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It came from the Blog: Join the Lunar Lunacy on Sunday {WoW}

Jan 28th 2011 3:44PM Wow, sounds like a guild recruiting event to me, and on just one server? How did this get it's own article??

iPhone 3G owners and AT&T upgrade woes {}

Jun 12th 2009 11:13AM Ok seriously... I stopped reading this article once I got to this line...

"Since the hardware changes are fairly minimal with the new model, it's a safe bet that the 3G will still be in good demand, at least for a little while."

Obviously the author has not researched what the hardware differences are, or else this statement would not have been made. Minimal?? Are you kidding me???

On the ground with AT&T's Network Disaster Recovery team {Engadget}

May 29th 2008 3:19PM When you're in bed with the NSA, you get nice things....

WoW giveaways, the finale: Win a Murloc suit! {Massively}

Nov 5th 2007 10:08AM I will dance and shout the good name of Massively.Com in EVERY ZONE I pass through! As a Guild Master, I will also share the good name in my MOTD as well, and get my guild mates to visit the site regularly, cause it rocks!!

Engadget: 1, Fake Engadget store: 0 {Engadget}

May 21st 2007 8:46AM Apple probably did it to get some of their money back.

Regarding yesterday's Apple news {Engadget}

May 18th 2007 9:20AM I agree with others on here that feel Engadget would earn more respect if they would actually apologize instead of whine about how "All the cool kids did it!". Grow up. You cost a lot of people a lot of money because you jumped the gun.
And let me say this, from a business side. INTERNAL MEMOS ARE FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY! There is a reason they are not made public! I hope all the Apple employees that leaked the info are fired on the spot. And let's not be dumb, it's easy to tell who sent an internal email out externally. Any email admin knows that!