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12 Days of Joyswag: 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect, Forza Motorsport 4, and Wireless Speed Wheel {Joystiq}

Dec 25th 2011 11:28PM I have a car, but I try to ride my bike instead, if possible.

12 Days of Joyswag: Nintendo 3DS plus eight games (and a ton of Skylanders) {Joystiq}

Dec 25th 2011 1:30AM Not since I owned a GameBoy… You should remedy that :)

12 Days of Joyswag: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition and Munitio headphones {Joystiq}

Dec 19th 2011 11:21PM I've never Prestiged… A fancy icon never seemed worth the extra time.

12 Days of Joyswag: Halo: Reach hair clippers, briefcase, book ... oh, and game {Joystiq}

Dec 22nd 2010 10:13PM After playing it on the Xbox for a while, playing the Mac version with flamethrowers and banshees :)

12 Days of Joyswag: Fable 3 rucksack with Collector's Edition, book, and controller {Joystiq}

Dec 20th 2010 8:31PM Leaving the Weapon X facility in the Wolverine game, I randomly fell through the level to some sort of purgatory.

Joyswag: Halo: Reach 'Legendary Edition' giveaway {Joystiq}

Sep 14th 2010 7:31PM Um... A turkey and avocado sandwich. You never know what meats and veggies another planet might have.