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Insider Trader: Bags for the pros {WoW}

Jun 8th 2007 11:55AM I'm pretty sure that herb bags do in fact hold Glowcap.

They also hold Unidentified Plant Parts, which I unfortunately can no longer turn in for Cenarion Expedition rep; the blessing in disguise is that I can make a pretty penny selling them on the AH. Same goes for Firewing Signets (:

A Call to Arms: Jintha'Alor {WoW}

Aug 4th 2006 2:03PM Don't you mean Gahz'rilla? You misspelled it like four times.

On another note, yes I have the mallet, and yes it took me forever. And I only used it once. After that I pretty much never ran ZF again (:

Blood Elf and Draenei Classes Revealed {WoW}

Aug 1st 2006 10:25AM Get it? Pun-nishment? Oh wait, that's just another misspelling. Pot, kettle, black ftw.

Breakfast Topic: The N-word {WoW}

May 26th 2006 11:30AM I'll second that, Snapdragon. Also, it bothers me greatly that people spell it "nub". I'm sorry, but nub is already a valid English word with an established meaning, and alternate pronunciation. I can accept "noob" or "newb" or even "n00b", but "nub"? Come on. Not knowing the difference between "a small lump or protuberance" and a "newcomer to a skill or activity", in my opinion, makes you a noob to the English language. Congratulations, your [sic] illiterate.

Breakfast Topic: Favourite Addons {WoW}

Mar 24th 2006 11:36AM My favorite is one called WowEcon, which is sorta similar to Auctioneer, but I like the premise a little better. It gives you vendor prices for any item you mouse over, as well as disenchant percentages (and average value on AH), and of course an auction price based on the median price of any _successful_ sale. In other words it's a meaningful reflection of an item's value in the AH, as opposed to Auctioneer which can only really tell you the highest price it has seen lately. Also I've had some problems getting Auctioneer to work right on my machine, and it appears to slow it down. I also use several Cosmos mods like the modified quest UI and Clock, and I like Scrolling Combat Text except it also slows down my computer. Lastly I use CTRaid and GEM for raids and guild events.

Breakfast Topic: Proudest moments {WoW}

Feb 28th 2006 3:51PM Favorite moment happened last Saturday, when I finally (after dying 4-5 times) successfully soloed Plugger (the bartender in BRD) as a 59 rogue and lo and behold, on my first successful solo run, the Barman Shanker dropped. I nearly wept with joy.