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Lenovo ThinkPad T400s hands-on and impressions {Engadget}

Sep 6th 2009 3:34PM I think the MBP trackpad is darn good. We have both MBPs and T400s in our office. In general I find myself preferring the MBP as there's no "clicking" involved. If you enable the tap clicking option, you will never have to "press" on the trackpad area ever again. Tap clicking is also absolutely silent, which is great when you're working in close quarters.

REPORT: If Chrysler liquidates, 38,500 jobs would be lost {Autoblog Archive}

May 2nd 2009 12:36PM How about making products people actually want...

There's no magic voodoo that auto makers outside the US are doing to make products that people want to buy - they simply have a better product.

It's not about buy American or buy China or buy Japan - consumers have a choice, and while yo

The people at the white collar positions, designers, marketing etc. aren't doing anything smart. The blue collars are the ones that are suffering the consequence

Microsoft's second Laptop Hunters commercial: Giampaulo buys an HP HDX {Engadget}

Apr 5th 2009 11:33AM People on the go should definitely consider a Macbook

I have multiple Thinkpads using various versions of Vista/XP/2003 server due to my work, but recently I've moved towards presentations, documentation and ad-hoc stuff

With Windows notebooks, coming out of Sleep, you need at least 30-50s before you can actually do anything

Just pop open a Macbook from sleep and it is instantly useable - which is a vastly understated functinon

If you got a message to pass out to a potential customer, drumming your fingers waiting for your notebook to be responsive is super annoying

USB tethering, Publish Video and Find my iPhone found in OS 3.0 {Engadget}

Mar 18th 2009 10:08PM Every time I've put down money on a WinMo phone, I've come to seriously regret it (the latest one was a HTC Touch Diamond)

The UI is clunky, it's meant to be used with a stylus (ever tried using a stylus on a phone while driving?) and it crashes all the time. In addition, any window takes a few seconds to come up. It's extremely annoying. The solution is to find third party ROMS and spend a whole weekend flashing to get performance remotely acceptable.

I've since moved on to Symbian phones which are at least stable and responsive, but the tethering on the IPhone is what I have been waiting for since day one. Now I can actually use it for work!

Buffalo's wireless injunction stayed, now free to sell WiFi products in US {Engadget}

Dec 4th 2008 9:40PM Buffalo makes rock solid routers, way better than Linksys and/or Netgear

I get the itch every once in awhile to buy new routers (Netgear N, Linksys N, Linksys VPN N, Apple Extreme N) but always end up going back to my Buffalo

This thing work work under any condition (WoW + torrents + youtube + HD stream across PCs)

How would you change Apple's unibody MacBook / MacBook Pro? {Engadget}

Nov 23rd 2008 8:07PM I have a 13" aluminum MacBook, I work on it from 7AM when the sun is up and 12AM when the sun is down

I use it to give presentations and trainings, and sometimes I work in my car with a 3G connection through my mobile phone while parking at a nearby government park or shopping

The glossy screen does have glare, especially in direct sunlight, it is difficult to view the screen. However, the screen does not turn invisible. If you have an important email to send or a document to work on, you will get it done.

I also have Thinkpads in my bag which have matte screens, they are more readable in direct sunlight but they're not Macs, and Windows for a mobile worker is not stable. Every time I open my laptop from sleep in Vista/XP I never know if it's going to crash, blue screen, non-responsive, or require a restart. I have never had this issue with my Macbook, meaning it's reliable and will work when I want it to work

Gripes like glossy screens are from people that are overemphasizing a particular design point. Bottom line, the laptop is usable, functional and still a joy to use. I'd never go back to my matte screen Thinkpad on the road, case closed

Ask Engadget: What's the best wireless router? {Engadget}

Oct 24th 2008 12:57AM I've been using a Buffalo router (WHR-HP-G54) for over 3 years, it's the best router I've ever owned. We do torrents, play WoW (raiding 5 nights a week), do online demos for my customers (when our office demo environment goes down) and it's just rock solid. It never crashes.

I tried out the Apple Airport Express (bought in May 08) and that also was fine. I was trying out the Wireless-N bridge functionality with 2 routers so I wouldn't have to drag ethernet cables across rooms, but it wasn't too stable across 3 concrete walls. Ended up using the LevelOne PowerLine AV 200mbps adapters instead, a very good solution.

Anyways, Buffalo and Apple Airport Express are both rock solid, never had any issues with either. The only thing negative about the Apple router is that you gotta install the configuration tool on your computer, which is an annoyance whereas the Buffalo has a standard web interface.

Stay away from Linksys, Netgear and D-Link. You are definitely rolling the dice on whether or not you're getting a lemon

Microsoft SideWinder X8 gaming mouse gets official, examined {Engadget}

Sep 10th 2008 8:10PM Uh, the mouse is what you actually use on your computer. I wouldn't skimp on input devices, especially the ones which may be responsible for causing you agonizing wrist pain as the years go by. That being said, this Sidewinder X8 doesn't look too ergonomically friendly, but the design is there. I love the charging cable and the whole side button concept, both areas where the MX Revolution (which I use now) could use improvement on. Hopefully Logitech is able to match MS's offerings this time around - I can't stand the smooth scroll of the MS mice.

HTC to ship one millionth Touch Diamond this month {Engadget}

Aug 7th 2008 1:01PM It took me almost an entire weekend to get my Touch Diamond working the way they advertised it in the commercials. TouchFlo 3D is horrendously slow right outside the box, and it takes seconds for anything in the OS to respond to your touch. Just try to browse a web page with a brand new Touch Diamond, you'll spend minutes just trying to get the screen scrolling to the location you want (scroll down... no not cruise! ok go back up... argh too far up!)

That being said, the custom ROMs out there are great. They're mostly based on the new firmwares being released (but not published) but HTC and they offer significant improvement. The phone DOES work like the commercial after flashing with one of these ROMs. That being said, the average consumer that just wants a cool phone that works - they probably should look elsewhere. However since you can't try a Touch Diamond in store (store policy - you'll smudge the screen) you'll never know. I see lots of people with a Touch Diamond, and I just have to wonder if they're disappointed or just given up on the stock performance of the phone. Most likely, I assume that since they shelled out a lot of money for it, they'll stick with it for awhile. I've heard of service centers flashing the latest ROMs if the customer complains, and that's good news.

Dell's new UltraSharp 2709W 27-inch LCD {Engadget}

Jun 19th 2008 8:24PM I have the 2707WFP. I did a lot of reading before buying this one, and obviously the "larger" pixel thing was brought up more than once in various forums. I never really understood what they meant, so I went to a Dell store to take a look. To be honest, it's not like I can actually see pixel on my screen and I'm so picky about my screens that I'll wipe off even a single speck of dust.

It's larger, there's a lot of screen estate, and because I work in a home office, I can put this monitor much further back than my previous dual 20" LCD setup. Before I was maybe about 8" away from my 20". Now I'm at almost 17" away from the 2707WFP. That's a huge improvement and less strain on my eyes. And just generally being able to sit further back from the computer has made me less stressed over all and my back doesn't hurt as much.

Watching movies and TV on this thing is great. I can just sit back and enjoy. I highly recommend this monitor to anyone with the desk space, it'll definitely take up a fair amount. And unless you work in an environment where "big pixels" are a no-no, just pretend like you never heard it. It's a great monitor.