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BigRedKitty: Quit Nerfing Our Necessity {WoW}

Sep 19th 2007 3:17PM Most hunters are n00bs.

n00bs can't kite.

Roll a Death Knight.

Great column.

Pet Wars and other minigame ideas {WoW}

Aug 28th 2007 3:24PM If you take something that's supposed to be your cute companion and turn it into a fighter, well you might get suspended from the NFL.

Might as well face it, you're addicted to WoW {WoW}

Aug 27th 2007 5:49PM Well, I thought about what caused my WoW addiction...

I discovered that it's the happiness of pwning noobs.

That post was priceless.

Killing your grandfather: What happens if you wipe in the Caverns of Time? {WoW}

Aug 27th 2007 1:43PM "They'd have to grind twice as hard to open up the AQ gates." LMAO!

Its a dance, dance, dance world (of warcraft) {WoW}

Aug 26th 2007 8:25PM I just wanna see a Tauren Crank Dat Soulja Boy!

Two Bosses Enter: Prince Malchezaar vs. Hakkar the Soulflayer {WoW}

Aug 26th 2007 11:30AM The main thing you have to factor in is whether or not Prince Malchezaar read up on Hakkar strats before the fight. If he doesn't know to get poisoned in order to counter Blood Siphon, this is an easy victory for Hakkar.

But, assuming they're on neutral ground, would there even be any nearby mobs that Malchezaar could poison himself with?

Breakfast Topic: How did you learn to PvP? {WoW}

May 18th 2007 8:14AM I didn't. I fail at PvP.

A crummy idea {WoW}

May 18th 2007 7:38AM This is honestly the greatest picture I have ever seen. Ever. Seriously.

BigRedKitty: Five of the top ten things every class should know about hunters {WoW}

May 17th 2007 8:02AM Always a good read. Keep up the great work, BRK.