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Trust me, everything is under control {WoW}

Aug 20th 2007 3:27PM If you see anyone willingly taking on multiple mobs at the same time, the best way to help is to leave them alone. All you're doing by pulling an untagged mob off then is ruining their efficency.

On the other hand if you WANT to ruin their efficiency (ie, an asshole mage just pulled everything you're trying to kill) feel free to pull a few off them. Just because you can kill 15 at a time, doesn't mean it's nice to do so. I have just as much right to those mobs as you do. And this is comeing from a Mage so I have the AoE goodness. I usually choose not to use it out of respect for my fellow grinders.

Enter to win a Spectral Tiger Mount from WoW Insider! {WoW}

Jul 27th 2007 6:39PM I win. You loose. Go me.

A spec guide for classes that aren't yours {WoW}

Jul 25th 2007 3:27PM The mage one is bad.

"Arcane mages have the best mana usage rate out of all three trees." True... if they're speced hybrid and mostly use scorch. Arcane's main nuke, arcane missiles, is less efficient than frostbolt or fireball. Arcane's main efficiency talent, Arcane Concentration, requires only ten points in arcane to max out.

"Fire mages like to pull aggro in raids" So far in Kara and Gruul's lair, the only fight that is even close to aggro sensitive is Prince phase 1, and that's only because you can make the tank a valid target for enfeeble well before you pull aggro. A good mage paired with a good tank won't pull aggro, regardless of spec.

"the threat problems that Fire mages suffer from are easily handled by Iceblock."

NO. Ice block does NOT wipe threat, it simply makes you immune to damage for it's duration. Ice block is useful for situations where you need to clear a debuff or avoid AOE damage, but should not be relied upon if you pull aggro. Ranged attackers won't pull aggro until they reach 130% of the tanks threat. Suppose you have the tank at 100K aggro, responsible ranged DPSer at 110K (reasonable numbers a minuit or two into a boss fight). Noob iceblocker pulls aggro at 130K, and uses ice block. The boss now goes after the target with the highest threat: responsible ranged DPSer. Responsible DPSer dies. And since there's no way in hell the tank can make up 30K threat before ice block runs out, ice blocker usually dies anyway.

This poster does not know what he's talking about.

Getting water from a mage {WoW}

Jul 17th 2007 4:13PM In a group, each caster gets water without asking. Anyone who asks gets food. If you're not in a group with me, whether or not you get water depends on how nice you are, how good of a mood I'm in, and how much you offter to pay. Contrary to the belief of many non mages, water is NOT free. It takes time to conjure the water, and then more time to drink to replenish the mana cost. If I'm busy, I'm not spending the time to make you water. Even if I'm just standing arround, I charge 1G/stack. If you don't like it, you can find a vendor and pay twice as much.

Some people do not get any water, or even deserve a responce: Anyone who opens trade without asking first; Anyone who demands free water; Anyone who whipspers me with something stupid like "20 stks plz kthkxbai."

Is spell immunity fair? {WoW}

Jul 10th 2007 12:20PM What we have in TBC isn't nearly as bad as MC, where it's "spec frost or GTFO." An occasional immune boss isn't bad for mages, although putting a fire immune and frost immune in the same teir instances is a little dumb.

It would be very nice if instead of immunity, we could get very high resists. Right now, penetration is worthless. I never see partial resists, I only see "immune." We have talents that give us penetration. We have gear in the game which gives penetration. Locks have curses that give penetration. Why is it all useless?

I do feel bad for mutilate rogues on poision immunes, or elemental shaman. For rogues, just being melee is a big enough disadvantages; adding an immunity to a major DPS ability that they have to spec for is a slap in the face. Elemental shaman has only one school of magic. At least mages can respec and use the same gear and be ok. A shaman needs a whole different set of gear to be effective. Sure, he COULD respec enhance or resto, but if he's raiding elemental, his enhance or resto gear is likely a teir or more behind.

Mage's evocation: working as intended? {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 1:57PM As already said, weapon swap with "of spirit" staff/wand FTW. I get back about 5K mana from evocation.

Mages get a lot from spirit. A talent and mage armor both give regen while casting. Several ways arround the five second rule (clearcasting, pyro gives a tick of regen because of long cast time as well as being very efficient). Evocation. For long fights there's good reason to swap out a few pieces of gear that have extra spirit. An oom mage deals no damage.

Known 2.1 issues (and a few more besides) {WoW}

May 29th 2007 12:13PM Many times in no specific area, I've killed mobs who leave no loot sparkles, but are still lootable.

I've also seen the problem with mobs flashing colors. For me, this even happens close up. Up close, it looks like the skin is flashing on and off and you can see the polygon frame under.

BigRedKitty Patch Day Special: Top ten suprises in the new patch {WoW}

May 22nd 2007 7:58PM My biggest surprise is the opposite of #1. Darkspear was back up exactly when it was supposed to be up. 11:00AM, I try to log in and get right on.

Reflections on Tseric {WoW}

May 18th 2007 2:38AM GG Tseric.

People in his position are treated horribly by both the customers and the company they work for. I've done the customer service thing for multiple different companies and it's always true.

Customers are bad. Not all, some are very nice. The average customer doesn't seem to care either way. The bad customer is something you can't even imagine unless you've done the job yourself. In general, customers are clueless and selfish. They want everything for themselves and don't want to do what it will take to get it. Often times what they want is not even possible yet they demand it anyway.

Of course, "the customer is always right." The company only says that because they want the customer's money and customers who get treated like they're always right give their money away much more freely. For this reason, when a customer service rep says anything to offend the customer, even if the rep was in the right, they get treated like garbage by the company.

From reading Tseric's last thread, I'm willing to bet he was fired for it or was planning on quitting and wanted to stick it to the man on his way out. Anyone saying he got what he deserves cares more about their job than their soul. Don't sell your soul for a paycheck.

From all of us who put up with the customer for a living, cheers, Tseric. You said what you felt. You said what all of us want to say but don't have the guts. GG, Tseric, GG.

Tons of runs, for not a lotta loots... {WoW}

May 11th 2007 1:03PM For those asking for some sort of loot matching system: do you really trust blizard not to mess it up? Would such a system drop healing cloth if there is a paladin healer and no priest? Some paladins might want healin cloth, especially in a five man while still gearing up. Others won't wear it. Would the system detect that the shaman is elemental and not drop any enhancement gear? Controling the loot that drops could easily be more trouble than it's worth. Also keep in mind that just because YOU don't want it doesn't mean someone doesn't want it. Even the dungeon sets can be worn by anyone. I've seen mages wear lock gear, paladins wear priest gear and shamans wearing rogue gear.

I wouldn't mind seeing more rep rewards or token turn ins, but I am against loot matching.