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Massively interviews Alganon's Derek Smart {Massively}

Mar 23rd 2010 5:54PM In this age of internet pseudo-anonymity, it's difficult to read a great deal into submitted comments without questioning the motives of their source. How many of those expressing displeasure and/ore personal ire towards Derek are actual victims of his wrath? Were they deserving? Is Derek really a nice guy in real life and generally a straight-shooter that comes across badly when the medium is text-only (as some have stated elsewhere)? Has he polarized those exposed to him (recently or in the distant past) to a degree that the only choices are love or hate and no middle ground is achievable?

While the entertainment factor of both interview and comments is gratifying, however perverse its roots may be, it's hard to dig down into the raw truth of it all without omniscience or participation in a jury of peers during the lawsuits that will spawn at some point from it all.

Personally, I've followed Derek's progress since the earliest days (because I was really excited about the Battlecruiser games way back when), and he's always elicited this kind of response. I can't help but compare him to Jack Tramiel, Commodore's CEO back in the day. He was heavy-handed, didn't pull punches, made sweeping decisions, and pulled off some amazing things... but he had quite the plethora of enemies. Steve Jobs is similar in some ways as well, most likely because he was also from that era and picked up on a lot of Jack's good and bad habits. I liken such men to being the ultimate catalyst, and they can be a boon or curse according to the situation, but they're always handy to have around when people get too complacent or are ready to settle for minimal effort. It's obvious to me that the investors for this project saw Derek as the Heavy Hand that needed to be brought in to help salvage things, and that's one of the things that Derek does well.

I say the world needs more of 'em. Just try to have a community manager proofread their public responses in advance and maybe reign them in once in a while. ;)

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: But hitting buttons is fun! {WoW}

Mar 19th 2010 6:16PM I actually have mixed emotions about abilities that are off the GCD and/or can be queued. Being the kind of player that hates to be limited to a 1.5 second cycle for his abilities (and has often considered playing a rogue alt for that reason), I find myself thankful for options like Shield Block, Shield Bash, HS, Cleave, Spell Reflect and Bloodrage because they afford me the opportunity to hit/queue something in between my normal GCD-triggering abilities. Granted, HS is a poor example for tanking because it's macro'd into my Devastate/Revenge actions, but it still applies in the case of Arms and Fury.

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: I cannot see the future Page 2 {WoW}

Mar 12th 2010 6:01PM I too am very uneasy about what's in store. I'll give them kudos for the initial WotLK prot revamp, at least. But some of these recent changes don't sit well at all. Don't get me wrong - I like some of the ideas tossed around. It would make sense to have an Arms tank build focused on a 2H weapon and heavy parry skills... you could throw in a riposte mechanic with solid threat to all incoming damage for a viable warrior AoE threat tanking model. Less direct reliance on rage for attacks wouldn't be bad overall. I just don't have as much trust as I normally do.

Patch 3.3.3 PTR: Revenge of the Warrior, now Improved {WoW}

Mar 5th 2010 12:45AM Call me greedy but I'd ask for a bit more of anAoE enhancement than that.. either a removal of the limitation on cleave targets or 3 or 4 additional targets struck by revenge instead of just one. Unlimited conal cleaves and six additional targets for revenge would be even better... but then I really WOULD be greedy. ;D

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Threatening {WoW}

Feb 19th 2010 3:46PM The dichotomy of warrior existence has always been interesting, with threat being one of those pivotal mechanics that both seasons and sours our enjoyment as a class. When we wear the wrong gear to a fight (especially in situations where we overgear an instance and are actually penalized for it), fun is fleeting and dwarfed by long periods of frustration. When we are wearing just the right mix gear and know what we're doing, the sense of control over a fight's outcome and the level of contribution we can then provide become so tangible, you can equip them in your shirt slot. As legendary items. +2000 gearscore, too. Scout's honor.

I've reached the point now where my average iLevel almost guarantees, every time I step into /lfd, that I will out-dps everyone else in attendance... as the tank. This is actually quite fun for everyone involved, but also is a good illustration of those times when the DPS can let loose and never even once have to worry about threat. Conversely, in ICC-25, I can definitely feel it when I'm not quite doing enough threat and the 11k-DPS ret pally is waiting on me. I hate that feeling with a passion. And that's just on single target threat. Don't get me started on mage/shadow priest/lock/ret/ele shaman threat versus mine on aoe trash fights. I can never... NEVER have too much threat.

Breakfast Topic: Fun with jerks {WoW}

Jan 30th 2010 10:59AM Totally justified. My situation on the uncommon occasion that I queue as DPS instead of my usual tank role ends up being a bit different, as I somehow ALWAYS end up switching to tank before a third of the dungeon is done. I think I've only successfully PUG'd a dungeon as DPS once since /lfd was put in.

On two of the most recent occasions, I didn't even have to say anything or step in. The tank would nerd rage and leave before I even had a chance/inclination to to take action. Which would have left us waiting around for who-knows-how-long for a tank from the queue, essentially forcing me to go tank whether I wanted or not.

I usually don't let them 'get out of it' though, so to speak. If they queued for tanking, I'm gonna make sure they get the flak for not being prepared. Either they're gonna sweat bullets and wing it, nerd rage and leave, or ask for genuine advice and be willing to receive constructive feedback. Hopefully, if it happens often enough, they'll get the hint and stop pulling that stunt unless they are genuinely capable of tanking 5-mans with a decent healer. If the tactic is not working well for them and they keep getting the 15 minute lockout with no discernible progress towards completing their daily, they'll probably realize how much time they're wasting and just wait in the DPS queue like they should have from the start.

In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to extending the lockout to an hour. That way, there's even more incentive to make sure you're intending to fill the role you queued for instead of trying to hack the system and take a chance on someone being able to take over your job.

Ghostcrawler on AoE tanking: "The paladin probably too good" {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 4:59PM Just because warriors have more buttons to push does not make a good argument for why you wouldn't want them on a boss instead of adds. In fact, your argument nudges your point in the other direction, because warrior mobility benefits an OT more than an MT in most situations, and Argent Defender significantly increases a paladin's survival against hard-mode bosses over that of a warrior.

The specific fight you're discussing has a lot to do with it, though. ToGC Gormok? Definitely favors Argent Defender. Festergut? Definitely favors the paladin's ability to tank from range over that of a warrior. My guess is that your exposure to tanking in raids is jaded by either your own opinion or the box your raid leader keeps stuffing you into.

Ghostcrawler on AoE tanking: "The paladin probably too good" {WoW}

Jan 25th 2010 4:51PM Argent Defender is the single best reason to have a pally tank in place of your warrior tanks on Gormok in TOGC. "Big hits" are not a good argument for warriors over pallies... at all.

You won't get a pony, but prot will get sustained DPS increase {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 7:12PM Be sure to tell me what game other than WoW you're talking about so I can make sure never to play it by accident.

You won't get a pony, but prot will get sustained DPS increase {WoW}

Jan 24th 2010 2:58PM Keep in mind also that this issue has gotten recent attention specifically because of the Festergut fight. If you run behind Festergut while you're not tanking in order to do extra DPS in Battle or Berserker stance with your 9 stacks up, your options at that point for doing pure damage are more limited. Buffing Revenge won't fix the problem because you won't be dodging/parrying/blocking. Shockwave can be used in any stance and would be useful, though not as specifically useful for Festergut as something like spam-devastate would be to address that particular issue. Let's hope they don't decide on that as the short-term solution for the Fest fight until Cataclysm comes out.

Proposed changes like removing the defensive stance damage penalty are options, and will likely be put into place, but wouldn't fix the problem completely. I'd even advocate adding a substantial damage component to Demoralizing Shout, but that would be counter to the mechanics of our other shouts in that they only provide a buff/debuff. And while that would help with our AoE threat in other situations, it wouldn't put us on par with other tanks because we're already using all of our abilities as GCDs permit and can't keep up on damage, so adding another ability to the rotation wouldn't necessarily be the silver bullet.

I wonder whether Blizzard would consider making our GCD 1.0 instead of 1.5, truly making us the rogue equivalent of tanks. That would make things much more interesting. =D