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Will Carbine Studios produce another WoW? {WoW}

Oct 7th 2007 9:16PM @11

"Guild Wars had a lot of WoW developers and former Blizzard employees too... look where they are."

4 million units sold, 3 campaigns and an expansion and Guild Wars 2 due out soon? I'd say that's a good place to be, personally.

Just because you don't play it doesn't mean others don't either.

Episode 3 of the WoW Insider show now available {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 4:23PM @15

One more thing, cause I'm anal:

"Listening to a pilot with 2 hosts that have never done a podcast before (ie. WoW Insider)..."

Not entirely true, as Mike Schramm has done a podcast before. It was called Happy Time, ask him about it. :)

Episode 3 of the WoW Insider show now available {WoW}

Oct 2nd 2007 4:13PM @15

Not to nitpick your argument, but the Instance is done through Skype. Scott lives in Utah and Randy lives in Texas. Whether or not they have a "dedicated ISDN linkup" is up for debate, as the Instance isn't the only show Scott does and all of them sound the same, with several different hosts.

And the "Scarab Lord" wasn't on The Instance. Luke Smith was part of 1up, he was on Legendary Thread. Andrew was the one who left The Instance simply due to him not enjoying the game anymore, which is understandable.

I spent many many hours listening to many many WoW podcasts so I tend to know this area of this game more than most. I've heard the well known ones: World of Warcast, WoWcast, WoW Chronicles, cancelled stuff like Taverncast and Weekly Murloc and newer shows like Epic Dolls, In The World and so forth. I listen to a LOT of podcasts and for a time there, I was VERY into WoW so I found a lot of WoW podcasts that are both good and bad.

However, before you nitpick my nitpick, I do agree that The Instance is made for a more casual audience. They tend to merely report news and that's it, along with a few segments here and there. I also agree that Legendary Thread has gone severely downhill since Luke Smith left. I assume that's the one you meant above anyway.

I'd argue that comparing yourself to The Instance isn't warranted. Most of the WoW Radio shows I've heard tend to be focused towards the player that 1) knows and 2) cares what Haste rating is and how that will affect his next raid of Gruul. The Instance is made more for people who like to log on, talk to some friends and kill some mangy wolves.

So I wouldn't get too worked up about anything, WoW Radio is doing fine. As for this show, no show is amazing and perfect after only 5 shows. It's only around now that a rhythm develops and now they can work on fine tuning the content. The foundation is there, keep it up and this show will be just fine.

Sorry about the length. :)

The "punctuated equilibrium" of WoW content {WoW}

Sep 13th 2007 3:00PM The concept makes sense, it's been done in movies for years now. Look at Transformers, once it "claimed" the July 4th weekend, every other movie stayed away. Even now, the new Iron Man has a date, Indiana Jones has a date and even Watchmen, which literally started filming a few days ago, already has a release date of March '09.

So the idea of not coming out with a competitor isn't new (even videogames have this happen, is anything but Halo 3 coming out at the end of this month?) but the idea of peaks and valleys for an ongoing game is new and interesting. The time investment for games like this are different so timing is different. A movie is only 2 hours, where an MMO can take up years.

Scheduling games "around" WoW shows the sheer size of this game.

Encrypted Text: How not to be seen {WoW}

Sep 5th 2007 6:14PM When I lived in AB on my old rogue, I would tend to move around the map stealthed most of the time. I did that because 1) if I'm heading to a base and stealth, someone could tell whoever's guarding the base in chat that I'm coming, 2) I know about hunter tracking (having had a hunter too) so if I was a blip on their radar and then not, then they know something's coming. I was also Sub spec so I had Master of Deception also, which helped.

It would take me a bit longer to get things done, but they would get done better than if I did it without. I used to be able to scout and camp bases and take them alone because no one knew I was there or coming at all.

Basically, I took the fact that it was actual players playing rather than computers to my advantage. I always felt stealth was huge in PVP and not so much in PVE. There's always parts where it is, sure, but I never used to crawl around Desolace stealthed or anything.

Whoopi debuts on The View, defends Michael Vick {AOL TV}

Sep 4th 2007 8:00PM @ Will:

Perhaps, but if it were Tom Brady, he probably wouldn't have been as vilified as Vick has. Vick may not play until 2010 so they say, but Brady would be there Week 1.

Slaughtering? No, it's just burning down houses (with people inside?) {WoW}

Aug 29th 2007 1:33PM Despite the "it's just a game" mentality, that "moral" decision is actually part of the storytelling that Blizz is trying to do with Lich King. There's a bit of info spread out in that aforementioned GFW magazine article, but the gist of it is that they almost want to make it seem that once you get to Arthas at level 80, are you any better than he was at that same spot? Haven't you done the same things he did? Aren't you just as bad as he was when he got to Icecrown?

Granted, most don't care about that stuff, they just want more phat lewtz and raiding and 30 minute Zul Amans, but that idea and concept is the kind of stuff that makes me keep playing. If it was just about phat lewtz, I'd still be playing Diablo 2. Stuff like this is what separates this game from the pack and gives it its longevity.

Blizzard's forum policy against foreign languages {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 2:48PM The post is asking if there are servers that have predominately Spanish-speaking people (preferably 70-100% spanish speakers). S/he's says she's tired of people making fun of her because she can't speak English very well. I haven't even scrolled down very far, but I know the first two posts after it are exactly the kind of stuff s/he's talking about.

S/he says that she changed the page to Spanish and from that it said that Uldum and Zul'jin are predominately Spanish (I don't totally understand how that happened, but that's what it says.) Later s/he went to the servers to ask if that was true and she got mainly English answers, so that was confusing.

S/he then lists a few more servers and is asking the boards if those are mostly Spanish speaking servers.

Basically s/he wants to go to a server that is mainly Spanish so that it's easier to communicate and not be made fun of for not knowing English very well. So she's not asking for new realms, she wants a realm that has a lot of Spanish speakers, which, to be honest, is a fair question and has to have a real answer. I know from the servers I've been through I've met a few Spanish speakers.

The thing about the EU boards having a Spanish board is useless to anyone playing on the US realms, since it's totally seperate. They couldn't answer this question if they wanted to because it's different realms. They'd probably suggest asking it on the US realms and perhaps be as snotty about it as some people.

Kinda sucks, it's a fair question that got shot down very quickly.

Blood Pact: The future for pets {WoW}

Jul 5th 2007 2:01AM Wow, the ratio of asshole:sanity is strikingly off in these comments. I personally haven't played a lock past 20, but if in doing so, it makes me turn into one of you guys, I might be better off.

I had no idea the Felsteed/Dreedsteed difference was that important to get mentioned twice. Thanks for clearing that up (multiple times)!

BlizzCon ticket giveaway! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 27th 2007 6:14PM Trying again, like the rest. Grats to the winner!