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Scattered Shots: Improving the hunter survival tree {WoW}

Jun 30th 2011 9:31AM So you want a name that reflects what the tree does (magic damage), and can be abbreviated to SV. Hmm.


Patch 4.1 hotfixes for May 4 {WoW}

May 5th 2011 6:28AM Still no trap launcher fix?

Patch 4.1 PTR: New hydra pet available for hunters {WoW}

Feb 24th 2011 9:24AM Er, so it has the same buff as the Wolf then?

Do you want to see a Veronica Mars movie? {AOL TV}

Dec 3rd 2008 3:58PM The show ran for three seasons, does that really count as short lived?

A movie would be great though.

Sneak preview of the new season of House - VIDEOS {AOL TV}

Aug 19th 2008 6:37PM Videos don't work for me either, are they US only? Any YouTube versions?

Stargate Atlantis: Search and Rescue {AOL TV}

Jul 12th 2008 6:21AM The sad thing about the leadership change is the predictability of it. Woolsey will make bad decisions, the rest of the team will get annoyed, ignore him and do what they think is right. He will try an assert his authority, then eventually realise he was wrong all along and mellow out a little. I wish we could just skip to that part.

Supernatural: Time Is On My Side {AOL TV}

May 10th 2008 1:17PM I like the character of Bela, and hope they find a way to bring her back for at least 1 guest ep at some point in the future. If not, this seemed like a fitting final chapter for her character.

Lilith being the key to Dean getting out of his contract was fairly predictable, but Bela suffering the same fate was a nice curveball.

Another strong ep in a very strong season, looking forward to the finale!

SXSW08: How gamers are adopting the wiki way {Massively}

Mar 11th 2008 11:39AM The majority of's content appears to have been automatically created, so if they are in fact the largest wiki on the Internet this seems rather artificial.

I also struggle to believe that they receive more traffic than Wikipedia considering the site seems to offer little value to visitors.

A shinier WoW {WoW}

Mar 11th 2008 10:01AM As pretty as it is, the framerate in WoW varies so much already that adding any complexity would just make it unplayable.

I can get a solid 60 FPS walking around Shatt or flying around any zone, but in a raid situation I'm lucky if I'm getting over 15.

Breakfast Topic: Less money, more problems {WoW}

Dec 5th 2007 8:27AM The only reason daily quests give cash at 70 is because you get the cash instead of XP for being at the level cap. If dailies were introduced for lower levels they'd award XP instead, so the player might as well do some normal quests.

As for making money at low levels, this is much easier now than it used to be. The materials for lower level crafting etc. go for a decent amount on the auction house because there is a lot less of it. I started a paladin the other day, picked up mining and sold a couple of stacks of copper bars on the AH, and he already has considerably more money an my original character did at that level.