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LotRO's Update 5: Armies of Isengard storms servers today {Massively}

Dec 12th 2011 10:09AM I used to be a MMO like you, but then I took a cash shop in the knee...

Great timing on the release, Turbine figured they were being clever trying to get this out just before SWTOR only to be confounded by early access changing dates, I bet WB Towers was almightily pissed when they found out!

Good luck to Turbine with LOTRO, I think I'm through as although it's very playable, it doesn't seem as magic as it was. The newer content is rather by numbers and they hummed and hah'ed so long, that they missed a opportunity to build on the wonderful first release

People keep saying that MMO's are a business, but why then are they marketed as virtual worlds to explore, why do they want to build a community of players and produce content to delight and challenge people? Well the bottom line is that they are a business, and WB/Turbine have taken probably the purest game out there and turned it into a pure cash grab, unfinished content pushed live, pay to win items in store, you name it.

Thanks for the late update to the expansion I already paid for Turbine, too little too late.

LotRO removes server transfer restrictions {Massively}

Nov 11th 2011 2:50PM So you go ahead and order this, and the confirmation Email says it takes.....

1 to 2 weeks!!!!

That's either wrong or totally unacceptable!

BlizzCon 2011: Opening Ceremony Liveblog {WoW}

Oct 21st 2011 1:43PM I got a press pass some years ago, I've no idea why they gave me one???

When the press go in, they get to look around before the hordes go in, there is usually promotional material around, so I bet Adam saw that and commented on it before he was supposed to release the info.

SWTOR lead spills the beans about the Eternity Vault raid {Massively}

Aug 24th 2011 6:43PM Is the eternity vault the only raid with release, or are there others coming?

Turbine confirms five new LotRO instances by the end of the year {Massively}

Aug 24th 2011 6:42PM I'm pretty disappointed by this news, I don't feel like RoI is a proper expansion without group content, they already dropped the PvMP zone out, and the Dragon Raid was supposed to be with OD, not part of the expansion.

I hope they get their stuff together, as I really feel that the team is either lacking resource (which I hope not as they announce how well they are doing) , lack proper direction or are so focused on profits now, that more effort is spent making money through TP sales than creating content to keep players playing. I also feel that other projects are competing for resources and that the team has diminished since the introduction of F2P.

I think if I had known this I probably wouldn't have pre-ordered and waiting until the group content was added. I feel that I'll level through content then be starved of things to do, other than a weekly raid and revisiting under level content.

I hope that RoI isn't a stellar success, which is sad, as I think it will take a shock to the system for Turbine to re-evaluate their approach to expansions, free content and updates and give better value to the player base on a more frequent basis.

Other than that, the game is fun, enjoyable, pretty content heavy, but with stops and starts in releasing content, it's not really a persistent world. It's like when the movies came out, you watched one, and then waiting a year for the next one!

The Road to Mordor: Not all who wander are lost {Massively}

Aug 19th 2011 7:40PM I like LOTRO, but feel a bit jipped with the new expansion. They need to increase productivity to a more acceptable level or they will suffer from newer games coming to market. Their main problem is they diverted resource to their new 'secret' mmo project and so LOTRO isn't getting the updates it needs.

SWTOR presents the next great galactic sport: Huttball {Massively}

Aug 19th 2011 2:26PM What a great idea, the setting and the ambiance with the announcements while playing makes this so much more that a typical pvp environment,

[Updated] Get a jump on the LotRO expansion with Rise of Isengard beta access from Massively {Massively}

Aug 17th 2011 1:47PM @Mr Angry

Just to expand on my answer as it wasn't very complete.

I want to go all the places that you are not supposed to go, an avid wall walker who spends most of his time fooling the geometry and entering often hidden areas

There is a good link here to show what you can find if you really search hard

Other than that, just want to check out the new content, craft a bit, and I guess see what useful feedback I can offer.

SWTOR's meet the Medic -- er, Consular {Massively}

Aug 5th 2011 5:47PM By far their best class video so far, great stuff!