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Mania on the Growl change {WoW}

Apr 28th 2008 7:28PM LOL..I am so enjoying this when the druid lover David posted this as a BUFF just a day or two ago, yall jumped on me for being rude.

And now, its as clear as day ITS A F* NERF you blooging morons.

And this proves once again bloggers ARE NOT JOURNALISTS.

So we geta NERF on a major component for being a hunter.

And a measly, pathetic, 1 sec buff on an ability whose utility can only be found on the arena, against ONE class.

This is what wowinsider calls hunter love.

What bile, what puke.

Thankfully, unlike otehr readers, I love this site for its humor, bad jokes and blatant stupidity and sad ignorance.

2.4.2 Hunter Changes: Aspect of the Viper, Growl, and the boar's last stand {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 4:43PM Quote Faar:
Yes, I'm sure Blizzard, who designed the game, doesn't ever play hunters, and know absolutely nothing about them. Or at least less than YOU, almighty, all-knowing Esumiwa...

Christ. I don't know where the hell you people come from, must be some sort of alternate reality or something.


The question has been asked at blizzcon, who plays a hunter. And the answer was silence.

A board moderator chimed in on the hunter forums when we dedicated hunters asked any dev actually playthe hunter class, just to tell us his "girldfirend".

So, fect established and eident. Faar, you are the weakest link good bye.

Oh and I definately donot come from zombie gods called jesus

Nor do I call my self a journalist like these boogers.

Nor do I write an articale DECLARING these as improvements, when they arent.

So, faar, be like your name, go faar faar away until you have something intelligent to say you puke

I love my PvP! {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 4:36PM Pucelle,

What a cowardly argument.

"Oh face to face we are all nice and civil and love each other" blah blah blah.

Guess what stupid, civility as you refer to it, or as it should be refered to as "Manners" is rife, built with, and expected behaviors or insults, "burns" in vernacular you might know and understand.

And I would say it to your face an anyone else, the dress doesnt make you look fat, dearie, its because you are fat.

Case in point, and Iknow this will go quite over your head since its not on mtv, youtube or being text messaged to you, try watching a nice little well mannered play, "Something about being Earnest".


Slippery stats and spells revealed by Chardev {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 4:20PM Hmmm nice. Finally someone else does the math for me!

And oddly faster than the armory..LOL

2.4.2 Hunter Changes: Aspect of the Viper, Growl, and the boar's last stand {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 3:26AM And to prove mey point from an article last week, from David's own mouth:

What's your main right now?

Funny you should mention that, since I pontificated on that just this morning. Right now I'd say I still consider my Feral Druid my main, although I probably play my Hunter more, and either she or my new Death Knight will probably end up being my main come WoTLK. I play on the Cenarion Circle server, by the by.


Link for the absolutely lazy


Try and cut me down all ya want. Simply boils down to:

I am correct in my first statements. andyone who thinks differently, enjoy your opinion, but its still WRONG

2.4.2 Hunter Changes: Aspect of the Viper, Growl, and the boar's last stand {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 3:22AM OH and the JOURNALIST David has in his last several article stated clearly his hunter is an ALT.


So since he has a pathetic alt, he knows all about HUNTERS.

Hey David, step aside. Find someone who has played REAL hunters. Go play your druid and STFU you literary hack.

OH, dont know where to find one, its not very hard, go to the wow forums, class section, HUNTER and OMFGS its a miracle, knowledge hunters whoi are both World of Warcraft players and Warcraft: Arena players.

WOW, now that I think about it. Might be toomuch work

Since your just a blogger

2.4.2 Hunter Changes: Aspect of the Viper, Growl, and the boar's last stand {WoW}

Apr 26th 2008 3:18AM Actually, if you ave BOTHERED to read the hunter threads, its an established fact , a fact that hass been even quoted at blizzcon, only one developer plays a hunter. And its his alt. Go, brats, do the research yourself. Since you bloggers are such good journalists.

Oh, hmm..wrankled at my comment that there are no buffs.

Please, tell me when ANY hunter has used SCAR BEAST as a battle tactic?

I am waiting.

OH geez, well looki at that, mana regen amount hasnt changed at all, just a shift in the mechanic of how its generated.

So, where's the buff? Where's the improvement.

But I am *wrong* odd that save for those whose best arguement is that im from anoter one has shown one proof of an IMPROVEMENT.

And the blogger..erm journalist claims these are buffs.

LET me see if i san find monosyllabic words:



Hey, but I am a BLOGGER, I am a JOURNALIST and my facts are correct and yours are wrong.


2.4.2 Hunter Changes: Aspect of the Viper, Growl, and the boar's last stand {WoW}

Apr 25th 2008 6:40PM You call these buffs? Obviously your hunter is an alt and your druid is your main.

The nromal vernacular of 'buff' is to make something better.

Reconfiguring pet growl scale is not a buff, its a mechanic.
Reconfiguring aspect of the Viper scale is not a buff, but a mechanic. [unless it fixes the mana regen for hunters to make it comparable to say mages, priests, palidans - then its a buff.)

Changing serpent sting DoT to the scale of say Spriests, warlocks, mages DoT or just scaling it inline with other classes, THAT'S a buff.

Giving us traps that actually function against the intended target is a buff.

Your as bad as blizzard, you don't actually play a hunter, you pretend, and then you pretend at knowledge.

Why the PvP game exists in WoW, and why it's a good thing {WoW}

Apr 20th 2008 5:50PM Blogists are NOT journalists.

Let me repeat that.

Blog writers are NOT journalists.

Blogists are at best op-ed, opinion edition, writers attheir best, but for the most part, they're just regular folks that have been given the opportunity to write by the internet and given the semblance of journalistic writers. Just because a person can write a structured piece, does not make them a journalist.

Or even a good writer.

So to the folks decrying a journalistic standard on an opinion site, you are mistaken.

Would you compare Perez Hilton as a journalist to say, Anderson Cooper, Pearl, Cronkite?

Well, some of you probably would because you have been duped, fooled, convinced that blog writers = journalistic integrity.

No blogger is a journalist nor should be given the same respect or power of being an authority of a journalist.

they are simply writing their bets opinion.

Guildwatch: We're $#&(ing good at this game, too {WoW}

Apr 16th 2008 6:39AM Eonarr Refugees is recruiting to continue our progression to Black temple and beyond. Alliance Guild
Looking for kara geared: Druids, hunters, paladins, rogues and mages...healing tanks to the front of the line. But all classes welcome. Not geared up for raiding, thats fine to, everyone progresses up. Hit our site, click forums:application..opr just do A /who Eonar Refugee and look for us Adamterd, Radiance, Adrastea, Esumiwa....

We dont waste time, we kick buttocks.

And yes, we are on Eonar!