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For great (Badge of) Justice! {WoW}

May 14th 2007 8:07PM I'd like to see a creative approach to making old dungeons heroic. I think people who immediately respond with "boring!" on these posts completely miss the point. Heroic Van Cleef wouldn't have to just be the same dude with 10x the hit points and melee dmg.

They could give the same encounters new abilities (like they do in heroics), and add some scripting, like maybe after beating heroic VC, the giant gate opens and the ship sails out into STV waters where you fight a Krakken alongside Orlando Bloom.

Joking aside, you get the point. They could easily extend the storyline for the old locations. It also helps keep the world "alive." I mean, you have to wonder how that whole "Stockades" situation isn't under control by now. What's really going on there?