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Totem Talk: The Wrath of the Shaman part 3 - Restoration and Synergy {WoW}

Jul 24th 2008 8:40PM I feel really good about all the changes in the resto tree. Although i will admit that the removal of nature's guidance will negatively effect the ele and enhance trees. i dont see this change effecting me too much bc ive been resto from day 1 and plan to stay that way. Im also happy about finally getting some more utility for our other healing spells with the talents ancestral awakening and tidal waves. I love main healing 5mans but tend to kind of dislike raiding bc all raids want you to do as a resto shammy is shut up and spam chain heal, which isnt that enjoyable to me. as for the improved water shield i could take it or leave it. personally, I just like getting 50mp5 :P. I love the idea of the improved ES. I was kinda bummed when they changed it from 10 to 6 charges some patches ago. 2 more charges sounds like a grand idea to me. can i just say a huge WOOOO HOOOOO for cleanse spirit and earthliving weapon!? I dont know how many times ive silently wished for a way to cleanse curses, i am super stoked that it will finally be possible. It really didnt make any sense to me that i could cleanse poisons and diseases but not curses, so a big thumbs up for hat. And earthliving weapon?, whats not to like about this, srsly. I was kind of bummed about the change to the wrath of air totem, that it gives haste rating instead of +healing, but with earthliving weapon you will gain back the +102 healing that was lost, so thats pretty sick. Also, im stoked on the fact that resto shammy finally get a weapon embue that is actually useful to us, what a concept! As for the new 51 pt talent in spirit link, i have the same feelings as Mr. Rossi in that until we see it in action, i cant really tell how powerful/useful it will be. It has the potential to be completely freakin 1337 or pretty much useless. Only time will tell i suppose. Overall, i think change is good and the resto tree got some sweet upgrades and much needed love.

Kaplan announces Outlands leveling to be shortened {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2008 7:19PM I dont buy this argument that only players that "spend 12hrs a day in their basement playing wow" can reach the lvl cap. I goto college full time and work part time and still found the time to lvl 2 toons to 70. You dont need to play for 24hrs a day if you want to hit 70. I agree that blizzard just continues to make everything in this game far to easy to achieve. From welfare epics to mounts at lvl 30. Its not like it was that hard to begin with. I remember when dinging 70 (or 60 for that matter) was quite an achievement. I will miss those days /tear.

Wowhead shows Hunters some love {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 2:49PM ooo ok, well that is certainly good news..i knew all that stuff looked terribly familiar xD

Wowhead shows Hunters some love {WoW}

Jul 12th 2008 2:36PM I am the only one that is not really impressed by these proposed pet talent tree's? It seems to be the exact same as the point system that we already have except that some pet families have 1 extra ability that they can learn at the bottom of each tree. The new abilities are cool, i guess, but i was definitely expecting something more. I dont know, maybe its just me.

Dive right into recruiting with WoW Lemmings {WoW}

Jul 4th 2008 4:55PM as people have said before..this sight is completely useless if you can search by specific realm. This is exactly the problem i have with the LFG forms

Breakfast Topic: Favorite Boss quotes {WoW}

May 23rd 2008 7:13PM I think my favorite has to be from the last boss in Blood Furnace
"Who dares interrupt--What is this, what have you done? You'll ruin everything!"- i freakin love this guys voice, it is awesome!

I also really like Vazruden from ramps: "You have faced many challenges, pity they were all in vain!. Soon your people will kneel to my lord!"...again the voice acting is superb..blizzard really does a good job with it.

and of corse, everyone's favorite : "Time for FUN!"

Breakfast Topic: AV Fixed? {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 7:18PM in my shadowburn battlegroup we (horde) won 90% of the AV's before patch 2.4 dropped. now, since our starting area was moved, we win about 60%-70% of the time. All the changes favor the alliance bc they QQ'd and got their way. The big difference between horde and alliance is that when we loose a bg, most of us dont go crying to blizzard for an answer. The fact that horde continue to win most Av's even with these changes is testament to the fact that horde are just better at teamwork and pvp in my battlegroup. Im not gonna complain about the new changes bc regardless, the horde is probably still gonna win. It just sucks that blizzard changed things instead of forcing the alliance to L2play.

WoW, Casually: Welfare epics {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 5:36PM @ Oblivion

Although i have never had to experience people in my raid grps that didnt pull thier weight, i can definitely see how those people getting epics could correlate to someone not pulling their weight in bg's/arenas and also getting epics.

I agree with your idea that all arena gear should have some kind of rating requirement. This would definitely help eliminate some of the hard feelings that some raiders have on the subject. But like you, i dont know how this change would be for those teams that are stuck in low rating brackets bc of greater competion and not lack of skill.

WoW, Casually: Welfare epics {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 4:01PM @ Jim

Aye, it is true that i do enjoy downing a boss with 25 of my friends with the possibility of gaining a new piece of sweet epic gear. And it is also true that for me raiding is more about the grp atmosphere than about the gear. I dont so much feel that my achievement is tarnished by the rogue mentioned in my previous post, but i do feel that my months and months of effort do not equate to possibly sitting around in bg's doing nothing. And im not assuming that all people that do bg's for the gear arent doing their part to win the match. Winning matches and doing your part just makes earning pve epics that much faster.

As for your comment about badges. I'd really like to know which badges you are referring to? If you are talking about badges of justice, which i am quite sure you are, then you are very mistaken to think that i am earning any of those in the 25man raids that i attend. Now i might bc mag and gruul drop them after the recent patch(2.4), but i hardly ever raid those dungeons anymore, its all about SSC for my guild now and there are no badge drops there. Just for clarification.

It is true that for tanks and healers, pve gear is no where near as viable. As a healer, i know this fact well. But what about the dps classes? Sure you loose some hit rating and maybe small amounts of other stats, but you cannot tell me that more stamina and resilience is useless to clothies or rogues in pve. and the weapons? even season 2 weapons, those you can attain without a high arena rating, are very much on par with weapons dropped in SSC or The Eye.

WoW, Casually: Welfare epics {WoW}

Mar 27th 2008 3:32PM @ Oblivion I strongly disagree with your assertion that it takes just as long to attain a set of pvp epics as it does to attain a set of pve epics. Sure, for the season 3 set, you have to have a certain rating, but what about the rest?? I know people who loose most of their arena matches but still attained a full set of season 2 in about a month. And perhaps in kara, gruul or mag you can take people along that dont know what they are doing..but try bringing even 1 person that doesnt know what they are doing to a Vasj or Kael fight and i guarantee it will be more difficult than it is worth. To me, your argument is very articulate and well stated, but i have to say i disagree.