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Sony announces specs for 2TB Memory Stick XC {Engadget}

Aug 5th 2009 1:12PM I'm only 31 years old and remember having an external HD the size of a VCR underneath my Mac Plus... 20 MEG and it was almost 2,000$... I know some of you older-timers can come up with even more extravagant stories, but just thought I'd go there...

I was digging through the garage the other day and found a pristine copy of a game (Might and Magic 1) which had a promo sticker on the box that said "Hard Drive Supported".

Pretty good stuff... I wouldn't expect these memory sticks to be below $1500-2000 knowing Sony...

HTC Hero review {Engadget}

Jul 23rd 2009 3:40PM apparently the default ROM the phone ships with only has the cpu set to 384mhz... you can swap roms fairly easily and get it up to 594 which bumps up the speed considerably... not sure what implications is has on battery life...

i think i might wait for the next iteration since HTC seems to crank these out pretty quickly, also the Xperia X3 with snapdragon processor will probably be badass if it truly is an android OS, but god only knows when that's coming out...

guess i'm stuck with the bold for a while... unless i get really obnoxiously bored and decide to go for a 3GS

Searching for the Vanish bug {WoW}

Feb 5th 2009 7:58PM I know how the vanish bug started... Quakeworld, the first game to introduce the concept of client prediction.

Basically what you see happening on your screen/client isn't what's happening on the server... sure this is a fraction of a second, but that's the area where all "WHAT THE FU**" moments are born from in gaming.

You think you hit that shot in Counter-Strike or got the AWP shot off first... You think you got to the health pack before your opponent.... You think you hit vanish before that swing that killed you / added the bleed effect / etc got applied.

I think there's also probably a concept of a "simultaneously occurring action" happening where you apply vanish the exact same time (or very small timeframe) that someone does something to you.

They will never be able to do a 100% failsafe check that vanish was applied before and cancel out the opposing vanish-breaking/canceling action.

The reason why client prediction / push-latency got added to games 10 years ago was because only a few people had good internet connections and the gameplay experience was only good for them. Modemers whined that they should have the same online gaming experience as people on T1s/DS3s/CableModems/ISDNs and game companies listened... they decided to dumb down the actual gameplay with prediction so the masses would have a better overall gameplay experience.

So there you go... an old school gamer finally reveals the hidden secret behind the vanish bug.

Forward it to Blizzard, print it out and put it on your wall, or whatever... the days of pure what-you-see-is-what's-actually-happening gaming died with Quakeworld.

Send a flame email to IDSoftware for taking a concept developed by a terribad Quake developer named Zoid and incorporating it into multiplayer engines that would end up being the foundation for all multiplayer gaming engines in the future.

North American Nokia N95 8GB now available {Engadget}

Mar 7th 2008 2:29PM My god... can Nokia please get a new interface / icon designer.

The default symbian package makes my eyes leak with bloody animal feces.

Curse launches oddly familiar WoW database {WoW}

Feb 4th 2008 9:10PM Well isn't this a clear case of the anus calling the pucker wrinkled... wowhead was greatly inspired from thotbott... granted this wowdb is bordering on a clone.

First benchmarks: MacBook Air is the slowest Apple machine on the block {Engadget}

Jan 24th 2008 10:09PM The funny thing is... once these hit the Apple stores I bet people are going to flip out at how thin/solid they are and they will probably sell like crazy.

The iPod has proven that it's not JUST about raw numbers and performance... the iPod still doesn't have an FM tuner in it but that didn't stop it from achieving the top brand status among all MP3 players and command over 60% global MP3 marketshare.

Although you guys are probably the same douchebags toting around Zunes and Zens with a fucking forklift because they 'do everything!'


Apple gives free iPods to kids affected by California wildfires {Engadget}

Dec 4th 2007 6:50PM It's safe to rationalize that people will be replacing computers and will eventually want another mp3 player... hence this is a nice, human gesture.

It's very concerning that like 4 of you people all had the same asinine reaction to a solid act of humanity.

If DirecTV gave them free service for a year would it be an insincere or meaningless gesture? Would it be 1) helpful and 2) encouraging to, eventually, focus again on rebuilding a normal life?

You people suck balls.

Moller M200G hovercraft heading into production {Engadget}

Jul 21st 2007 6:50PM I bet Henry Ford heard the same thing :|

It doesn't really seem that cool to just grill someone who's spent the better part of their life trying to push technology forward and revolutionize... and probably spent a lot of money doing so.

But whatever, flame away net_starz!

iPhone review {Engadget}

Jul 3rd 2007 4:43AM Meh,

You guys are a tad too surgical when talking about the features and good points and bad points.

The combined experience of using the iPhone is very musical/artistic/pleasant.

Sure there are shortcomings but nothing compared to other convergence devices I've experimented with in the past.

I tirelessly tried adapting to the Treo 650, P800/P910, $1,000 imported Nokia handsets, and Windows Mobile PDAs... I also spent $100s of dollars trying to add-on programs that made incredibly minute feature enhancements which did little to improve the overall phone experience.

One thing that isn't done justice in this review is comment on the brute force and speed of the iPhone... it multitasks like a garbage truck with flame-throwers...popping effortlessly from amazingly high resolution video to an endless sea of photos or an email inbox with hundreds of messages.

And comparing the stability to other smartphones isn't even worthwhile - the iPhone is bar none the most stable and dependable smartphone to date (go crap in your hat if you don't agree because you're delusional). I couldn't get the P910, Treo 650, Samsung Blackjack to execute far simpler commands without the danger of a 10+ second lockup or slow motion experience.

The ONLY and I mean ONLY mobile platform that even comes close in dependability and utility is the recent Blackberry platform found in the pearl and I would assume the 8800 and Curve.

I was really really tempted to get a Curve over an iPhone because I was so very much overjoyed by the utility of the Blackberry Pearl. However, the iPhone is an absolute breakthrough that INSPIRES the use of media (pictures, video, music) never before realized by any other mobile platform or device.

As far as email woes, I think you are sensationalizing the negative experience... I receive on average 100-200 emails per day, sometimes arriving in clusters of 20 within minutes. Sure there could be some nifty toggle to select all or mark unread or click+drag to select multiple, but the act of swiping and deleting is pretty effortless. I remember back to the days of clicking a disturbingly small box with a stylus point to select multiple emails in past interfaces and I am happy with the new iPhone way.

Furthermore, no internet browser on a mobile is going to be 100%... if not being able to go to a flash site is a deal breaker for getting the iPhone then you should be beaten hard and repeatedly with a blunt object or frozen jumbo hotdog. Stop whining and go buy a fricken laptop if you're such a road warrior (browsing myspace and flash sites LOL someone give me a barf bag)...

I was away from the office today for 2 hours and I've never been able to even come close to accomplishing the amount of tasks that I did on my iPhone, let alone accomplishing them with such grace, pleasure, ease, and quickness.

To analyze the phone in manner some of you are is equivalent to standing in front of Michaelangelo's Pieta and saying "WOW her head is so disproportionately big compared to the rest of the scultpute"... SMACK YOU I SHALL!

Appreciate the iPhone 'experience' and thank god (repeatedly) that a company like Apple decided to whisk into an industry suffering from lack of innovation and introduce a new paradigm for usability.

Also, give Apple a friggen month or two before jumping to silly conclusions... the Palm and Window Mobile platforms have been out for years and the evolution of their platforms is laughable at best. If you don't think Apple will make UI improvements or support external apps and programs then you're in for an eye-opening remainder of the year.

Lastly, I agree the lack of duplex calling/browsing is disappointing... but the whole 3G is my personal Jesus sentiment is unfounded. I tried a Samsung blackjack for 3 weeks on 3G and was totally unimpressed by the latency, particularly when trying to browse the web where the phone was requesting tons of files. Sure if you pull up a large file in an email or whatever it was 50% faster but I found the overall "upgraded experience" of 3G to be pretty yawn-able.

I'll take Edge/WIFI and 6-25 hours of multimedia battery life any day of the week... since when did that not become a supremely worthy quality on its own???