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3 things that need to change about WoW's auction house {WoW}

Mar 19th 2012 12:57AM I'd buy the Top Hat. :D

My suggestion for a Gold Sink was posted on the Suggestions forum a couple months ago, and forms part of the DMF.

I'd like to see, each DMF, a set of "Silent Auctions". This is a type of auction typically seen at art shows, fundraising dinners... and local faires. The auctions would last all week, and be faction-neutral. Since you're bidding to the DMF auctioneers, any gold spent disappears from the economy. The auctions I would like to see on there are TCG items - a couple of different mounts, and a set of pets - as well as items from the Pet Store, including the sparklepony, the moonkin hatchling and so on. I'd suggest a total of maybe 25 items, made up of 3 TCG mounts, 5 TCG pets, and a couple of each Pet Store item.

There is (like it or not) already an in-game economy for these items, so, if there is a minimum bid increase, the auctions would likely cap out around a certain figure. End-of-auction sniping would likely be minimised - especially if the minimum bid increases as the auction approaches closing time.

Raid Rx: How to heal Hagara on heroic mode {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 12:02AM We use the same frost strategy. It's far more healing-intensive, so perhaps not suited to groups low on AoE heals (lacking Shamans, Priests etc). However, it makes a perfect opportunity to use localised healing cooldowns such as Barrier and Spirit Link. It also seems to be higher DPS, and has far less probability of failure when it comes to dispels. This is because, of the melee classes, only Warriors, DKs and Shamans cannot dispel themselves. This means your (25-man) raid is only going to have 5 or so people that will need to be dispelled. Everyone else either is in the bubble and doesn't need to be dispelled, or can dispel themselves.

I should note that SLT can heal people trapped in blocks, so you may not want to use SLT in the frost bubbles. Be sure to have a position marked for stacking up blocks. The boss should be positioned so that this spot is immediately behind him, so that the tank will not get LOS. The position we use is in the middle of the triangle with it's corners in the middle of the room, the spawn point of the lightning add, and the Ice Crystal we will be blowing up before the ranged run to the centre.

As for lightning phase, we found a U strategy worked far better than the +. It's actually a lot faster if people move to positions once the add hits 50-40%, and the phase does less damage overall. The trick is to make sure you have Warriors, Warlocks, Mages or Hunters positioned on either side of the Conductors to break completed chains ASAP. Blow raid-wide tank/healing cooldowns during this phase (including off-spec Tranquility and Divine Hymn).

Totem Talk: A restoration shaman wish list for Mists of Pandaria {WoW}

Jan 31st 2012 11:59PM SLT's positioning in the rear corner is really annoying and stops it from being as clutch as it could be. A few times I've forgotten to twist or sidestep before dropping it and had people die (for example on Yorshagg or Deathwing with an unassisted Bolt)

Mainly, though, it seems that many Shaman abilities have a mirror in Elemental DPS (Chain Heal = Chain Lightning. LvB = GHW. Earthquake = Rain. TS = SLT. Riptide = FS. etc). I really enjoy the idea that similar mechanics and playstyles can do both damage and healing. With that in mind, I'd really like to take this further:

- A Flame Nova equivalent to make a burst of AoE healing appear from everyone with active Riptide HoTs.
- Make GHW hit harder on Riptide'd targets.
- Make crit heals on Earth Shield targets add an Earth Shield stack.
- Make HW castable while moving with a glyph.

As an aside, I also think Elemental needs a Greater Lightning Bolt with a cast time that is reduced by CL/FS/ES.

Officers' Quarters: Tier transition trouble {WoW}

Dec 20th 2011 12:30AM Progression is more important than anything, even for a casual guild.
If you want your choice of recruits, you need to be pushing as much current content as you can in your allotted time. Farming Firelands without touching a DS boss is simply the worst possible idea. When a new tier comes out, you need to concentrate on the new tier.

As far as Legendaries go, completing them becomes a task for off-nights.

At the most, you should spend 1 night in Firelands, with all other nights in DS. If you raid one night, then DS > FL.

As others have commented, the first four bosses of DS are not very difficult, although if you're struggling with Ragnaros, you may struggle a little with Yo, Zo and/or Hagara, depending on what exactly messes you up on the Rag encounter. But some 397 gear will definitely help your raid push down Rag either way.

DS absolutely needs to be your priority, as much as it sucks for your staff collector (just as it sucks for my 25-man guild's third staff collector).

Ready Check: Looking into roll-based loot systems {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2011 3:09AM Glad you finally covered SLS, although I don't think SLS should be filed under "roll-based loot systems" - however, I'll certainly agree that it can devolve into one, if all the bidders are being cheapskates. However, participation in the roll is completely voluntary (because by choosing to roll, you chose *not* to bid half). It's more like you can buy an item (for half your points), or you can buy a lottery ticket.

Drama Mamas: Should guilds mandate courtesy? {WoW}

Aug 30th 2011 1:01AM I have 600+ characters in my guild, on probably 250 or so accounts. I don't know them all. I know my raiders - 30-35 people - and some friends, but the rest are friends of friends that I don't know or care about. I'm not going to say hi when they log in. I'm not going to grats them, except maybe on impressive achievements (at 13030 points myself, I respect the hard ones). Hell, in a guild this big, if everyone welcomed everyone and grats'd everyone, gchat would be a never-ending chorus of hellos and goodbyes and gratses and nobody would ever actually get to chat.

Frankly, these whiners are showing some serious narcissism. Grow up. Not everyone has to love you or congratulate you on every minor thing.

Totem Talk: Ask a restoration shaman (again) {WoW}

Aug 3rd 2011 1:02AM The thing with Resto Shamans right now is that there is no single answer to the usual spec/glyph/stat questions. The answers all depend on raid size, healing role, healing comp and so on.

Some simple examples:
Many of the standard raiding talents are worthless in 5-man heroics, so if you're not raiding, there is no point having a full raiding build.
In 10-mans, AA is awesome, and BotE is crap. In 25-mans, it's reversed. There are a couple other talents that have more value in one raid size or the other as well.
10-man raiders have little reason to glyph CH, depending on their healing team, which frees up a glyph slot for them.
Mastery is amazing all round, but for 10-mans the balance point between Mastery and Crit is earlier.
Haste is generally not worth going past the first breakpoint, especially in 25-mans, but for Heroic modes of any raid size, an EP-TC/Haste build is far more viable, assuming you're a very aware, low-ping player who can handle the ABC context switch between heals and LBs.

There are even more factors depending on whether the Shaman is going to be tank healing, raid healing, or mixing it up. Really, answering any Shaman question without knowing the full specifics of their playstyle, raid size and usual healing comp is difficult at best. Similarly, it's impossible to judge whether a Shaman is or isn't being competitive relative to other healers without those same details... plus there is the question of whether HPS measure competitiveness :P

For certain, 25-man raid healing Resto Shamans should be very competitive, if not top, on most encounters. Tank healing Shamans should also be extremely competitive. Switching between the two mid-encounter is where you'll see the biggest drop-off.

Raid Rx: Healer's guide to Baleroc {WoW}

Jul 18th 2011 4:04AM We found it much, much, much easier with 3 teams of two than two teams of 3, but we struggled with tank deaths. We discovered that one healer is more than capable of keeping the ranged or melee up, which led to the following setup:

Group 1: 2xTank, 3x Melee
Group 2: 5xMelee
Group 3-5: 2x Healer, 3x Ranged

Our melee deal with Crystals using an "all-in" strat - everyone available piles onto the crystal, and nobody moves. When their debuff gets high, they move out, and the crystal will pick the next target.

Our ranged and healers rotate through Crystal assignments one at a time. The first wave of Crystals, Group 3 deals with Crystals, with 1 healer each on the melee and ranged. The remaining healers heal the tanks. The groups then rotate: when the second wave of Crystals comes out, Group 4 deals with them, with the unbuffed healers in Group 5 and buffed healers in Group 3 on tanks. Finally, Group 5 get their buffs while 3 and 4 heal tanks. Then just continue to rotate.

We still wiped once or twice with this strat, but each time it was due to a melee dying to aggro or a Crystal, which has a chain effect on melee debuffs. It was far, far more successful than wiping continuously with tank deaths on the first or second Decimation Blade.

How lag forced me to play a little differently {WoW}

Apr 21st 2011 3:02AM Until you play from the Oceanic region, you're not allowed to complain about lag.