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Patch 2.4's Magtheridon: The new Onyxia? {WoW}

Feb 25th 2008 7:46AM This is just another way to help the slower moving guilds gear up to explore the rest of the content that, if they cant get to, will never be visited by the time Wrath drops.

IMO, its a nice change.

Surprises may loom in Wrath {WoW}

Jan 25th 2008 7:16PM When it comes to an expansion I see Blizzard keeping to the tried-and-true formual.

Gear Reset: face it, the ends justify the means. If you dont get better gear than your T5/T6 epics you wont do the massive timesink that is questing, rep grind, instance grind etc. You do the quest to get better gear, you get better gear so you can do the next quest/instance/raid.

New zones to explore: Blizzard made great strides in BC with very distinguishable zones. All had separate themes and feel They were organized, well populated with mobs and a ton of quests to make sure you explored every inch if you wanted.

Ten new levels worth of spells and tallents: Do you know how many new specs will be made because of spells and 10 talent points?! How many times have you said "If I could only get that 21 point tallent and this 41 pnt tallent?"

Big spender items: they gave us epic flying mounts so we'd have a reason to save gold, I'd expect something similar, while it wont be a mount, but it will be something to distinguish players.

Intances/Raids/BGs/ explinations necessary but I think they need to retool the rewards somehow.

Now, what I'd love to see:

Instanced Player Housing: Someplace to call your own and decorate with say your old T6 set that you worked sooo hard to get and just dont want to vendor because of that sentimental attatchment. (as far as server space why not make the house client side??)

Epic world PVP: make PvP something you'd want to do instead of something that you feel obligated to do (BG's just for epics for example)...they've got 10 lvls to retool the classes so fights can be more about skill than debated IWIN buttons.

MiniGames: for the love of Pete give me minigames that I wouldn't mind playing other than BG's...Barrens (Texas) Hold'em anyone?

Improve Character to World Interaction: Cog wheel mouse over/ Mining Pick mouseover/drag this item to your action bar or click to use....sometimes the world feels so static to me. Oh, and while we are at about some quest speech, I dont even read the book the quests logs sometimes become.

I could go on an on....

My last thoughts on this is WoW will fade over time, it's inevitable, you can only stretch the lore so far without adding things that just make people scratch their heads in puzzlemet. Remember, Blizzard has two other big hit names on their resume (Diablo and Starcraft).

The question is: will Bliz's next game be as big of a hit as WoW?

Hands off those shoulders, Arena loser {WoW}

Oct 23rd 2007 6:08PM I am a Hunter that has been raiding Kara for several months. I am a casual player, not by choice but by life so I doubt I will see past Gruul's by the time WotLK is released.

I've spent the time and the gold to get every pre-kara blue I can get plus enchants and gems to maximize what I can do.

I look at arena gear not from the standpoint of "OMG PHAT PURPLEZ!" but from a utility standpoint. What gear is going to make me better in a raiding environment.

Three pieces of gear from arena...shoulders, helm, crossbow. Besides the ranged weap, the other two items only buff between 2-5 its just squeezing to get that last bit of DPS from non raid equip.

The rest of the set is a downgrade as far as brute DPS goes. Not my cup of tea.

As far as the ratting req for S3 gear...thats fine with me. These weapons will be equiv to high endgame raiding weapons and I do think you should req skill to aquire them.

For the shoulder pieces...I'll deal with it.

It's all about the look and shame on Bliz for being lazy when skinning items. It's their fault for not making something more unique than a pallet swap from T4-5-6.

Furthermore they punish players who farm the points (I'm not good at arena but that doesn't mean I dont hate losing matches) but cant aquire the most unique looking item becuase they make hardecore raiders less unique.

Come one Bliz, spend some of that money on mesh designers and stop punishing players for utilizing the system you put in place.

Reflections on Tseric {WoW}

May 18th 2007 1:10AM Three things fill my head:

1) Tseric did his job well. I think he spoke the truth and he will be missed.

2) The forums, at this point, remind me of a social experiment where the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior barely, if at all, exist. Without moral and socially acceptable guidlines, the true nature of humanity is clearly shown. There is no respect, there is no conscience, there is no logic, and there is no reason. To have to put up with that on a day to day basis sounds just impossible. To handle it as long as Tseric did blows my mind.

3) As far as I'm concerned, the forums are not public domain but a private domain owned and opperated by Blizzard where their policies should be enforced vehenimously (please pardon the spelling). To do anything less than that will result in what we currently have. IMO posts that show discrespect in any shape or form outside of constructive critizism should be removed without question or remorse by moderators. If not...well then...give an inch, take a mile.

GG Tseric, you got out while you could.