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The trinkets of Magisters' Terrace {WoW}

Apr 7th 2008 4:58AM Just to clear this up for people
the Shard has a 45 second internal CD (same as hourglass and tsunami)
and the same proc chance as them (10%) but its on hit, not crit
the proc alone makes it pretty much equal to hourglass and the expertise just pushes it to 2nd in game
I personaly don't like the vial though, its nice on silence fights as was said but it builds up too quickly on most classes to be worth it

Totem Talk: What's wrong with Shamans? {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2007 11:34PM I personaly play an enhancement shaman in kara/gruul/maggy guild and heroic alot and atm there are reasons to take a shammy but they could really use a boost, i mean i can see why allys might not take a shammy with fear ward and such but atm specialy on melee dependant bosses like Aran and in some ways Illhoof I find myself beating most of the other classes by quite a way, alough missing the windfury nerf
personaly the only PVE problem I see with shamans is there terrible aggro problems, too the point where i basicly wont instance without a pally or a maggy tank
alough also see bliz being lazy in alot of places, many complaints and nothing done. atm all id like is possibly change the resto talent to -ALL threat and maybe give enhancement a USEFUL off hand buff like a nerfed version of old rockbiter (+AP) or just give something to buff main hand windfury proc rate, dont say use windfury, since 'to max out windfury damage you want your main hand to get all the hits' also i use the fel edged battle axe (2.2 speed) goes down to below the 1.5 threashold for windfury damage with bloodlust so thats a no no
also notice the pvp problems, gief charge, solves everything :P warrior with mana ftw possibly make tremor half the time of all control removing effects and give it, a % of your hp? say like 7%? giving around 500-1k hp depending on gear

Hybrid Theory: Getting into raids as an off-spec {WoW}

May 31st 2007 8:39AM Personaly, from my expirience in my guild, offspecs can be invaluable
We currently have a Shadow Priest, Enhancement Shaman, Boomkin, Fury Warrior and Elemental Shaman, all have shown there worth in DPS.

Tseric on Enhancement {WoW}

May 9th 2007 1:51PM I myself play a enh shammy in a raiding guild
im currently doing 2nd best dps behind the rogue, beating the arena geared warrior and just about beating the elemental shaman ( alough me being there buffs his DPS by about 15% )
i enjoy it and it seems a very raid viable spec aslong as you can have a pally in most raids, agro is a pretty bad problem but its not hard to watch threat