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The Light and How to Swing It: Holy 101, page 3 {WoW}

Jan 31st 2010 8:30PM Can you guys explain why Tuskarr's Vitality would be useful for a Holy Pally?

The way I see it is that you won't be running very often and you really don't need to stack stamina. Its benefits seem to be outweighed by those provided by Icewalker which include crit (which I find useful) and hit. Hit isn't entirely useless because you need a little bit for Judgments of the Pure. You need to be casting Judgments occasionally because of that talent and for the sheer purpose of gaining the judgment effect.

Icewalker seems best in all cases.

Blizzard shines the spotlight on account security {WoW}

Jan 30th 2010 10:35PM @Finnicks:

Just my two cents:

I understand that it takes a LONG time to get a character to where he is in the game, but I think kicking out a roommate over deleting one is a little silly and a kind of antisocial.

I mean, it's not like he deleted anything real or unrecoverable. That's placing too much importance on WoW in your life.

Breakfast Topic: Fun with jerks {WoW}

Jan 30th 2010 2:21PM I fell into a similar situation yesterday while tanking, but i was the jerk. It was heroic gundrak. A pure triumph badge run for my offset; no frost emblems involved. So for me, it was 100% trivial content and i intended to sleep through it. We pulled and i let aggro slip on a mob that went after the mage in the group. The mob caused zero problems but the tree healer had to point it out. I said i was going to ignore his comment--it felt like he was critiquing my tanking. So we proceed and he asks me why im not using avengers shield as my opener to a pull. Like it really mattered if i had to practice the cookie cutter rotation. I wasnt causing wipes and was holding aggro pretty well. On the colosus boss it took me a sec to scroll my laptops mousepad over to the boss to get aggro. This was also pointed out by the healer. By the last boss, im fed up with the healer who clearly thinks im a noob tank. Somone pulls all three rhinos at once. I get pissed and let the healer tank the last boss. A dps dies as unintended so i taunt back. The healer was in icc25 gear so i suspected elitism on his part. He says i want to help me but i throw insults his way. He points out that i 4/5 t9 conquest gear and snobbily leaves.

I reckon that was his frost run, so he wanted it done by the book and asap.

I probably overreacted but he clearly equated gear level with skill. That irks me since ive sacrifice my offset many times to work on my tanking.

The Queue: Patience is a virtue {WoW}

Jan 21st 2010 11:56PM That's an easy one:

As the Horde, we naturally hate the Alliance. So not only would we prey on its weakest members like a bully/lion, but it's so sweetly degrading.


The Queue: My, what big teeth you have {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 1:29PM Why hasn't Darion Morgraine been more of a major figure in patch 3.3? He was one of the big movers-and-shakers in the death knight starting zone. But in the recent patch, he has literally done nothing except for being a quest-giver for the new, but still optional, legendary axe. Couldn't he have at least made a speech at some point in ICC like Tirion?

Breakfast Topic: Is it time to update WoW character models yet? {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 12:56PM I lowered the graphical effects and resolution on my comp because I was lagging horribly during Lord Marrowgar. When I returned to Dalaran, my Blood Elf looked relatively fine, as did the Draenei. Somewhat pixelated, but still good. But my God, I cannot say the same about human, night elf, and orc models. What a pixelated mess their faces were.

It was never more obvious to me that the models needed an update than at that point.

Ashen Verdict strength ring in minor content patch {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 12:44AM @Josh:

A paladin would want a fast weapon too. It let's us stack Seal of Corruption on our enemies more quickly. For me, that makes a big difference since simply auto-attacking can help me get stacks ups.

Breakfast Topic: The Personal Aesthetic {WoW}

Jan 19th 2010 12:34AM My first character ever was a human male mage on a WoW trial account. I just thought a mage fit me because I was a straight-A student.

Second WoW trial character was a human female rogue. I envisioned her first as a good-hearted yet naive girl who wanted to be a rogue, failing to grasp the violence and cruelty of a rogue's life. By questing as a rogue, she ends up maturing, coming to terms with the realities of the real world that she did not expect, and becoming somewhat of a silent protector (I guess like Batman, if you need an analogy). The Ravendholdt organization allowed he to accomplish this end.

When I made a legitimate WoW account, my rogue fell to the wayside around lvl 36 as I began to like my blood elf paladin. I loved the idea of finally being able to use a huge 2H sword (I was disappointed to learn that my rogue could not wield Archeus). And I always wanted a blood elf. I think deeming unplayable for being overly-feminine stems from homophobia--it's ridiculous. If you look past what you think is there and see what actually IS there, you'd see the blood elf male for what it is: a warrior who is more sophisticated than your average troll or tauren and yet can still bring the pain (which is fueled by revenge for the Sunwell). When I think of a blood elf, I think of the stereotypical British knights of lore who were pompous and proud, but still carried an air of nobility. All of the traits of a paladin reinforce this perspective. Also, the physical features of a blood elf male all feel as though they are in the correct proportion. The human male's limbs are chunky and unrealistically sized.

I also like the silhouette of the Draenei female. The male version, I feel, is too over-sized. I like elegance, not hulkishness. The Draenei female definitely has elegance. But after rolling horde all the way to 80 and getting as far as I have in gear, I don't think I could level an alliance toon to 80--or any toon for that matter.

Officers' Quarters: Ultimatum {WoW}

Jan 18th 2010 11:54PM "The paladin then invited me to a group, and explained that the hassle wasn't worth the sword, and to just take it. Evidently he'd been screwed out of loot countless times in the past (or so he feels), and that him being tank mainspec was purely for raid utility, and that he'd always wanted to dps. I was humbled by the act, and accepted the sword."

If you didn't realize how wrong you were after that discussion, then you definitely were NOT humbled.

If you were TRULY humbled, you would have realized that he rightfully deserved the sword and would have refused to take it from him. Being humble is akin to being enlightened. What you did was not enlightened.

Not only has he been screwed out of loot (like yourself), but he had to take one for the team every time he tanked. He did not want to tank and yet did it anyway out of the goodness in his heart so that the raid was viable. That's a lot more than I can say for you (according to this testimony) who fulfills a disposable role. Whether or not he has been online as much as you "as of late" is completely irrelevant. He has clearly been more integral to the raid as a reluctant tank than some easily-replaceable dps. You can find a dps in a heartbeat. It takes time to find a tank. To step up and fulfill a role so that everyone can enjoy the content is very respectable. Just by being there, he allowed YOU to even SEE the sword drop, let alone have an opportunity to roll on it.

And to top it all off, he stepped up as the bigger man and offered you the sword FOR THE GREATER GOOD (so the guild doesn't suffer by losing a player). I'm not sure if your conscience has put that moment into perspective for you, so let me do it: You should have realized you were wrong and that he deserved the sword; although you may have wanted the sword, in the greater scheme of things, he deserved it; getting new loot is nice, but it's not always about you!!! Jeez, that's the biggest mistake immature people make all the time--failing to realize that sometimes other people matter more than themselves.