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Alts and alts and alts, oh my! {WoW}

May 10th 2007 7:02PM I have many, many alts....It all started very innocently. And I think my true downfall was professions - which is my all time favorite part of WOW. My first toon was a Pally with mining/blacksmithing. Eventually she needed leather, so I made a hunter with skinning/leather working. Then along came the choice of armorsmith or weaponsmith. I could not pick and decided I needed another blacksmith. My rogue was born. By this time, I had become enamored with the versatility of playing different classes and learning different ways to accomplish the same tasks with new skills. I decided to try a caster and along came my warlock. After that it was all downhill.... I now have on the alliance side:

Mage level 70
Warlock level 65
Rogue level 63
Hunter level 61
Paladin level 61
Druid level 59
Warrior level 43
Priest level 38

Around about the time my warlock hit level 55, I fell in love with PVP - but I hated the alliance wait times to enter the battlegrounds. So, I have started two Horde alts:

Priest level 40
Warlock level 24

and am lovin' every minute of it!