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Two New Jersey Apple Stores to open for non-retail activity on Sundays {}

Feb 2nd 2011 2:34PM So instead of repealing a stupid law and building better roads or sorting better traffic patterns we keep this law on the books due to what? Laziness?

Dear Aunt TUAW: Is this a Verizon iPhone? {}

Sep 22nd 2010 2:29PM yeah, I really can't believe that no one got the joke....

Xbox Live subscription prices to rise; $60 for 1 year beginning in Nov. [update] {Joystiq}

Aug 31st 2010 4:28AM and for anyone who says "WELL PSN IS FREE" psn is also a problem ridden system that is down 10x more than XBL, plus everyone on PSN is an idiot who blasts music or screams into their mic all the time.

Xbox Live subscription prices to rise; $60 for 1 year beginning in Nov. [update] {Joystiq}

Aug 31st 2010 4:25AM God i'm loving how many internet crybabies are up in arms over this. $60 a year is $5 a month, If you cannot pay $5 a month then you probably should be doing something other than playing videogames

If you look at it monthly (if you pay a year in advance) its an 84cent increase per month. God people just love to find SOMETHING to whine about

TUAW giveaway: Fusion of Ideas StealthArmor for iPhone 4 {}

Jul 31st 2010 1:43PM Carbon fiber would be great, matches my car!

If I couldn't use an iPhone... {}

Jun 24th 2010 4:35AM HTC Evo for sure if I couldn't use my iphone, I used a HTC hero while I was with sprint for a short time (problems with AT&T, long story) and I loved the android marketplace/OS

If not the HTC, I'd use a blackberry.

I cannot simply "Give me iphone or give me nothing!" because I do have business that needs to be taken care of, having a smartphone has helped out so much.

AppleCare without Apple stores... still worth it {}

Apr 19th 2010 3:23AM I never thought i'd need applecare but I'm so glad I did.

About a week before my finals my macbook mysterously stopped booting into Mac OS X, it boots into windows perfectly fine on bootcamp. The hard drive is going and quickly, now I have to reboot 3 times before it will boot into windows.

It's a dying harddrive, It finds disk errors but cannot repair them. I can't even re-install OSX

Thank goodness I have it because it's a free repair now

Sprint features iPhone in 4G ad {}

Mar 21st 2010 12:03AM Considering 4g is only in 15 cities, I'm pretty sure i'll stick with my 3G thanks

Boxee boxes available in 2010 {}

Nov 12th 2009 9:56PM hi my name is boxxyyyyy

Oh wait....