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Guild Wars 2 and the evolving narrative of a personal story {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 8:44PM Admittedly I haven't read up on much regarding the personal story lines.
Part of me is paranoid of the storylines having a "right" way to do them , and a wrong way (or paths with more enriching story, vs a quick unsatisfying conclusion). I'll have to try and find more info I suppose, or just wait if there is none. :P

I just hope my choices don't have chances of leaving me high and dry on additional story paths/rewards... I'd hate to be forced to complete storytelling in certain ways in order to min / max vs being immersed and picking options that reflect my own personality.

For example: I'd like to have a rich upbringing (think I recall something about that) however, many games give better rewards to those that pick a path of poverty and piety. Sometimes some games can leave you feeling like you just had to fake all the answers to obvious questions on a job application. (ie: You know what they're looking for, so you answer according to what you think they expect, instead of saying what you'd really like to say.)

TL;DR: I hope there's no way to screw up the personal story by being honest. :P

All the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria previews you can shake an empty fist at {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 7:54PM @NothingShocking

Your sentiment for the connections and friends you have made is commendable. It is also something the developers are aware of and manipulate as best they are able to by designing their game around group activities.
Why do you think so many MMO companies claim that they've always been about social connections and community at their core? Because it keeps people playing more than if they were able to leave easily. Force people to lump into groups they feel attached to like a family and call it a guild, then make guilds a big focus of your game... and $$$!
MMO's have a lot of research into social sciences and what keeps barbed hooks in players... Its all part of the plan.

GDC 2012: Watch Funcom's full The Secret World presentation {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 6:19PM Meh I know this gets me branded as a "prude" (which is not the case) but the intro scene would kinda make me have a hard time connecting with my character, because Its something I would never do, personally. Its totally cool for people that like the girl+girl stuff (This is NOT judging people, its pointing out SELF preferences), as a straight chick, I really am not interested in zee ladies, and find it hard to feel a connection to my character getting... (what appears to be) eaten out by one before even starting to play. I wonder how many guy players would have had a problem watching their character going through initiation rituals with a good old fashioned BJ from another dude? Many of you guys would feel disconnected by it and you know it. Hypocritical standards really bug me.

Ok ok... rant at me, you know you want to. Just to reemphasize, I'm totally cool with people who like the same genders. Seriously awesome all round average people thumbs up stuff.
I just don't really connect with my OWN character, if she's not really sharing my rather exclusive interests in dude parts and not lady bits...because its just alienating for me. *shrug*

All the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria previews you can shake an empty fist at {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 5:51PM FFXI gave me a heightened awareness of social courteousness that may seem superficial but really goes a long way in perception of character and competency. I often feel like it should be a requirement for anyone new to MMO's as you must learn to be humble, efficient, and contribute in positive ways, or your chances of grouping with Japanese players drops quickly.

All the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria previews you can shake an empty fist at {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 12:50PM @Mtor:
Yet another bad thing about Wow... it's been around long enough, that all the wee kiddies who "wanted to watch you play" are now old enough to play.
When Wow was in its Vanilla days, it was (seriously) mostly older people (ie the credit card holders) playing. Now its a "family" game. The game is just Swiss cheesed with kids like Mtor running around. They don't even realize how young they sound. It just becomes apparent so fast.

I don't want to play "family" friendly MMO's. I want that gritty adulty WoW Samwise showed us with his concept art in the early days.... Oh wait, not going to happen. But they will be introducing a pokemon pet fighting system. yaaaaaaaay.

All the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria previews you can shake an empty fist at {Massively}

Mar 19th 2012 12:33PM @(Unverified)
Not going back. I'll wait on Secret world and Guild Wars 2. If either/neither of those show enough promise and change in the way MMOS work and are played with others entirely...then I think I'm probably just done with MMO's in general. I'm too burnt out on MMO's with raid treadmills.
I can only assume M.O.P will be like all the other WoW expansions: Same old thing with new names slapped on all the same ol' stuff. Let me guess: Rubies will now be called... Pandarian rubies? Ahh so mindblowing and refreshing! Fantastic!
No. No thanks.

The Daily Grind: Do you expect a roleplaying server to be policed? {Massively}

Mar 18th 2012 8:03PM I know this is completely off topic, but since you brought it up (sort of)...
All I have ever wanted in MMO's is an "adult" server for intelligent conversations.
I don't want to play with kids. Sorry.
I am not expected to sit at the kiddie table around Thanksgiving, why is it different in MMOS? In the real world an adult 30 something hanging out with teens would be very odd and suspect... yet totally the norm in MMOS... WHY?
I drink alchohol, I smoke bad things, I like to talk about things that kids are typically shielded from or not interested in (such as crime, humanitarian work, politics and philosophy ) and actually want to avoid the conversations that kids are obsessed with (Ninjas, Chuck Norris, unicorns, bacon, poo, boogers, etc ) or that Teens are obsessed with (omg BECKY! He totally cheated on joo! Hey check out my junk, brah, its massive! But not as massive as this zombie bacon unicorn ninja filled with glitter poo! Ahmagawd brohooooooooooof.)
Why is it so hard to have a server with some sort of REAL adult verification (where players can report anyone they suspect to be under 18.)

Scott Hartsman: A fully dynamic RIFT 'lacked clarity' {Massively}

Mar 7th 2012 9:43PM @(Unverified)
Yes, it is. I suppose I should have done the obvious and spelled it out, I suppose that was expecting too much of people to assume we ALL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS.. *ahem* However my point was that when people say pug, they don't do it with smiles and rainbows, They view it as a negative.

Funcom stock price could 'double or triple' depending on success of The Secret World {Massively}

Mar 7th 2012 1:15PM @wufiavelli
Its too bad that they need to shove it out the door and start making profits asap. It could probably really benefit from extra polish and brew time.
Sitting on the back burner till the Guild War wave passes, is not a bad strategy, IMO. Give those GW2 players 3 months after release (enough time for the first wave of players to hit cap and burn out or to get annoyed that it somehow didn't live up to whatever they wanted). Add an extra months for recovery time (so those players start craving an MMO again) and then launch.

Scott Hartsman: A fully dynamic RIFT 'lacked clarity' {Massively}

Mar 7th 2012 1:07PM I tend to get downvoted whenever I present this maybe It's time I stop trying...but I'll give it one last go:
I feel that guilds are what destroy a sense of community, because people become cliques ( like High school), ignoring an entire player base and letting their world revolve around their guild-mates. Everyone sitting at their own little groups table, and ignoring all the other people in the room.
We even have names for that disgusting horrible experience of *gasp* interacting with THOSE icky other people outside our guilds... we call them..."PUG".

Really? We have a negative word for grouping with people we don't know? In a social game? ...Why am I always the only one who sees this as a bad thing... Guilds are bad IMO, and I don't say that as some sort of outsider who isn't in a guild, I say that as an 10/11 raider. I am embarrassed by how little I know other players outside of my guild. I KNOW most of the people in my guild do not interact with others and consider them "scrubs" not worth knowing.
HOW did we get to this point, and how do we turn this car around?