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Blizzard leaning toward AE Tanking for all {WoW}

Sep 29th 2008 12:00PM Dear Paladins,

You have three viable modes of play. Warriors have 2. You knew this when you rolled a fact many peopel I know made clear a reason they chose the Paladin is because they can level just one character to 70, carry 3 sets of gear, and respec to whatever role is needed.

Warriors never have and still do not have that luxury. Warriors are always going be tanks and melee DPS. Having two flavors of melee DPS does not make us flexible hybrids. People that chose to level a warrior did that knowing full well that at max level they were going to get payback for that lack of flexibility in the form of being uniquely specialized and good at the thing we were built to do.

Now you want to come in and complain because they gave us a few AoE tank abilities, and you didn't get Spell Reflect or something? Give it a rest! You rolled your super-flexible class and now you want to demand that it be just as good at everything as the poor classes that are forced to only play in one way. That is not fair and you know it. I don't care if all you ever wanted to do personally is made a conscious choice to level a hybrid class, and now once you hit max level you want to have all the goodies of a specialized class. Bah!

Think of it like this: in D&D you can choose single-class or dual-class characters. If you choose the single-class character you will be mroe powerful at that class because of that specialization. If you dual-class, you gain power more slowly but have increased flexibility. It is a trade-off. And that is why warriors get sick of Paladin whining. You want all the goodies of being a hybrid class, you want to be as good as the specialists, but you want none of the trade-offs. Blizzard has already bent over backwards to make you viable on MT duty...but you won't be happy until you have all the Warrior's bag of tricks plus can spec to heal if needed. That's BS and you all know it.

Officers' Quarters: My pre-Wrath wish list {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 5:18PM I usually agree with almost everythign in these articles from Scott. But I just can't here...some of these things are just way to specific to a certain kinf of guild. Specifically the DKP tracking idea.

I run a guild that is not hardcore but we still raid BT/Hyjal, and we have almost cleared both. Our loot system is simple: we roll on everything. Yes, in Black Temple we roll on loot. It's a philosophical thing, you see...we believe that if you recruit mature members and encourage that atmosphere that people will make intelligent choices about loot. We also believe that DKP is wrong-headed for a game. It sets the members of a team at odds with each other in a competition for points, and provides ways to game the system. People will pass on upgrades so they can hoard points. New members can go weeks without getting upgrades as people with 1500 DKP buy things for their offspecs.

So basically, DKP is a necessary evil for some guilds...guilds where the members can be expected to serve their personal interests before the guild's progress. But that isn't all guilds. My guild does not have this problem.

I think the idea of tracking who was on a raid by searching for a guild's Raid IDs would be excellent.

Forum post of the day: Docking DKP {WoW}

Apr 27th 2008 3:03PM How abotu don't run DKP at all? Just don't invite the idiots that show up PvP-specced with no consumables to the next raid. By playing games with DKP all you do is create a "black box" which generates drama when people question why so-and-so got docked and the other guy didn't. Nothign control rai behavior better than controlling who gets in and who doesn't...and you don't need DKP at all for that.

Officers' Quarters: Casual raiding that works {WoW}

Apr 14th 2008 2:58PM Love these columns. Thanks, Scott!

P.S. Hope this post goes through. This blogsmith crap works when it wants to.

Guildwatch: No drama here {WoW}

Mar 5th 2008 1:57PM DKP is for protecting the members of a guild from each other. Build a better guild, with adults that are working toward a common purpose, and the need for DKP disappears. In the end it will only get in the way for such a group. Because in the end, DKP builds resentment from all corners, especially those raiders that work hard enough to be very helpful but don't always have the highest totals. They will never get the best gear, even though they are essential. Needless to say, this is not a desired result.

Officers' Quarters: Loot whores -- Are you their pimp? {WoW}

Nov 3rd 2007 1:06PM My guild raids not only Kara (and soon, ZA) without a DKP system, but we also do the same in Gruul's and SSC.

The key to this is recruitment. If you are going to let people roll on gear you have to be very careful who you bring on board. They need to understand that your eye is on them and if they show tendencies toward lootwhoring you will act accordingly.

In months of raiding under this system we have had only a very small handful of complaints, and those were usually from people that ended up leaving anyway because the casual guild approach to loot didn't favor them. Of course, you can get drama from DKP systems the hardcore raider hoard points and destroy any chance more casual players have of getting decent gear.

So my point of view is this: you only need DKP systems in any size raid if you are dealing with greedy children. If you have a team of mature adults, they will work toward the betterment of the guild and not have any issues. Recruitment is key.

Attunements removed from SSC and TK {WoW}

Jun 19th 2007 2:18PM This is FANTASTIC! Of course, SSC is going to beat most guilds silly at first, but attunements are retarded anyway. If you can handle the mobs, you should be able to succeed. Forcing everyone into an arcane tracking system to determine who is or is not attuned was always dumb, and now we can see more guilds rise to the challenge of the actual instances, instead of the challenge of proper recordkeeping.

Why the botters do it {WoW}

Jun 13th 2007 1:18PM I am curious as to why people think the farmers are "skewing economies". Since they focus mainly on farming outside areas for items like motes, leather, etc. it seems to me that they are driving prices down as they compete with each other on the AH. Then again, I'd not be surprised if they mainly just vendor lots of items and sell the gold.

Increased gold supply + increased trade good supply = lower prices, but since I like to actually play the endgame and rather enjoy low prices, why should I be convinced this is a bad thing? If noone was doing this we'd see much higher prices on the AH for very simple items...much like in the early days of WoW.

Hybrid Theory: What's a hybrid? {WoW}

Jun 7th 2007 5:54PM Jason,

It is dreadfully obvious you have either not played a holy priest or are willfully ignorant of how long the holy spec has been effectively gimped in relation to paladin or even druid healing.

Consider this: no matter how many times the developers say they intend priests to be the pure healing class, their actions betray their intention to do nothing to change things. Currently paladins have deeper mana pools, high armor, and a selection of gear (shaman healing gear is quite usable by them) that the priest can't compete with. The priest's holy talent tree is broken past the 30-point's why you see so many priests with hybrid talent builds 20 points or more into discipline.

But hey, accusing me of not reading or making things up is a lot easier than actualy understanding what you're writing about. Contrary to your undeserved insult, it takes a good bit of intelligence to actually play multiple classes well, and to understand the nuances of them all. Tell me, O Raiding Paladin, how many times do your priests throw out the 31 and 41-point abilities on your raids? I won't hold my breath.

Hybrid Theory: What's a hybrid? {WoW}

Jun 7th 2007 3:51PM @2: Tell me, where in the protection of priests as the desired main healers was the spell Circle of Healing? Have you ever actually tried to use this absolutely pointless mana-sink? And Lightwell would be nice if it didn't break on damage. It might actually get used. And pain suppression would be nice if you could put it on a tank. the funny thing is no useful priest spell seems to go where it would matter most. Unlike, say, Blessing of Protection no longer dropping aggro.