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Rumor: NCsoft Austin, Dungeon Runners to be shut down {Massively}

Aug 13th 2008 2:23AM I dont see the any facts!

BlizzCon tickets listed as sold out [UPDATED] {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 5:06PM Hopefully i got mine before it was too late

The Elves of WAR: Meet the Shadow Warrior {Massively}

Aug 11th 2008 3:37PM I definitely gonna play ranger for sure ;)

New tailoring recipes discovered in Wrath Beta files {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 3:13PM Lightweave Embroidery is just nice for my priest ;)

Wrath of the Lich King goes beta {Big Download}

Aug 11th 2008 12:02PM Looks very nice.. cant wait for the release ;(

Ask a Beta Tester: Gold, Atiesh, and Mr. Tirion Fordring {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 11:24AM Those screens are looking awesome ;)

[Updated] Blizzcon tickets now on sale, maybe {Massively}

Aug 11th 2008 11:13AM I'd like a ticket ;) Hopefully you'r right..

EVE Evolved: Is EVE Online going soft? {Massively}

Aug 11th 2008 6:36AM No i dont think its going soft.. its just improvements

Cryptic reveals first Star Trek Online in-game trailer {Massively}

Aug 11th 2008 2:08AM Too cartoonish.. :s Not even as good Eve IMO MMO Newz

All the World's a Stage: Sacrificing spells for the story {WoW}

Aug 11th 2008 1:52AM Well RPG is just another part of the game.. people chooses to go 100% rpg, but thats the game..