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WoW Rookie: Will my computer run WoW? {WoW}

Jan 28th 2009 6:56PM I play on either a MacBook Pro or a moderately beefy PC with Vista. I bought an Averatec Buddy (rebadged MSI Wind) and have actually been able to do basic grinding, mail and AH stuff with no problem on the netbook. Its not for raiding of course but when your tether the cellphone its good for a fix at work.

Gear Wishlist tells you where to go next {WoW}

Sep 6th 2008 5:40PM It doesn't seem to handle unicode well - the form converts my name (Faé) into "Fa" - it drops the "é" entirely and just reports an armory error.

Bugs confirmed for Cloak of Shadows and Vanish {WoW}

Dec 8th 2007 11:22AM If the blinding rogue was heavy Subtlety (i.e. has speced "Heightened Senses"), he probably had improved stealth detection and perhaps that allowed him to follow you. I have a 70 rogue speced for this and can usually spot another rogue stealthing about and get a sap in on em. That said my Vanish is busted for me ~half the time, usually with hunter pets but I've been dotted etc. as well.

And Fireflash38 is technically correct, but Vanish is improved stealth. You enter a higher "state" of stealth for a few seconds, or at least you are supposed to, then return to normal stealth after it wears off. So in theory it should be much harder to detect a recently vanished rogue vs. a regularly stealth rogue.

FYI this is from the encyclopedia about Vanish:

"Allows the Rogue to vanish from sight, entering an improved Stealth mode, but reducing the speed to X% of normal for Y seconds. Spellcasting against a Rogue that successfully uses Vanish will now be interrupted. Vanish breaks root and snare effects. Vanish cancels spells in progress and missiles in flight if they are being cast at the vanished player. If a DoT is active when you use Vanish, unless it is a snare as well, it will remain and break Vanish the next time it does damage. Vanish removes effects that allow the caster to always remain aware of their target (currently Hunter's Mark and Mind Vision)."

Defense wins all but one Alterac Valley node {WoW}

Dec 4th 2007 11:52AM This is why I rolled Horde after playing 2 alliance toons to 70. I actually witnessed one horde player apologize to another in battle the other day! The loses I've seen horde side are always much closer - i.e. in AB 1990-2000. Not the usual blowout I see Alliance side. People defend nodes, run in groups and healers heal.

Alterac Valley is the new Alterac Valley {WoW}

Nov 14th 2007 9:05PM Today's daily was AV on our server. Took the quest, won one AV and had 989 honor after the 400 honor from the quest! I'm 69 - and also got 12500 exp! Sweet. 30min - 989 honor. Then played another 45min match, won and had 1750 honor! Not bad at all if you win. The flip side is losing nets you maybe 175-200 honor + honor kills.

Those evil, evil Warlocks {WoW}

Jul 27th 2007 6:00PM hehe - I did a Chevy Chase! 1) 2) 3) 4) D)

Those evil, evil Warlocks {WoW}

Jul 27th 2007 5:58PM My main is a 70 Warlock - and Warlocks are evil - its in their nature! My "main alt" is a Rogue now at 50 so I have a few more abilities to gain before I can do a full comparison. I'd say I only PvP a few times a week right now but my main obervations from BGs are:

1) I die less a a rogue. Mainly due to having "exit" strategies -> blind, gouge, vanish, sprint
2) I kill a lot of people as a Warlock, however I'm usually dead by the time half of them die
3) As a warlock - people tend to swarm me - I'm the first target taken out if a group is approaching an objective - ZOMG LOCK! KILL EM!
4) I have more fun as a rogue - stunning, distracting, stealthing about is all good fun in BGs
D) Overall, the as a Warlock I can do more damage but the burst damage of a rogue dual wielding good weapons, firing off blade flurry and slice and dice is easier to direct. Waiting for CoA to wind up gives the opponent time to locate you and draw a bead - I'm gonna kill him, but if its a warrior or rogue I'm prolly dead unless I can get a seduce or fear off.

I suppose all in all its a draw - I have more fun as a rogue, but the Warlock can be a blast too. For rogues if you can manage to keep your opponent stunned, poisoned and getting their innards spilled out, you're in good shape, for a warlock - if you get a fear off, stack the DoTs maybe another fear and some direct damage you're kicking ass. The main problem is keeping their buds off your back - thats when you end up floating in front of a tombstone. No matter how good you are - your odds go way down when you have to deal with 2 opponents or more.

WoW 2.2 Mac client in-game video capture {WoW}

Jul 15th 2007 1:55PM One reason thats sort of been stated is the uniformity of the hardware in Apple systems. Goes hand in hand with the uniformity of APIs present. Blizzard knows for sure what Mac users will be running, and therefor they only have to worry about a small subset of hardware. I'm guessing the Mac community is mainly serving a guinea pig - the PC version of video capture will come shortly after. Perhaps with most of the bugs worked out. Also - if the capture interface causes a lot of trouble, only a small subset of players will be affected and the PC users can point and laugh. Note: I have partaken of the "Mac Kool Aide".

Officers' Quarters: Surviving Karazhan {WoW}

May 14th 2007 5:27PM Our guild is too small to do Kara, but we'd like to. We're fairly competent at PvE and PvP and have middle of the road gear and are working up to getting keyed - just have to finish the marsh I think. That said, we're kinda bummed that we may never run Kara as we can field a good 5-man team, but don't really have enough friends in Azeroth that are decent raiders. Has anyone out there had success with a "split guild" run? Say 5 each from 2 different guilds?