10PM You know, I like having an enhancement shaman in a raid in my group specifically. I am a dps warrior, and its just great synergy. People will always frown opon melee dps, ESPECIALLY if you aren't a rogue. Thats how the game has always been and bottom line is, if you want to be a DPS warrior or a Melee DPS shaman, its a neverending struggle which you cannot relent or respec if you wish to triumph.