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Why are people leaving WoW? {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 4:10PM While I still actively play and raid, the expansion has been a huge letdown to a lot of people.

For example:

- The raiding environment has been absolutely horrible; no fun, no reasonable reward, lots of mindless stuff (trash)

- The PvP environment has failed to live up to promises; although arena is fun, it seems like either you're in the top 0.5% or whatever, or you get the same gear as every other scrub who does it, there is no real way to separate yourself plus the same old class imbalance

- The solo/casual environment is nothing more than reputation grinds for mediocre rewards, and even with the recent patch, all we got was more... reputation grinds. There aren't many/any long, challenging, expansive quests in the game beyond maybe Cipher of Damnation and a couple others. I would love to have seen something akin to a combination of the Ahn'Qiraj gate quest and the hunter/priest MC quests, where you have to complete a long and challenging line that actually requires some very solid solo play.

- The crafting systems are more or less broken. Professions like enchanting/JC on many servers can't make any money since people just give the expensive stuff away to skill up, blacksmith plans now require 25-man content for the best stuff, leatherworking is completely useless, and tailoring became a "you need to have it if you're XX class" thing. And I won't even mention engineering... haha

In the past you could have both "hardcore" and "casual" raid guilds, you could have hardcore, organized PvP groups and more casual solo PvP, and there were a lot more long and interesting quest chains and dungeons throughout the game (IMO).

Now, raiding beyond Karazhan is almost exclusively for the hardcore guilds and even they don't get much of a reward out of it, the focus of PvP is on smaller 3-5 person teams, leaving many casual players constantly in search of a team willing to take them, and everything else -- including all the 5-man instances in Outland -- has been reduced to reputation grinding.

The game can still be and often is fun, but I think quite a few people who came back for TBC expecting something different saw a lot more of the same and a much less friendly environment for the casual player, and split.

New Arena items every season {WoW}

May 10th 2007 5:53PM It's interesting that everybody is mentioning raiding in response to this PvP-specific news item.

The problem isn't that the arena awards are too easy to get relative to raiding rewards. The problem IS that there is no minimum skill requirement to get the arena awards.

The best arena players out there will get their items a few weeks earlier than the mediocre players, who will in turn get them a few weeks earlier from the really bad players.

But guess what? You can be incredibly horrible, and at the end of the arena season you're running around in the same stuff as the top players on the top teams.

People push hard in the endgame because they want to conquer content that average players and average guilds can not. They want some gear differential, something that rewards them for being that much better (or more patient, or whatever you want to call it, let's save the "PvE IS EZ MODE!!!1!" comments for elsewhere).

The current arena system awards the top 0.5% of teams (an astronomically small number, relatively speaking) with a mount, and the other 99.5% of players with nothing out of the ordinary. So unless you are lucky enough or good enough to be in that 0.5%, what do you get for your efforts that a scrub team with a 1200 ranking won't also get?